Wego AXN b!g break(travel destination)


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Wego AXN b!g break(travel destination)

  1. 1. AXN B!G BreaksExperience Travel with (advertiser)
  2. 2. IdeaObjectives:• Encourage fans and customers sign up• To increase branding awareness• Strive to be innovative enticing users about the benefits of participation• To increase bookingsMechanics:• Integrated On-Air and Online promo on AXN and Wego• Dedicated microsite featuring advertiser’s exclusive travel contents• Run of site call-to-action message on AXN and Wego• Contest to entice participation and to drive booking• Social Media Engagement via Twitter, Facebook, EmailDuration:• 6 weeks (can extend further)
  3. 3. Travel Destination Solution• Travel Destination Dedicated Site – AXN BiG Break/WEGO travel site – Dedicated, Sponsor-able, Integrated micro-site• Integrated Media Support – On-air cross channels promotional teasers – Online display ad units – Creative Production Services / Contents Development• Targeted Audience – AXN viewers region-wide – WEGO online travel community region-wide
  4. 4. Campaign Strategy Dedicated Travel Destination Solution Creative Content/ Online On-air Production Services Banners insertion across AXN & Exclusive travel, Animax destination based contentsBanners on Wego Promo teaserTravel Search Site runs on AXN ChannelDedicated Travel Site CommercialSponsor’s integrated production creative Travel Site services provided (T&Cs apply) ( AXN B!G Break/ Wego)
  5. 5. Online Campaign Strategy Display ad across Wego’sWebsite Sky scraper 160x600
  6. 6. Online Campaign Strategy AXN &Animax’s Website Leaderboard 728x90 Leaderboard: 728x90 Skyscraper 160x600Estimated deliverables (6 wks) Estimated deliverables (6 wks)• Unique visitors: 182,000 (TBC) • Unique visitors: 151,370 (TBC)• Unique page views: 1,160,000 (TBC) • Unique page views: 1,130,500 (TBC)
  7. 7. AXN BIG Break / WEGO Travel Site A  Dedicated travel microsite • In partnership with Wego.com travel search engine • Sponsor’s branded micro-siteB • Exclusive travel contents  Exclusivity / Branded Opportunities  Micro-site branded with sponsor’s C corporate color, products or Services, (ie: A) Thematic travel contents / Destination features / Hot spots / Event calendar (ie: B)  Special features on partner’s services, & sights and sounds of tourist attractions (ie: C)  Sponsor’s or partners banner hyperlinksD to its own booking pages (ie: D)  Special promotional deals available (ie: E) E
  8. 8. Campaign StrategyCommercial Production Creative Services  Promo teasers  Promo can be created with sponsor’s branding, product or services  Contest promo teaser creation
  9. 9.  Appendix SPE Network Channel WEGO Credential
  10. 10. SPE Networks – Asia• A wholly owned Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) company and backed by Hollywood’s leading movie studio (2012,Spiderman, Casino Royale, Da vinci Code, Charlie’s Angels).• Based in Singapore, SPE Networks – Asia operates a portfolio of four ad-supported channels:• Every monthmore than 55 million viewers watch SPE Networks – Asia channels with a combined reach of more than 131 million viewers in 2009. (Source: AGB NMR Taiwan /Malaysia, TNS Singapore/Philippines, TAM India, CSM Hong Kong)• SPE Networks – Asia is regional ad sales representative for AETN All Asia Networks channels as well as Comcast’s E! Entertainment Television• With a bouquet of nine linear channel brands in total, SPE Networks – Asia will be able to offer advertisers a whole host of creative broadcast solutions that can meet their varying needs, spread across the best of general entertainment and factual entertainment genres.
  11. 11. Asia’s # 1English GE Channel
  12. 12. Award Winning Channel Associated withQuality, Creativity & Excitement• THE AWARD WINNING channel• MOST WATCHED international channel in East Asia• Multiple award winner in the annual PROMAX/BDAglobal and Asiaawards• AXN’s Asia Television Award winning original production The Amazing Race Asia was nominated for37thINTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARD• Available in 86 MILLION HOMES IN ASIA• Watched by 126 MILLION VIEWERS in 2009 Source: AGB NMR Taiwan/Malaysia, TNS Singapore/Philippines, TAM India, CSM Hong Kong
  13. 13. Available in All Major Countries in Asia Feed 24 / 7 Timeblock AXN Taiwan 5,936,251 AXN South Asia• A basic tier channel in Bangladesh 550,000 India 25,000,000 subscriber packages of all top AXN Korea Pakistan 5,847,974 2,542,673 cable systems AXN East Asia Brunei 26,625 Cambodia 3,525 China * 143,469 40,000,000 Fiji 4,692 Hong Kong * 661,688• Seen in86 million homes in Indonesia 521,312 Macau * 9,828 22 Asian countries Malaysia 2,954,551 Maldives 5,601 Mongolia 1,509 Palau 3,392 Papua New Guinea 2,860 Philippines ** 941,746 Singapore 385,856Data as of Jan 2010 Sri Lanka 78,538 Thailand * 381,383 * EA program feed, EA 2 commercial feed Vietnam 279,945 ** EA program feed, Philippines commercial feed Total 46,283,418 40,000,000 Grand Total 86,283,418
  14. 14. Top Rated Ad-supported Channel in Asia 2009 Prime Time 6pm-1am Audience (Rating in ‘000), Pay TV 4+ Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan & India (AB class in 6 metros)Source: AGB NMR Taiwan / Malaysia, TNS Singapore / Philippines, CSM Hong
  15. 15. Substantial Rating Growth in 2009 Average Audience (Rating in ‘000), Pay TV 4+Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan & India (AB class in 6 metros) +67% +62% Source: AGB NMR Malaysia / Taiwan, TNS Singapore / Philippines, CSM Hong Kong, TAM India
  16. 16. Deliver 3 Core Groups of Viewers Asian Affluents Digital Entertainment Junkies Modern Females• Professionals, senior managers • 18-34 years old • New generation females and entrepreneurs • Aspiring, up-and-coming • Independent & career focused• Sophisticated, yet young at heart • Early adopters of technology • Open minded, active social life• Global in perspective and gadgets • Have a keen sense for quality• Discerning trendsetters, regular • Gamers & web surfers and premiumness travelers • Vocal and opinionated, regular • Frequent gyms and pubs, love• High-end luxury & electronic outdoor exercise to travel and shop goods consumers • Viewers of Amazing Race, • Love CSI, The Amazing Race• Loyal fans of House, CSI Numb3rs, Leverage Asia, Damages
  17. 17. Power of the SPENA BouquetAlthough AXN is already the most watched channel in East Asia, exposure on other SPENA channels can further extend the reach of the audience Case Study: Animax and BEYOND Extend the Reach of AXN Philippine + Hong Kong Weekly Cume Reach 000s 5,076 4,769 4,462 4,035 3,496 2,527 26/4~2/5 26/4~9/5 26/4~16/5 26/4~23/5 26/4~30/5 26/4~6/6 Source: CSM Hong Kong / Kantar Media Philippines
  18. 18. Introduction• Founded in 2005 by former executives from IHG, Yahoo! and ZUJI• Over 150 travel providers have signed commercial agreements with us, including: – leading airlines and low-cost-carriers, such as Emirates, KLM/Air France, Lufthansa, Qantas – Leading hotel chains such as IHG, Starwood, Marriott, Accor, Carlson and Pan Pacific – Leading OTAs and aggregators such as Expedia, Travelocity,Agoda, HotelCluband Priceline etc.• Over 20 distribution agreements including major News Digital Media, portals such as Yahoo!, MSN, eBay, a division of News Corp, News.com.au,Detik.com etc is an investor.
  20. 20. Wego Traffic –Demographics/Behaviour Highly active Travellers with Disposable Income 34% are aged 25-34, 28% are aged 35-44 47% are male. 53% are female 30% earn over US$50k/yr. 21% earn over US$100K/yr 52% spend at least 15 hours online each week “Shopping”, “Resorts”, “Family/Kids” and “Romance” top the list of recent vacation types, with each cited by >40% of respondents “Western Europe”, “SE Asia” and “Australia” were the top planned destinations 48% now spend more time hunting for good deals than they did before the recession
  21. 21. Customised Package 6 weeks Campaign On Air - AXN Promo teaser runs on AXN (EA feed) /w contest info 132 airings (22 x 15 second teaser per week) Online/ Digital Media Dedicated/Branded Travel Micro site Banner Insertion on AXN & Animax site Banner Insertion on WEGO search site Creative Services Develop, design and create exclusive travel contents Production of promo teaser to promote the micro-site Production of contest teaser to enhance awareness and participation Production of commercial creative spotCash Investment : US$80,000 Total Media Value : US$120,000