Career Quandaries? Learn How Ivy Exec’s Mentor Network Can Help


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  • Warning to all! Ivy Exec is a scam. They charge your credit card without letting you know. They are scammers from Eastern Europe who have multiple complaints against them on Better Bussiness Bureau, Yelp and Complaint Board.
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  • Ivy Exec is a NON ACCREDITED business (multiple complaints on BBB!) that has been stealing money from users. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They spam MBAs with "exclusive" invitations to join... they get this emails by accessing the school's internal directories and stealing the addresses from there. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The jobs they post are copied and pasted from the career pages of top companies, they tell you, you have to pay to apply and then redirect you to the original company site... when you ask what their added value is they say that HR knows those are Ivy Exec Candidates and they get extra attention. This is bs. your resume goes into the same black hole as every other online applicant. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then they charge you and refuse to give you a refund their excuse is that you had a free trial and you never cancelled...tricky cause they never email alerting you that your free trial is about to be over and you will be charged, if your school negotiated 6 months free after that period whether you like it or not if you don't remember to cancel your credit card is charged for 6 months of service. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you see the logos of fortune 500 companies on their homepage, you would think those employers use Ivy Exec... not true ... several of these corporations have tried the service for free and were disappointed, Ivy Exec uses those logos without authorization. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They spam people on LinkedIn and bait them by saying in order to view 'elite job posts' they need to use a credit card for verification. They end up charging people hundreds of dollars without telling them. Check out their reviews via Better Business Bureau and notice how they are not even an accredited business! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multiple complaints do not lie (Especially ones on BBB), do a Google search on 'Ivy Exec scams' yourself and see just how many people have been scammed by these scumbags. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check it out for yourself and make sure you warn others of Ivy Exec's illegal and unethical billing practices. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  • Many companies have internal mentoring programs – which are great for high potential employees, but sometimes you just can’t be fully open and honest with a colleague…some matters are just too sensitive and could be held against you.Someone who’s been there and done itSomeone who will ask the right questions in a structured waySomeone who will help YOU find your own answers – not give you the answers
  • What is it?Is it important?What are the pitfalls?
  • Too generalAccess to a personal network – you are strangers!
  • Asking for a specific mentors – request 5 to 8 mentors at a time!Asking for a job!Asking for Visa assistance
  • Need to have respect for your mentor; Do not violate their privacy….BUT you should contact them directly right before your session.
  • No Linked In invite unless invited…no harrassing emails
  • Career Quandaries? Learn How Ivy Exec’s Mentor Network Can Help

    1. 1. Career Quandaries? The Mentor Network Can HelpGayle M. Rigione, Ivy Exec Chief Content Editor Want more info? Go to 1
    2. 2. Gayle M. Rigione, Mentor Network Manager• Co-manages program with Andrea Premate• Also, Chief Content Editor for Ivy Exec• 15 years in relationship management and consulting roles MasterCard International Inc., Arthur Andersen Strategic Services (now Accenture) Bankers Trust Company (now Deutsche Bank)• MBA from Columbia, BA from UCLA Want more info? Go to 2
    3. 3. Welcome To The Ivy Exec Mentor Network! Want more info? Go to 3
    4. 4. Career Quandaries? Want more info? Go to 4
    5. 5. Career Quandaries?• Are you headed in the right career direction?• What’s it like on the “other side”… – Across industry lines? – In a new function? – Running your own business?• How do you get promoted? How do you get that raise?• Do you lack job search momentum?• Are you too comfortable in your comfort zone or too afraid to leave it? Want more info? Go to 5
    6. 6. Career Quandaries?A mentor can help YOU answer these questions and more! Want more info? Go to 6
    7. 7. What Is A Mentor? Sounding board Objective listener Devil’s advocate  Catalyst  Safe zone Want more info? Go to 7
    8. 8. Who Are The Ivy Exec Mentors?  All Ivy Exec members Start-up founders to senior corporate execs  15 -20+ years experience  All volunteers  450+ mentors to choose Want more info? Go to 8
    9. 9. Who Are The Ivy Exec Mentors? Want more info? Go to 9
    10. 10. Who Are The Ivy Exec Mentors? Want more info? Go to 10
    11. 11. Who Are The Ivy Exec Mentors? Want more info? Go to 11
    12. 12. How Does It Work? Want more info? Go to 12
    13. 13. How Does It Work? Want more info? Go to 13
    14. 14. How Does It Work? Want more info? Go to 14
    15. 15. Select Mentors Want more info? Go to 15
    16. 16. How Do You Select A Mentor? Want more info? Go to 16
    17. 17. Filtering Is Key!
    18. 18. Filtering For Fields of Expertise• Strategy Consulting • Entrepreneurship• Finance related: • Pharmaceuticals / Biotech – Asset Management • Healthcare – Investment Banking • Advertising / PR / Media – Corporate Finance • Consumer Products – Venture Capital / PE – Audit / Compliance / Risk • Industrials / Manufacturing• Technology • Energy / Renewable Energy• Internet / New Media • Public Sector / Non-Profit Want more info? Go to 18
    19. 19. Filtering For Topics Want more info? Go to 19
    20. 20. Filtering For TopicsFinding that job… Closing the deal…• Market/Industry Insights • Compensation Negotiation• Job Search Strategy Advice• Switching Careers and Gears • Consulting Case Interviews• Negotiating for Career • Culture/Fit Interviews Flexibility • Finance-related Technical  On-ramping Interviews Want more info? Go to 20
    21. 21. Filtering For TopicsClosing the deal… Building your career…• Compensation Negotiation • Promotion Strategy Advice Brainstorming• Consulting Case Interviews • Compensation Negotiation• Culture/Fit Interviews Advice• Finance-related Technical • Negotiating Career Flexibility Interviews  Off-ramping • Entrepreneurship Want more info? Go to 21
    22. 22. What Is A Session Agenda? Want more info? Go to 22
    23. 23. Why Is An Agenda Important?• Mentors can accept OR decline your request• Decision basis:  Field of Expertise  Topic Choice  Session Agenda  IE Profile  Resume  Work/travel schedule Want more info? Go to 23
    24. 24. Why Is An Agenda Important?POOR AGENDAS Want more info? Go to 24
    25. 25. Examples Of Poor Agendas• I requested for Mary Smith because of her rich expertise in the area of Corporate Finance where she worked at - JP Morgan...• I requested my mentor because I want some advice on finding MBA Summer Internships. (2) Where can I find a summer internship? Does your company offer them?… Want more info? Go to 25
    26. 26. What Happens Next? Dear Paul, I just want to let you know that weve received your request for mentorship and are beginning to work on a match for you. "Matchmaking" takes a little time - sometimes mentors are traveling or their work load is overwhelming - so we ask for your patience and understanding if we cant match you with your first choice, or if the matching process takes longer than expected… Kind regards, Gayle Rigione Want more info? Go to 26
    27. 27. GET MATCHEDWant more info? Go to 27
    28. 28. The Matching Process Want more info? Go to 28
    29. 29. How Long Does It Take?• Factors Impacting Match Timeline  Agenda quality  Fit of mentors selected  Mentor availability: prior matches, travel schedules, work load  Mentor preferences Want more info? Go to 29
    30. 30. You’re Matched….Now What?• Confirm your session• Communicate with your mentor Want more info? Go to 30
    31. 31. You Confirm Your Session HereYou have 4 days to confirm your session or it will be cancelled!
    32. 32. You Can Re-schedule, Too!
    33. 33. START CONVERSATION Want more info? Go to 33
    34. 34. Holding Your SessionThe day before your session you receive an emailwith your mentor’s direct email address… Want more info? Go to 34
    35. 35. How Do You Hold Your Session?• Use the contact method of your choice for your session:  Phone,  Skype,  Google Chat,  Face Time,  Ivy Exec’s AV platform… Want more info? Go to 35
    36. 36. The Ivy Exec AV Platform Option
    37. 37. SOME FINAL THOUGHTS… Want more info? Go to 37
    38. 38. Your Session’s Completed! Now What?• Thank your mentor formally• Respect your mentor’s privacy• Can request 1 session per month• Can request same mentor or different one• Maintain your All Access membership level Want more info? Go to 38
    39. 39. Questions?Gayle Rigione and Andrea Premate can help! Gayle Andrea Want more info? Go to 39
    40. 40. Propel Your Career To New Heights With A Mentor… Want more info? Go to 40