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Project - Tallinn


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Published in: Travel, Education
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Project - Tallinn

  1. 1. Are you going to travel? And why not try Tallinn?
  2. 2. Why should I?There are many reasons to visit the Capital of Estonia, but thefirst of them is: because it’s different!Maybe you know all the Paris map by heart, or you knoweverything you can find on Miami, Lisbon or London. But youdon’t know what expect from a place called “Tallinn”. And that’sthe magic!
  3. 3. Ok, ok! But where is it? It’s in Estonia, Europe. Estonia is next to Russia, near Latvia and Lithuania
  4. 4. What to see there?There are very much to see in Tallinn and wecouldn’t show everything here. But the made a list of the best cityatractions and we will use that as a guide.Let’s see that!
  5. 5. What to see • # 1 - Kiek in de Kök • # 2 - Kadriorg PalaceIt’s a medieval museum. But one The palace, built in 1718, iswich has 38 meters and hidden nowadays an art museum thattunneles displays hundreds of 16th- to 20th- century paintings by Western and Russian artists
  6. 6. What to see • # 3 – St. Olaves’ Church • # 4 - Estonian Open Air MuseumOnce upon a time, from 1549 to1625 to be exact, this 13th-century church was the tallest This museum lets you travel back in timebuilding in the world. to the rural Estonia of old. The forested park is filled with thatched, 18-20th- century farm buildings, windmills, a wooden chapel and a village school, with staff demonstrating how people lived and worked in times past.
  7. 7. What to see • # 5 – Town Hall Square • # 6 – Toopea Castle The castle has been revamped countless times through the centuries, but still retains theSurrounded for historical buildings, basic shape it was given in the 13th and 14thit’s a very good place to meeting or centuries. From its front, visitors can only seeshopping; a pink, Baroque palace dating to the time of Catherine the Great. A look at its opposite side, visible from the base of the hill, gives a much more Medieval perspective.
  8. 8. Winter Season in TallinnHow about spend theChristmas with thefamily in a medieval cityin Europe? Tallin is justperfect for it!
  9. 9. Winter Season in Tallinn
  10. 10. How Much Does It Cost?Unfortunatelly, It’s not very chip • Tickets: Arroundgoing to Tallinn. The tickets pricesare not fair, comparing to other R$4.000,00, frompossible destines. But you still Recife.can save some money... • Hotel: For 2 persons, more than R$ 200,00/day, in a four stars hotel. • Car: Around R$150,00/day for renting a compact one
  11. 11. But... Is it worthwhile?! There was a portuguese poet who wrote something like “All is worthwhile when the spirit is not small” (obviously, it’s better on the original). If you would like to know na old city with 500.000 habitants and you have the money, it could be very good! If you don’t like historical programs, it probably won’t be a place for you. And if you are now dreaming about this place, so, go there and enjoy it! The experience will surely pay.