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Open Innovation Amsterdam


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The City of Amsterdam is very successful when it comes to Open Innovation. By collaborating with partners in the city and connecting to EU projects Amsterdam has been able to create achievements in the field of open data, crowdsourcing, app challenges etc.

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Open Innovation Amsterdam

  1. 1. Open InnovationWorking with new ways of collaboration, participationand innovation within your cityKatalin GallyasOpen Innovation Policy AdvisorCity of AmsterdamIvonne Jansen-DingsOpen Data EvangelistWaag Society
  2. 2. shrinking budgetgrowing demand for services
  3. 3. Limits of internal innovation capacity
  4. 4. Creativity in the city
  5. 5. Over 150 datasets availableOver 150 datasets available
  6. 6. Several realtime datasets (API’s)Several realtime datasets (API’s)
  7. 7. Over 100 workshops, meetups, code events in 3 yearsOver 100 workshops, meetups, code events in 3 years
  8. 8. 17 apps for Rijksmuseum in 5 months17 apps for Rijksmuseum in 5 months
  9. 9. Double salting routes discoveredDouble salting routes discovered
  10. 10. Open Parking API developed by communityOpen Parking API developed by community
  11. 11. Open Water app developedOpen Water app developed
  12. 12. Cross checking city and national dataCross checking city and national data
  13. 13. Knowledge institutesDeveloper hubsAcceleratorsInnovation labs
  14. 14. Open InnovationReleasing Open DataHackathons / Code eventsCode sharing / CommonsUrban LabsCrowdsourcingChallenges / IncentivesCrowdfundingGrassroots
  15. 15. tekstInnovation model: PlatformInnovation model: Platform
  16. 16. tekstInnovation model: change agentsInnovation model: change agents
  17. 17. tekstInnovation model: incubatorInnovation model: incubator
  18. 18. AmsterdamBarcelonaHelsinkiLisboaIstanbulManchesterRomeLamia
  19. 19. AmsterdamBarcelonaBerlinParisRomeBolognaHelsinki
  20. 20. NetherlandsUKFinlandSpainBelgiumItalyCzech RepublicPortugalFranceGermany
  21. 21. AmsterdamRomeHelsinkiBerlinManchesterBarcelona
  22. 22. tekstChallenge 1: sharing information between social workersChallenge 1: sharing information between social workers
  23. 23. tekstChallenge 2: spread tourism through the cityChallenge 2: spread tourism through the city
  24. 24. tekstChallenge 3: find and share community spaceChallenge 3: find and share community space
  25. 25. European Commons - a shared open marketplaceEuropean Commons - a shared open marketplace
  26. 26. tekstPolicy Making ParadoxPolicy Making Paradox
  27. 27. Tips for Policy Making (1)• Create an Open Innovation Performance Matrix (to measure output, effect)• Stay pragmatic (not too abstract)• Tie Open Innovation in with Digital Education Agenda (UK)• Use fellows to interpret data (data mining)• Use a common language with policy makers (same vocabulary)• Involve top down support from high level of policy (press moments, interviewfellows)• Start small
  28. 28. Tips for Policy Making (2)• Set up expectations correctly, f.i. about fellows (temporarily, learning)• Capture moments (good story, leverage on the right timing)• Tell stories (make it more tangible)• Activate community (open data evangelists) to reach top level of management,decision making• Work with pitches for departments (to assing fellows) – Wish, interests, standards• Set up a Policy Doc Repository / Commons so that cities are supported by makingtheir own lobbies
  29. 29. Made possible by: Partners:Contact details:Katalin GallyasOpen Innovation Policy AdvisorCity of Jansen-DingsOpen Data EvangelistWaag