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  • Woodlands - there's one off Marylebone High St (Marylebone Lane) and one off Leicester Sq. They are veggie though, but Indian friends love it
    Or it's easy to find them here at It can help you to filter search results easily by different aspects such as Cuisines, Distance, Price, Dinning Options, Good For, Star…View details of a restaurant with telephone, location, photos, description and reviews from internet community about that restaurant.
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  • Thank for great presentation.
    Can anyone suggest a decent restaurant that is not too posh or pricey? We're taking teenagers so good sized portions and value for money is our main aim but I'd like the food to be good too. Help.
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  1. 1. Also knows as ‘’TheParliament’’ is theplace where gatherthe two cameras ofthr UnitedKingdom’sParliament. Thepalace, it’s worldHeritage ofHumanity byUNESCO from 1987.It’s in the northshore of the Thamesriver. Most of thepresent structure is19th century, whenit was rebuilt after afire in 1834, itdestroit the mostpart of the palace.It’s a neo- gothicstyle.
  2. 2. It’s a gothic church of the sizeof one cathedral. It’s thetradicional place for thecoronations and burials of theengland’s kings. It’s next of theWestminster Palace. It is saidthat he was miraculouslyconsecrated once a fishermanon the River Thames had avision of Saint Peter. The originalAbbey, in romanic style, wasbuild by the Benedictinemonks. It rebuilt in gothic stylebetween 1245 and 1517. Thefirst phase of the rebuilt wasorganizes by Henry III, as asanctuary in honor of Edwardthe Confessor. The works endsduring the reign of Richard II.Henry VII added a chapeldedicated to the Virgin Mary in1503 (Chapel of Henry VII).
  3. 3. It’s a historic castle.It’s in TowerHamlets, near theThames River. Itwas build when theNormans invadedEngland. TheWhithe Tower, itgives the name tothe all castle, wasbuild by William theconqueror in 1078.From 1100, thecastle was use asprison. It’sdefensive walls anda moat; the castlewas expandedseveral times. it’sworld Heritage ofHumanity byUNESCO.
  4. 4. It is the official residence of the British monarch. The Palace is used for ceremonies andState visits, tourist and visits as a residence by Queen Elizabeth II, and is also theheadquarters of the Royal collection. The Palace is a meeting point for the British in times ofcrisis and festivity. It was originally a petit hôtel built for the first Duke of Buckingham in 1703and acquired by King George III in 1762 to become private residence. With the accessionto the throne of Queen Victoria of England, Buckingham Palace became the officialresidence of the monarchy. During the centuries XIX and XX made some reforms in thePalace, which was carried out in 1913 and that gave the Palace its current main facade,including the balcony from which the Royal Family welcomes.The original Georgian interior consisted of bright plaster with inlays of lapis lazuli blue andpink. Edward VII redecorated the Palace by adding a decoration of the type Belleépoque in shades of cream and gold. Some reception rooms are decorated in a Chinesestyle with furniture from the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and from Carlton house... The artificiallake was created in 1828 and receives water from the Serpentine Lake, which lies in thepair Hyde
  5. 5. Was build between 1676 and 1710, underthe direction of architect ChristopherWren on the ruins of the old medievalcathedral of smaller burned by the greatfire of 1666. It is one of the few buildingsof the area survived World War II and wasthe scene of events as the wedding ofPrince Charles with the internal Diana.ElPrincess Georgian original consisted ofbright plaster with inlays of lapis lazuliblue and pink. Edward VII redecoratedthe Palace by adding a decoration ofthe type Belle époque in shades ofcream and gold. Some reception roomsare decorated in a Chinese style withfurniture from the Royal Pavilion inBrighton and from Carlton house... Theartificial lake was created in 1828 andreceives water from the Serpentine Lake,which lies in the pair Hyde
  6. 6. It’s in the Westminster Palace.
  7. 7. It is a bascule bridge that crosses the River Thames.
  8. 8. Also knows as Millennim Wheel, finish in 1999 and open in march of 2000, was theferris wheel-gazer of the world until the opening of the star of Nanchang in mayof 2006. it haves 135 metres tall on the western end of Jubilee Gardens, on theSouth Bank of the Thames.
  9. 9. He lives several members of the British royalty as the Dukes ofKent, the Dukes of Gloucester and Prince and Princess Michaelof Kent. Previously he was also the official residence until the dayof his death of Diana, Princess of Wales. A photographicexhibition on the deceased Princess is currently open to thepublic. At the end of June 2011, also moved to this Palace theDukes of Cambridge.
  10. 10. It was build in 1819 for conect Regent Streer with Picadilly, and gather joinwith the teathre in Shaftesburv Avenue , also with the Haymarket, ConventryStreet and Glasshouse Street. It’s a turistic attraction. It knows by his giantsvideo screens and his neon advertising posters. Also is famous by the statue ofEros. It is surrounded by a large number of notable buildings, including theLondon Pavilion and Criterion Theatre. Piccadilly Circus in Londonunderground station is located underneath the square.
  11. 11. It was build in 1830 for commemorate the victory of the British armyon the French and Spanish fleet, Trafalgar Square is one of the best-known squares in London.
  12. 12. It contains a number of Chinese restaurants, bakeries , supermarkets, souvenirshops, and other Chinese-run businesses.
  13. 13. The monument to the Great fireof London was build between1671 and 1677 for rememberthe Great fire of London andthe rebuilt of the city
  14. 14. It was build in 1599. In 1644, was destroid. In 1949 was rebuild. It’s one ofthe most famous theatre in the world.
  15. 15. It was the London residence of Arthur Wellesley, I Duke de Wellington, famoussoldier and British politician. It is close to Hyde Park. The mansion was originallyowned by Lord Apsley
  16. 16. It was open in 2002.
  17. 17. is a museum ship, originally a Royal Navy light cruiser,permanently moored in London on the River Thames andoperated by the Imperial War Museum.
  18. 18. Clickin thephotoforseeonevideoIt has European paintings from 1250 to 1900, from the national art collection of theUnited Kingdom. The permanent collection, which consists of 2,300 paintingsbelongs to the British State, so the entry is public, only having to pay the entranceto certain special exhibitions.
  19. 19. Click to see one videoHis collections haves things of the humans, the history, archaeology,ethnography and art. The old Egypt section is the most important in the worldafter the of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.
  20. 20. It was founded in 1857 by Bennet Woodcroft, with objects from thecollection of the Royal Society of art and surplus of the great exhibitionof London in 1851. Initially the Museum was part of the South KensingtonMuseum, along with the current Victoria and Albert Museum, but wasseparated.
  21. 21. The Museum has a The natural historydiverse collection with museum was built tomore than 70 million house the growingspecimens and objects collection of skeletons,in exhibition. The five plants and fossilsmost important representing a section ofcollections are those for the British Museumareas: Botany, between 1873 and 1880.entomology, mineralogy, The Museum of naturalpalaeontology and history legally remainedzoology. part of the British MuseumThe Museum is known for until 1963. In 1986, heits great central hall absorbed the nearbyshowing skeletons of geological Museumdifferent dinosaurs, in becoming the officialparticular, a huge name of The Naturaldiplodocus that History Museumdominates the entranceto the building as well asa Mastodon found inTagua Tagua lagoon,Chile.
  22. 22. It is the higthgest museum in the world of decorative arts,considered itself a work of art. It has immense resources for studentsof design that it contains the national collection of applied arts. Itwas renamed in 1899 in honour of Queen Victoria and her husband,Albert.
  23. 23. Its collection consists of portraits of prominent characters in the story; the buildingis built just behind the National Gallery. Fue fundada en 1856 con el espírituvictoriano del idealismo y la educación a través del ejemplo; el objetivo de lacolección era reunir retratos de los grandes y poderosos de Gran Bretaña paraque inspiraran a otros. La colección incluye fotografías y pinturas, además de caricaturas, dibujos y esculturas. La National Portrait Gallery alberga, entre otros retratos famosos, el Retrato Chandos, posiblemente la imagen más conocida deWilliam Shakespeare.
  24. 24. It’s a part of the network of galleries Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpooland Tate St Ives. Was the first of these museums being established, opening in1897. It houses an important collection of works of J.M.W. Turner.
  25. 25. It was build between 1947 and 1963.The electric plant was closed in 1981and the building was reconvertedinto a Museum.
  26. 26. The main headquarters It is more than one Museum.of the Imperial WarMuseum is located inLondon and traffickingespecially of the firstworld war and to a lesserextent of the secondworld war.
  27. 27. It is the most important Maritime Museum of United Kingdom. Thehistorical buildings are part of the Heritage of Humanity. It wasdeveloped thanks to the generous donations of sir James Caird.King George VI formally opened the Museum on April 27, 1937
  28. 28. And if you aregoing to go toLondon herehas the level ofthe LondonUnderground.