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Dynamic Search Algorithm for unstructured Peer to Peer Networks


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Dynamic Search Algorithm for unstructured Peer to Peer Networks

  1. 1. By:I. V. Sai Manoj 07K91A0557P. Rakesh 07K91A0532P. Sowmya 07K91A0548
  2. 2. ABSTRACT• AIM : To design efficient search algorithms as a key challenge in unstructured peer-to-peer networks.• Previous designs: Flooding, Random Walk, etc.• DSA takes the advantage of various contexts under which each search algorithm performs well and efficient.
  3. 3. What are Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks ? Example: Gnutella Network
  4. 4. Previous Works
  5. 5. Flooding - BFS
  6. 6. Random Walk - DFS
  7. 7. Flooding Random Walk KBS
  8. 8. Performance Evaluation• Success Rate• Search Time• Number of Query Hits• Number of Query Messages• Query Efficiency• Search Efficiency
  9. 9. Dynamic Search Algorithm – Operation• Query messages sent to • Strategy switches to RW (d.p) neighbors • Each Node that receives the query message would• Acts as Flooding or MBFS send the query message to one of its neighbors
  10. 10. Requirements• HARDWARE : Any processor above 500 MHz 128 MB RAM 10 GB HDD 650 MB Compact Disk Standard Keyboard and Mouse VGA and High Resolution Monitor• SOFTWARE : Windows OS JDK 1.5 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Java Swings