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Case Interviews, Killer Frameworks - Nevin Kamath and Ivy Exec


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You can ace the case interviews at all levels if you are using the right framework. In this webinar, you will learn strategy frameworks that will help you succeed in your next case interview. Our presenter, Nevin Kamath, founder of The Case Coach, and a former consultant with McKinsey, helps elite professionals, MBAs, and PhDs prepare for case interviews.

Our presenter, Nevin Kamath, is a former Senior Associate with McKinsey & Company and an alumnus of Harvard Law School. He serves as an Adjunct Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business, teaching a course on career development and professional communication to undergraduate students. Through his executive coaching firm, The Case Coach, LLC, Nevin has partnered with numerous clients who have gained offers at top consulting firms including McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and Deloitte, as well as boutique firms such as Partners in Performance.

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Case Interviews, Killer Frameworks - Nevin Kamath and Ivy Exec

  1. 1. Case Interviews, Killer FrameworksNevin KamathFounder, Want more info? Go to
  2. 2. The goal for today• Learn three powerful frameworks to help you crack case interviewsand solve business problems • Business situations framework (3 C’s and a P) • Strategic pricing framework • Ansoff Matrix (Growth 2x2) Want more info? Go to
  3. 3. My background• McKinsey & Company (2009-2011) • Interviewed new & experienced hires• Founder of TheCaseCoach ( • Conduct mock interviews with elite global professionals • Offer career coaching and perspective to clients who are interested in entering the consulting industry• Adjunct Professor @ USC Marshall School of Business • Teach career development & business communication• Independent consultant/partner to small businesses • Currently partnering with an LA restaurant to improve top-line sales Want more info? Go to
  4. 4. Some questions for you (Audience Poll) Want more info? Go to
  5. 5. Why should you learn strategy frameworks? • Crack case interviews • Solve business problems at work • Start or expand your own business • Build your skillset as an independent strategy consultant Want more info? Go to
  6. 6. = Applicability of frameworks What case interviewers are looking forTypes of Questions• Quantitative ability & judgment (Market sizing, exhibits)• Problem solving creativity (MacGyver)• Analytical rigor (“MECE”) Want more info? Go to
  7. 7. Today’s Focus A list of frameworksGather Information Make Decisions Implement Solutions/ Mitigate Risks Business Situation Profit Tree 4 P’s Five Forces Growth 2x2 PEST Analysis Value Chain Strategic Pricing McKinsey 7S Industry Analysis M&A Want more info? Go to
  8. 8. Business Situation (3 C’s and a P)• Customers • What are the customer segments? What does each segment want? What price does each segment want to pay? What is the distribution channel preference for each? What is the relative customer power?• Company • What are the company’s capabilities and expertise? What is the cost structure of the company? What are the distribution channels of the company?• Competition • What are the market shares of the leading players? What are some unique competitor behaviors (ie target customer segment, differentiated product, difference in capabilities and expertise)? What are the existing barriers to entry and who holds them (ie government licenses, intellectual property)? Where is this industry in its overall lifecycle?• Product • What is the basic value proposition of the product? What is the product lifecycle? How differentiated is the good versus other good? Want more info? Go to
  9. 9. Example: Should we outsource to an LCC? The client is a national manufacturer of plastic consumer products that are sold in a variety of retail formats, including supermarkets, discounters, club stores, and dollar stores. The company has three main product lines – 1) freezer bags, 2) plastic plates and utensils, and 3) specialty plates and utensils. The CEO has been reading for some time about American companies outsourcing their production overseas to low-cost countries such as China. She wonders whether this makes sense for her company as well. It worries her that none of her main competitors have established foreign production capabilities; on the other hand, this could be a tremendous opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. We have been asked to help the client understand the benefits and risks of moving its production capabilities to China and to provide a recommendation.Source: Boston Consulting Group, Candidate Preparation Workshop Materials Want more info? Go to
  10. 10. Example: Should we outsource to an LCC?Products Customers CompetitionFreezer Bags Top purchase criteria is Client is #3 in its category. It• Plastic bags that are quality is known versus competitors mainly used to store food as having a strong brand & items in freezers innovationPlastic Plates and Utensils Top purchase criteria is price Client is the #2 in its• Disposable plates and category. It is at cost parity utensils; intended for with the category leader but single/limited use has a weaker brand.Specialty Plates and Utensils Top purchase criteria is Client is the #1 in its• Plastic plates and utensils style/design. Demand is category. It has no strong produced for specific highly variable competitors retailers, customized to their design specs Want more info? Go to
  11. 11. Profit Tree Price Revenue QuantityProfit Costs Want more info? Go to
  12. 12. Strategic Pricing Framework• Cost-plus pricing• Competitive benchmarking• Value-based pricing• Skimming• Bundling Want more info? Go to
  13. 13. Example: How to price a hybrid car? The client is a multinational automaker. It wants to launch a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) in Australia. Hybrid electric cars combine a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) propulsion system with an electric propulsion system. The presence of the electric powertrain is intended to achieve either better fuel economy than a conventional vehicle, or better performance. The client wants to know how to price its mid-size sedan. Your consulting team has been hired to help them formulate a pricing strategy. How would you go about it?Source: ConsultingCase101 Want more info? Go to
  14. 14. Strategic Pricing Framework• Cost-plus pricing • Calculate the total cost of each step in the value chain (manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing). Then add your desired margin.• Competitive benchmarking • Compare the price of the Nissan Hybrid to other hybrid cars on the market• Value-based pricing • Calculate the fuel economy savings over a 5 year period from a hybrid versus a non-hybrid version of the car• Skimming • Use limited release windows to win special business from cost-conscious customers, collectors, etc.• Bundling • Once the basic price is attained, add features the user wants that the client can attain at a low price Want more info? Go to
  15. 15. Questions?Want more info? Go to
  16. 16. Profit Tree Price Revenue QuantityProfit Costs Want more info? Go to
  17. 17. Ansoff Matrix (Growth 2x2) Increase Diversify New market share / into newCustomers penetration markets Increase Serve Existing share of additionalCustomers customer customer spend needs Existing New Products Products Want more info? Go to
  18. 18. Example: How can the client grow revenues? Our client, Dark Sky, is a small manufacturer of unmanned (i.e. remotely piloted) data collection aircraft. Dark Sky produces the Assessor, an aircraft originally designed for unmanned weather exploration. In 2003, the United States military began purchasing Assessors for use in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. The Assessor is profitable, but sales have stagnated and the client wishes to grow. What are some steps the client can take to grow revenues?Source: Kellogg Consulting Club 2011 Casebook Want more info? Go to
  19. 19. Ansoff Matrix (Growth 2x2) NewCustomers ExistingCustomers Existing New Products Products Want more info? Go to
  20. 20. Questions?Want more info? Go to
  21. 21. Summary Growth 2x2 / Ansoff Matrix Strategic Pricing • Cost-plus pricing NewCustomers • Competitive benchmarking • Value-based pricing • Skimming • Bundling ExistingCustomers Business Situations Existing New • Customers Products Products • Company • Competitors • Products Want more info? Go to
  22. 22. Where to find me nevkam@thecasecoach.comSkype-based Case Interview Training & Career Coaching Want more info? Go to