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Light up your network. Manage your energy, not time


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You know how to network. But how do you fire up that network when you have been in search a while and you are feeling stale, and stuck? During this challenging job market, it is essential to know the techniques for managing energy. Hear about some of the latest research determining that instantaneous first impression when searching for your executive job.. Participate in a self management assessment and learn what to do to "light up your network," and get them pulling for you.

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Light up your network. Manage your energy, not time

  1. 1. Light Up Your Network: Manage Energy, Not TimePresenter: Pat Drew Want more info? Go to 1
  2. 2. About Pat DrewExecutive Coaching, Career Management, Team Alignment• Helping individuals and organizations going through change and turmoil to maintain top performance and meet their goals• Twenty years working with New York Times journalists in war zones to be at the top of their game• Executive coach at Columbia Business School• Career management: assist executives in goal and strategy development to get what they want Want more info? Go to 2
  3. 3. Agenda – Managing Energy• Managing Energy: Physically• Connecting to your inner passion and skills• Re-calibrating your goal• Re-vitalizing your network Want more info? Go to 3
  4. 4. Self Management QuizAm I physically and mentally ready?Eating healthy, especially breakfast• Strong• On target• Needs improvementRegularly following cardiovascular and strength training• Strong• On target• Needs improvementGetting sufficient sleep each night (7-9 hours)• Strong• On target• Needs improvement Want more info? Go to 4
  5. 5. Managing EnergyManaging Energy: Re-energize yourself• Physical. Cycles of energy.• Mental. Positive self-talk, effective time management, creativity.• Emotional. Positive vs negative emotions.• Meaning and purpose. Want more info? Go to 5
  6. 6. Managing EnergyManaging Energy, Not Time• Issue of time: treating it as if it is limited. It is us who places the limits on it.• When we seize time as our own, it is limitless….it is totally within our control…we have made it up in the first place….we can have it be any way we want…it is about being intentional Want more info? Go to 6
  7. 7. Managing EnergyManaging Energy, Not Time• Time management is out.• Time is not something to be managed.• It is something we create.• It is totally under our controlManage Energy• We control how we manage our energy Want more info? Go to 7
  8. 8. Managing EnergyPhysical• Recent research: we work best in 90 minute segments• If we switch from left brain to right brain activities, it has a renewing effect upon us.• How many of us know this, but don’t do this? Want more info? Go to 8
  9. 9. Managing EnergyDisengagement is the keyWant more info? Go to 9
  10. 10. Mental/EmotionalPositive self talkWe are free to create our future…power of intention…look at thenumber of self doubting statements we make every day. Want more info? Go to 10
  11. 11. Mental/EmotionalHow we limit ourselves“I need to make money. I don’t have the luxury of doing what I love.”“I can’t change careers now. I’m not qualified to do anything else.”“The only way to make a real difference in the world is to work for anonprofit – and they don’t pay nearly enough.”“It isn’t possible to have a life and a career if you want to make any realmoney.” Want more info? Go to 11
  12. 12. Core Limiting BeliefsPerceptions we have based on limited knowledge which we then generalize to larger events in our lives By definition, we take one situation that did not turn out the way we would have liked and we generalize to all situations. Want more info? Go to 12
  13. 13. Core Limiting Beliefs Validate Check them outMaybe they are true maybe not Want more info? Go to 13
  15. 15. The Stress-Resilience Model Resilience Coping Stress Outcome High Transformational Low WellnessStressor Low Regressive High Wellness Breakdown Intervene Here Want more info? Go to 15
  16. 16. Resilience Attitudes Towards Adversity:• Commitment – active involvement rather than withdrawal• Control – personal effort can significantly influence the course of events• Challenge – stressful events are opportunities for learning• Meaning – adversity and stress are prime occasions for making meaning Want more info? Go to 16
  17. 17. ResilienceSelf-Regulation:• Flexible sense of self – ability to admit mistakes and what you don’t know• Acknowledge the impact of stressful events and the feelings involved• Tolerate painful feelings• Manage disruptive emotions – block the emotional spiral of anxiety, fear, and panic Want more info? Go to 17
  18. 18. ResilienceDisruptive Emotions:• Recognize you are having a reaction• What are the thinking patterns that are contributing to the problem?• What is the thinking that helps?• Transformational coping is fueled by our thoughts Want more info? Go to 18
  19. 19. ResilienceTransformational Coping:• Seek social support• Creative problem solving • Understand circumstances fully and deeply • Put them in broader perspective • See the problem in a new light • Focus on positive aspects of the situation • Generate possible solutions• Take decisive action Want more info? Go to 19
  20. 20. Valuesauthenticity freedom kindnesscommitment friendship knowledgecompassion generosity loyalty courage genuineness openness creativity happiness perseverance empathy harmony respect for othersexcellence health responsibility fairness honesty security faith Humor serenity family integrity service to others Want more info? Go to 20
  21. 21. Managing Energy – Meaning & Purpose Connect to your inner passion Do an inventory Talk this out with someone. Create a statement of who you are Want more info? Go to 21
  22. 22. About You Reality The person you are is notthe same person that you were Want more info? Go to 22
  23. 23. Clarify Your Need: Goal Want more info? Go to 23
  24. 24. Your IdentityReconnect with yourself• Personal Inventory• Define The Meaning• What is Your Professional Identity?• How Will You Communicate Your Identity? Want more info? Go to 24
  25. 25. Managing Energy – Set Your GoalWhat is it you want?• If you can visualize it, you can have it• Clarity around what you want to do• Craft your elevator pitch• Linked In Want more info? Go to 25
  26. 26. Revitalize Your Network “Networking”Building relationships for the purpose of sharing resources for mutual benefit Want more info? Go to 26
  27. 27. Revitalize Your NetworkNetwork• Bridge conversation• Create your circle of support• Create a buddy system• Creating a new network for the “new you” Want more info? Go to 27
  28. 28. Barriers to Networking1.”I have long term relationships; they will help me.”Tip: It is not the people you know, it’s the people you don’t know (coldcontacts/warm contacts).2. “It takes too much time. I need a new position.”Tip: What is the most common route to find a new position?3. “I am not the sociable type.”Tip: Practice, practice, practice.4. “I don’t need to; I have a hundred resumes out.”Tip: Avoid leading with your resume. Want more info? Go to 28
  29. 29. Barriers to Networking5. “I need to spend time looking up jobs on line.”Tip: it’s not about filling a job, it’s about filling a need.6. “Networking is self promoting; that is what makes me uncomfortable”Tip : the world is filled with people and organizations looking for exactlythe skill set you have; how are they going to know about you unless youunabashedly tell them who you are and your value?7. “Networking is self promoting; that is what makes me uncomfortable” • “Advertise” Your Value! • You may have to put aside EVERYTHING you’ve ever been taught about NOT BLOWING YOUR OWN HORN Want more info? Go to 29
  30. 30. Skills for Successful Networking Five Skills for Successful Networking• Clarify who you are, what is special about you• Be clear about what you are seeking/ need• Find out the other’s needs• Give back• Follow up Want more info? Go to 30
  31. 31. Networking Skills: Clarify Your Need You need to “advertise” the value you offer to the people and organizations who are “out shopping” for thestrengths, values, talents, ideals, passions and experience that you (and only you) possess. Want more info? Go to 31
  32. 32. Networking Skills: Discover Others Needs Find Out the Other’s Needs Active Listening Questions to ask: • What is your biggest challenge? • What are the needs of the organization? Want more info? Go to 32
  33. 33. Giving BackThe laws around successful giving/successful receiving “This has been helpful to me. Thank you. What can I do for you?” One of the most effective ways to be remembered. Want more info? Go to 33
  34. 34. Light Up Your NetworkManage Energy Not Time• Manage your energy: physically, your thoughts, your attitude• When you are energized, inspired, engaged, you light up others• Practice resilience• You have changed: Renew your self assessment and goals• Re-engage your network: enroll and request• Give back: gratitude• Envision your future and you will create it Want more info? Go to 34
  35. 35. Light Up Your NetworkPat DrewExecutive Coaching, Career Management, Team Alignment Email: Web: Copy of presentation upon request Want more info? Go to 35