AMY BARKLEY, MBA                                        Ljubljana, Slovenia, + 000 50 222 555,         ...
AMY BARKLEY, MBA                              Ljubljana, Slovenia, + 000 50 222 555, abarkley@yahoo.comPROFESSIONAL HISTOR...
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Amy Barkley Resume Example


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Amy Barkley Resume Example

  1. 1. AMY BARKLEY, MBA Ljubljana, Slovenia, + 000 50 222 555, CEO | SENIOR EXECUTIVE | BOARD MEMBER Quickly driving profits by extracting the best from employees. Accomplished senior leader with history of successfully driving profits for leading companies in Slovenia andthe U.S. in various industries including finance, pharmaceutical, food distribution, manufacturing, and gaming. Highlights: r Reversed organization’s declining profits; drove 40% annual growth increase. r Modernized company’s businesses processes, improving finances in < 3 months. r Increased customer revenue 40% by revamping internal service processes. r Cut €200,000 from annual expenses by selecting new site for company. Staff  Leadership  -­‐  Change  Management  -­‐  Strategic  Planning  -­‐  Long-­‐Range  Strategy  -­‐  Risk  Management   Project  Management  -­‐  Supply  Chain  Management  -­‐  Negotiations   Language abilities: Slovenian, English, Serbian, Croatian, French, and German PROFESSIONAL HISTORYAmy Barkley Consulting, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2009 – PresentABD Consulting, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005 – 2009Offering business strategy consulting services to clients in small- to mid-sized organizations.Strategic Planning ConsultantIncrease profitability by evaluating existing operations, developing change management strategy, and leading planexecution. Deepened knowledge of international finance, financial markets, and private equity business. r Advisor to Chairman of the Board and Advisor to President of Supervisory Board for gaming firm Casino Bled; launched 3-year development capital investment cycle, adding 20% in revenue and cutting losses €300,000; partnered with CEO to create national strategy for gaming industry. r Advisor to the President for Pan-Slovenian Shareholders’ Association, an NGO representing small shareholders; led independent team of experts in valuation and audit of financial reports in portfolio with €144 million in equity capital, leading to increased premiums for shareholders. r Advisor to the CEO of Swiss-based pharmaceutical/biotechnology start-up GenKyoTex, world leader for NADPH oxidases inhibitors: created comprehensive strategy and business plan evaluation, capturing interest of venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.ŠOU Ljubljana (Students Organization of the University of Ljubljana NGO), Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2004 – 2005Holding company of 8 institutions providing 45,000+ college students with job experience; €65 million revenue.Deputy Director, Member of the Board, ŠOU LjubljanaLed strategies to finance projects within elite student organization; managed capital/securities investments, audits,operations, procurement, and staff. r Acting Director for Students’ Servis and Blue Students’ Servis, €70 million employment agencies for university students; in less than 3 months, reduced fixed costs 30% by reorganizing post spin-off business processes; improved financial situation also led to sale of Blue Students’ Servis. Property of Charlotte Weeks, Weeks Career Service, Inc.  
  2. 2. AMY BARKLEY, MBA Ljubljana, Slovenia, + 000 50 222 555, abarkley@yahoo.comPROFESSIONAL HISTORY, continued r Acting Director of NGO Division ZMT (Institution of Youth Tourism): Minimized loss and avoided litigation by liquidating firm.IMP Pumps, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2001 – 2004Heating and ventilation pump manufacturing company; 120 employees; €11 million in revenueChief Executive OfficerEngineered spin-off from LBO company. Created internationally-recognized brand by introducing IP-protectedtrademarks. Simultaneously took over KIG Furniture’s holding organization upon request of parent company owners. r Reversed decline, bringing company from brink of bankruptcy to 40% annual growth rate. Led company to #4 ranking in European market by devising and executing aggressive change strategy. r Eliminated €200,000 in annual costs by relocating company site.KIG Furniture, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2002Furniture manufacturing company; 130 employees; €4 million in revenueChairman of the BoardHired to turnaround firm and reverse declining revenue; achieved €1.1 million in profits in <1 year by leadingdevelopment of new operational strategy and overseeing divestiture of non-performing business operations. r Successfully increased market awareness by repositioning KIG Furniture brand.Ljubljanske Mlekarne, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1994–2001Commercial dairy company; 1,000 employees; €162 million in revenueDeputy Executive Director, Marketing and New Product Development (1999–2001)Acting Director, Development and Investments (1999)Deputy Director, Development and Investments (1996–1999)Market Research Analyst (1995–1996)Trainee (1994–1995)Received rapid promotions in matrix organization. Led up to 25 in marketing, quality assurance, quality control, R&Ddepartments, and dairy department bringing in 30% of revenue. Analyzed/evaluated and oversaw execution of more than€10 million in capital investments as member of Capex committee. Conducted due diligence on M&A activities. r Key advisor during development of capital investment plan for €33 million plant. r Re-established company position as R&D market leader by leading ISO 9001 standard implementation with quality team and introducing HACCP principles in operations processes; pioneered use of project management and ABC tools with matrix organization implementation. r Multiplied average annual product launch from 5 to 25+ by redesigning R&D processes and developing innovative technology solutions. EDUCATIONMaster of Business Administration, 2007Program for Executive Development, PED 1 & 2, 2006IMD, Lausanne, SwitzerlandBachelor of Science in Food Technology, 1994University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia Property of Charlotte Weeks, Weeks Career Service, Inc.