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OKCon Apps for Europe


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Presentation @ OKCon for the Apps for Europe consortium. For more details:

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OKCon Apps for Europe

  1. 1. Turning data into business
  2. 2. What is Apps for Europe • • • • • We are a thematic network We create a business lounge format to connect to open data events We host an EU competition for open data apps We o!er support and aggregate knowledge We want to turn open data into viable business
  3. 3. Are you a competition organiser • • • Are you working with open data events, hackathons or competitions? • • Interact with other organisers and share experiences Prove the value (economic or social) of open data Connect app makers to potential clients, incubators, successful businesses and investors Create a business lounge at your own event
  4. 4. Are you a developer • Meet local (and international) clients, incubators, businesses and investors • • • Get feedback on your app or idea Explore the business opportunities of your app or service Enter the EU competition and get selected for the international business lounge @ FutureEverything next year
  5. 5. Are you an investor • Are you working with startups, or want to invest in a great open data app or service? • • • Get to know the EU open data community Bene"t from the knowledge of contest organisers Meet other investors with similar interests
  6. 6. A Business Lounge is... • What is a business • • A sustainable, and with a legal form initiative based on open data Who is attending a business lounge? • • Participants Somebody providing Feedback
  7. 7. A Business Lounge is... • What do they do? • Talk (a bit) Under a common criteria • • • • • Previous information Shared criteria …. Team, de"nition, business plan, market analysis Connect for further contacts Assess Learn
  8. 8. A Business Lounge is... • Who do they need? • • • A quiet place…. (something could be con"dential) A known and shared criteria Previous information
  9. 9. A Business Lounge is... • What happens next? • • An Initiative is born? Follow-up participants -> their success is yours
  10. 10. Business Lounge setup • • • • • Expert interviews (or presentations) Speed dates with investors Networking opportunities Scorecards Winner announced main stage
  11. 11. Preparation • • • • • Call for participation Select and brief best open data apps Brief investors Brief experts Personal communication is key
  12. 12. Follow up • • • • One on one evaluation Find out about matches that are made Keep investors interested by connecting to network Business related prizes for winner(s)
  13. 13. Lessons learnt • • • • • Investors networking is important motivator Maturity and quality of the team is important Focus on market, rather than product Ready for incubator or investor? Pitch preparation
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Group discussion (15 minutes) • • • Split up into groups of 4 or 5 people Take a #ip-over sheet and marker Map out what your think about: • • • Possible bene!ts for you or your organisation Possible obstacles How to tackle them - solutions
  16. 16. Join the competition • 18th of September 2013: O$cial kicko! Apps for Europe Competition @ OKCon in Geneva • September to February: Several Business Lounges will be organised throughout Europe • • 7th of February 2014: O$cial deadline • 31st of March / 1st of April 2014: Winners participate in Business Lounge event @ FutureEverything 20th of February 2014: Winners are informed of their selection to participate in the Business Lounge @ Future Everything
  17. 17. Thank you Ivonne Jansen-Dings, Alberto Abella, The Apps for Europe consortium consists of: Waag Society, Forum Virium, NISV, Kennisland, ESADE Business School, V-ICT-OR, Topix, CCSS, OKF, Future Everything, NESTA, PTC Portugal Telecom, iMinds, Rooter, OKFN DE, OKFN BE, Europeana, EURECOM