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De Stem van Vlaanderen - iVOX case study


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Online application for the local elections in Flanders in october 2012. This local election tool had over 4000 questions for 308 municipalities, so participants were able to compare their opinion about 15 local relevant topics with the opinion of the people they could vote for.

Over 755 000 participants (15% of the Flemisch population of age) compared their opinions with the opinions of the politicians who where running for mayor in their town. The application reached national tv stations, newspapers and got a lot of online attention (blogs, twitter, news websites, ...).

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De Stem van Vlaanderen - iVOX case study

  1. 1. De Stem van VlaandereniVOX case study of the biggest local election application “The Voice of Flanders”
  2. 2. Anno 2010: ‘The Voice of Flanders’, a national electionapplication to compare your opinion with those ofnational candidates: a great success.Anno 2012: ‘The Voice of Flanders’ – part 2.
  3. 3. Anno 2012 brings new challenges• More online voting applications than ever before• Local elections in 308 cities• Mobile becomes more and more important• Social media is bigger than ever
  4. 4. Challenges = opportunities.We joined forces• iVOX: online market research• iVOX TOOLS: research applications• and VTM: media partners
  5. 5. What we already had, was an application to segmentcustomers, which we successfully used in the past for• Kinepolis: Movie Matcher• Thomas Cook: Holiday Matcher• Flemish Government: Ruimte voor Morgen• Elections in Belgium and France• …
  6. 6. So we built an application … … with national & local relevant topics during the elections Topics like safety & immigration for everybody, and locally relevant topics per municipality. - Did you think the reconstruction of the town square was a good idea? - Did you agree with investing in the new sports hall? - Do you think the ‘Oosterweelverbinding’* should be build? - …* Runway around the city of Antwerp
  7. 7. An application where participants selected their city, for relevant questions, and to compare their opinion with their local mayor candidates. Antwerp (500 000 inhabitants) but also …Ghent (250 000 inhabitants) Baarle-Hertog (2 000 inhabitants)
  8. 8. An application with a back-office to manage• 308 parent municipalities (1192 postal codes)• 1474 participating politicians*• 4561 questions * >97% participation rate
  9. 9. An application that allowed you to compare youropinions with those of your friends from your city!
  10. 10. Discover your match …and compare every detail
  11. 11. And yes, we made it mobile …
  12. 12. Offline engagement: “the election tour bus”We brought the application to the people.
  13. 13. Twitter did a good job as well … #SVV12
  14. 14. Launched during evening live news of VTM (national tv)• over 100 000 participants within first 5 hours
  15. 15. iVOX market research• Continuous on & offline content
  16. 16. Mailing & bannering campaign by Nieuwsblad (national paper)
  17. 17. De Stem van Vlaanderen – The Voice of Flanders 755 000 participants = 15% of Flemish population which was qualified to vote 105 000 mobile participants 13 150 000 pageviewsThe biggest local election tool ever seen.
  18. 18. +32 16 22 62 14 Engelsplein 35/01.01 3000 Leuven - BelgiumWatch us on YouTube @ivox_be – 21