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Visit the following websites and review 2 stories

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Visit the following websites and review 2 stories

  1. 1. Visit the following websites and review 2 stories from each site that are of interest to you… uk Abbie Murray
  2. 2. Motorola Launches $179 Moto G This statement suggests that smartphones are not as well advanced as they are marketed and that the smartphone industry are creating less advanced smartphones in order for a wider range of people to afford them. This could explain the study below… (Morgan, J.P. 2011.) Study showing that only 18% of the public are smartphone users and 82% smartphone users. CRITIC – Modern apps and technology may not have the same experience on a less advanced phone. Demonstrates Google being initiative in thinking of other ways to reduce the price of smartphones rather than “dumbing down” the technology and introducing slower connections
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing at Christmas Time “Never before has the power of mobile been so apparent during the retail calendar’s busiest quarter.” … unusual as consumers will normally browse on a mobile devise and buy on a computer. Is this anything to do with the introduction of the iAd? – A revolutionary advertisement that opens as a pop up as that can be closed rather than in the browser. It is considered to be less intimidating. Conclusions drawn from Blue Chip Marketing… • • • • 56% of people in the US own a smartphone, and 35% a tablet 44% of 18-34 year olds and 46% of 35-54 year olds own a store app – possibly the most regular shoppers at Christmas time 25% of store apps that are accessed are “coupon” apps and at the top of them is Groupon with 48% People will most likely use their apps pre-shopping – again stresses the point of people browsing online and buying afterwards