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Kinepolis Movie Matcher - iVOX case study


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Kinepolis Movie Matcher - iVOX case study

  1. 1. Case StudyMoviematcher
  2. 2. Stakeholders iVOX bvba research facilitators Kinepolis movie theaters Nieuwsblad - Vers l’avenir media partners
  3. 3. Starting pointKinepolis has an extended newsletter database but usedto send out the same information, offers, movies, … toeach person.Research by iVOX* showed that personalized andrelevant offers are not only highly wanted by customers(60%), but also have a higher success rate** (+ 30% incomparison to non-personal mail).* conducted in march 2011, representative sample for Belgian customers** opening rate and action rate
  4. 4. Targets Segmented database of customers Relevant clusters of customers, based on movie preferences Qualitative enlargement of the database Media exposure
  5. 5. Research setup • Qualitative research to set up segmentation model with drivers • Quantitative validation of the segmentation model with cluster and factor analysis • Validated algorithm integrated in iCOMPARE to segment population
  6. 6. iCOMPARE Different Immediate & question relevant info types Compare to significant others Share and compare with friends via social media
  7. 7. Start the buzz
  8. 8. Movie Matcher
  9. 9. Movie Matcher
  10. 10. Movie Matcher
  11. 11. Movie Matcher
  12. 12. Results 115 000 unique Segmented database participants for personalized mailings & offers Over 2.3 million page views used Media exposure for advertising on & offline
  13. 13. Other Success StoriesStem van Vlaanderen / La voix des Belges (click to view) political profile for VMMtv > 800 000 participantsVesuvius (click to view) What kind of man are you? 110 000 participantsRuimte voor morgen (click to view) Urban, city and town planning for the Flemish government 80 000 participants
  14. 14. Contact +32 16 22 62 14 @ivox_be