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My ideal town - iVOX case study


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In order to create awareness about the local editions of a national newspaper, we developed tools to let people discover their ideal town, and to improve it even further.

Dedending on their ideal city, they received their local, relevant news. The best ideas were later on used for articles in the newspaper' local section.

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My ideal town - iVOX case study

  1. 1. Case StudyMy Ideal Town
  2. 2. Stakeholders iVOX bvba research facilitators Het Nieuwsblad media publisher
  3. 3. Starting pointContent research project for the humaninterest department of Het Nieuwsblad.The project needed to be funoriented and had an individualapproach towards the communityof Het Nieuwsblad.A second follow-up study was conducted inorder to discover people’s thoughts about theircity (infrastructure, governance, cultural life,safety, …).
  4. 4. Proposal towards participants • Discover your ideal village / city • How would you improve your city? • Give your opinion on today’s local governance
  5. 5. iCOMPARE Different Immediate & question relevant info types Compare to significant others Share and compare with friends via social media
  6. 6. My Ideal Town What kind of city do you wish to live in?
  7. 7. My Ideal Town What are the strong points of your ideal city? This is your ideal city!
  8. 8. iDEA Wisdom of Rate other the crowds inputs Give your opinion
  9. 9. Improve your town Where do you live now? What should be improved?
  10. 10. Improve your town Rate other ideas for your city Top ideas for your city
  11. 11. Results > 70 000 unique Qualitative operating participants points per cityUser generated content Buzz via social on & offline media
  12. 12. Value Creative marketing & research approach Qualitative database enlargement Media exposure & website traffic Brand enforcement (awareness, preference & reputation)
  13. 13. Other Success StoriesStem van Vlaanderen / La voix des Belges political profile for VMMtv > 800 000 participantsMovieMatcher movie preference center for Kinepolis 115 000 participantsRuimte voor morgen Urban, city and town planning for the Flemish government 80 000 participants
  14. 14. Contact +32 16 22 62 14 @ivox_be