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Tijdens het Nationaal Open Data Congres 2012 op 20 april ging deze presentatie over het nut en de noodzaak van Apps Wedstrijden. Naar het voorbeeld van Apps for Democracy zijn er in Nederland ook al enkele wedstrijden georganiseerd. Wat levert dit op en wat kunnen we ervan leren.

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Nationaal Open Data Congres 2012

  1. 1. Apps Challenges Ivonne Jansen, Waag Society
  2. 2. How many apps does a challenge produce
  3. 3. How much effort does a challenge cost
  4. 4. Is it worth it?
  5. 5. • Ivonne Jansen Dings Project manager, Waag Society• Apps for Amsterdam, Apps for Noord-Holland, Apps voor Nederland, Open Cities, Commons4EU•
  6. 6. Waag Society
  7. 7. Apps for Democracy• 47 apps in 30 days• cost 50.000,-, created value estimated: 2.300.000,-• 20.000,- prize money divided over 60 prizes• 6 days launching time with social media• Make as much raw data as possible available• Set as few rules as possible• Define registration, submission and judging• Give lots and lots of prizes• Don’t let the contest run to long
  8. 8. Apps contest
  9. 9. Quality of Apps =Quality of Data
  10. 10. WorldBankApps for Development
  11. 11. Nationale DatabankWegverkeersgegevens
  12. 12. Developers
  13. 13. < 18 jaar
  14. 14. Students
  15. 15. Agencies
  16. 16. Start-ups
  17. 17. Developers about Apps4• A need for services in their own lives, like information for people with a disability.• Expanding professional network by participation in events• Talking to policymakers gave inspiration to make Apps• Many Apps (or app ideas) were born during the ‘hackathon’ coding event• Getting experience with open datasets• Creative outlet (hobby)• Curiosity about the datasets• The contest puts the developer in the spotlight• Opportunity to expand existing app with new data• Being a part of the global “Apps” movement •• Closing the gap between government and ICT entrepreneurs
  18. 18. Apps for Amsterdam• Amsterdam has ca. 780,000 residents • Of these, ca. 45,000 work in the IT sector and ca. 48,000 in the creative industries• Total out of pocket costs for kickoff event, hackathon event and award ceremony: Euro 16,000.-• Total hours spent on preparation and execution of the contest: ca. 900 (between the three partners)• Total cost of the price money: Euro 14,500.-, divided over 21 prizes• Funding throught Open Cities (project co-funded by European Union) plus Economic Affairs Amsterdam• 22 data sets made available by city of Amsterdam• Total of 48 Apps submitted
  19. 19. City of Amsterdam 2011• 22 data sets• Open Data Council initiative accepted Centre District• ACAM Accountancy en Advies • Dienst Stadstoezicht• Afval en Energie Bedrijf • Dienst Werk en Inkomen• Bestuursdienst • Dienst Wonen, Zorg en Samenleven• Brandweer Amsterdam-Amstelland • Dienst Zuidas• Bureau Monumenten & Archeologie • Economische Zaken• Coordinatiestelsel Werken aan de weg • GGD Amsterdam• Dienst Advies en Onderzoek • Haven Amsterdam• Dienst Basisinformatie • Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam• Dienst Belastingen • Ontwikkelingsbedrijf• Dienst ICT • Projectbureau Noordwaarts• Dienst Infrastructuur Verkeer en Vervoer • Projectmanagement Bureau• Dienst Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling • Servicehuis Personeel• Dienst Milieu en Bouwtoezicht • Stadsarchief Amsterdam• Dienst Noord/Zuidlijn • Stadsbank van Lening• Dienstverlening en Facilitair Management • VGA Verzekeringen• Dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening • Waternet
  20. 20. City of Amsterdam 2012• Contest together with AIM, Amsterdam Innovation Motor• Goal is 50+ sustainable data sets• ACAM Accountancy en Advies • Dienst Stadstoezicht• Afval en Energie Bedrijf • Dienst Werk en Inkomen• Bestuursdienst • Dienst Wonen, Zorg en Samenleven• Brandweer Amsterdam-Amstelland • Dienst Zuidas• Bureau Monumenten & Archeologie • Economische Zaken• Coordinatiestelsel Werken aan de weg • GGD Amsterdam• Dienst Advies en Onderzoek • Haven Amsterdam• Dienst Basisinformatie • Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam• Dienst Belastingen • Ontwikkelingsbedrijf• Dienst ICT • Projectbureau Noordwaarts• Dienst Infrastructuur Verkeer en Vervoer • Projectmanagement Bureau• Dienst Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling • Servicehuis Personeel• Dienst Milieu en Bouwtoezicht • Stadsarchief Amsterdam• Dienst Noord/Zuidlijn • Stadsbank van Lening• Dienstverlening en Facilitair Management • VGA Verzekeringen• Dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening • Waternet
  21. 21. Applications asa source of information
  22. 22. Amsterdam AnalyticsCity: Amsterdamwww.amsterdamanalytics.nlAmsterdam Analytics shows on a map viewthe dynamic of traffic flow in the city ofAmsterdam. Cameras in the city monitorthe traffic , where it comes from, where itis going. The routes most active drivers inthe city (probably busses and taxis) can beviewed, giving insight in the mobility ofAmsterdam.
  23. 23. Open SpendingCurrently data on 25 countries throughoutthe worldwww.openspending.orgOpen Spending is about Mapping theMoney. The aim is to track every (public)government and corporate financialtransaction across the world and present itin useful and engaging forms for everyone.Were exploring, structuring and mappingout different kinds of public finance fromall around the world - state budgets,spending reports, grants and subsidy data.The goal is to create an interactive platformsimilar to OpenStreetMap: its your localgovernment spend.
  24. 24. OCO ScholenzoekerCity: OCO-scholenzoeker is a useful app foranybody trying to find a school inAmsterdam. It gives the user different searchcriteria, like type of school, level, educationalprinciples, distance, size of school etc. Usinga map interface the information is displayedin a clear manner. Also parents (and children)can give their evaluations about the schoolusing a rating system.
  25. 25. SolaAvailable for the energy from your own roof is a hottopic. Durable energy for the future isimportant. But not cheap. Does it pay off toput solar panels on your roof? Which roof isthe best? How much energy would theyproduce? Are any subsidies available? Solashows the consumer how much he can save inenergy costs by installing solar cells. Simplyplace your phone on your roof and Solacalculates the incline, angle and sun hoursand possible subsidies you can receive.
  26. 26. BikesharemapAvailable for over 30 cities worldwidewww.bikes.oobrien.comShowing the current state of bike sharesystems in over 30 cities around the world -from London to Barcelona, from Bordeaux toVienna from and Washington DC toMelbourne. This application will make thedifference between arriving late and stressedor calm and composed after cycling into workby the river.
  27. 27. LinkBarcodeCity: is an Android application thatallows you to check by scanning a barcode if aproduct contains ingredients you do not wantto eat. If you are allergic, vegetarian,environmentalist or just a concerned citizen,LinkBarcode will check whether a productcontains ingredients that do not suit you, andif a scanned product isnt in the database theuser will be able to add it on the fly directlyfrom his phone.
  28. 28. Nomen est OmenAvailable in Finlandwww.nomenestomen.infoNomen est Omen allows the user to analysethe commonness, origin and social status ofFinnish surnames. This application utilizes awide range of public data sources, and using itis easy.
  29. 29. E11Available in Germanywww.e11map.deDifferent sources of energy throughoutGermany are shown in the E11 map. With thediscussion on nuclear energy being anongoing issue, this map shows citizens wheretheir power comes from and gives them theknowledge to make an informed decision.
  30. 30. Live LondonUndergroundCity: app plots the current positions of allLondon Underground trains on a map, andupdates the map in real time. It provides astunning visualisation of the sheer amountgoing on in the Underground network, theconstant movement, and a great overview ofone of the most famous transport networks inthe world. It also provides great interestwhen compared to Harry Becks iconic TubeMap, by showing the networks geographicnature.
  31. 31. BuurtkaartAvailable in the Netherlandwww.buurtkaart.nlBuurkaart combines geografic, democrafic,political and economic data, showingcitizens how their neighborhood comparesto others and which municipalities are muchlike your own.
  32. 32. Berliner WahlkarteCity: in september 2011 there were electionsfor city council, the details voting habbitswere made public in the Berlin Wahlkarte thesame night of the elections. Being able to linkthe data to unemployment en immigrationdata the map gave great insight in the votingin different areas.
  33. 33. Visualizing information
  34. 34. In The AirCity: Madridwww.intheair.esThe project proposes a platform forindividual and collective awareness anddecision making, where the interpretation ofresults can be used for real time navigationthrough the city, opportunistic selection oflocations according to their air conditions anda base for political action. In the Air is avisualization project which aims to makevisible the microscopic and invisible agents ofMadrid´s air (gases, particles, pollen,diseases, etc), to see how they perform, reactand interact with the rest of the city.
  35. 35. Where does mymoney goAvailable in the UKwww.wheredoesmymoneygo.ukWhere Does My Money Go? is an independentnon-partisan project run by the OpenKnowledge Foundation. The website tries tomake government finances much easier toexplore and understand - so you can see whereevery pound of your taxes gets spent. Abeautiful and intuitive interface shows thecitizens exactly what they are getting for theirpounds.
  36. 36. Cursa De La MerceCity: data in the ""cursa de la Mercè""2009 on the map of Barcelona. Themunicipality of Barcelona gives access to anyperson to the data of all participants. Thevisualization shows the path of allparticipants (approximately 8500) withaccelerated time, doing rollover on any ofthem shows their name, gender, finalposition in the race, and travel time. Uponreaching the goal (marked as A) it shows upthe Gaussian distribution (typical) based onthe number of arrivals per minute.
  37. 37. Game Of LifeAvailable worldwidewww.appsfordevelopment.elimak.comThe developers wanted to see if it waspossible to translate the information fromthe World Bank datasets into a playablegame to create awareness of differentcountries while also keeping it accessible forchildren, encouraging them to play and learnat the same time. The game generates avirtual random life based on all World Bankdata and challenges the user to make itthrough.
  38. 38. Applications that engage citizens
  39. 39. Open Elm ProjectAvailable in the Open Elm Project is an Isle of Man basedpublic crowdsourcing project to enable thepublic to contribute valuable data on thelocation an health of the Islands elm trees.Between 1968 and 1988 England lost 75% ofits elms, and even though Dutch Elm Diseasehas reached the Isle of Man, effective controlhas meant that we have lost less than 1% ofour elms. However, we need your help toensure it stays under control.
  40. 40. Adopt a HydrantCity: Boston, USAwww.adoptahydrant.orgDuring the winter, storms often hide firehydrants under piles of snow making themimpossible to find quickly. Once they arefound, fire fighters must spend preciousminutes shoveling out hydrants before theycan starting putting out the fire. The Adopta Hydrant application was designed tocoordinate the effort of citizens to help, toensure that every hydrant in the city has a“parent” to care for it.
  41. 41. Fix My StreetAvailable in the Netherlandwww.fixmystreet.comFixMyStreet is a site to help people report,view, or discuss local problems they’vefound to their local council by simplylocating them on a map. It launched in earlyFebruary 2007. After entering a postcode orlocation, you are presented with a map ofthat area. You can view problems alreadyreported in that area, or report ones of yourown simply by clicking on the map at thelocation of the problem
  42. 42. MuralappAvailable worldwidewww.muralap.mobiPublic art can define the spirit of a city. Itconnects people with a sense of history andplace. A mobile app can give people accessto information that helps them betterunderstand the world around them.MuralApp helps you to not only find art, butto get to know it. Who was the artist? Whatwas their thinking behind the piece? Wasthere a different mural beneath the one yousee today and what did it look like? Themural app is a way for city dwellers andvisitors to explore the art in their towns –and discover the history of the art aroundthem.
  43. 43. Applications thatempower citizens
  44. 44. Citizen ConnectCity: Connect is the City of Bostonsaward-winning effort to empower Bostonresidents to be the Citys "eyes and ears"throughout our neighborhoods. Through thisprogram, you can now use your mobile phonein five different ways to alert the City ofBoston to neighborhood issues such aspotholes and graffiti.
  45. 45. BuitenBeterCity: Eindhoven, Tilburg, Haarlem, Zeewolde,Huizen, Schiedamwww.buitenbeter.nlThere are many problems in streets andneighborhoods that can be spotted bycitizens. Like a broken streetlight, a dirty busstop, or garbage that has been dumped.BuitenBeter gives them the opportunity toreport the problem using their smartphone.And helps the city to create a clean, safe andhealthy living environment.
  46. 46. MapyHazarduAvailable in Czech Republicwww.mapyhazardu.czMapyHazardu is a crowdsourcing platformshowing open data on the location of publicbuildings and asking citizens to map thelocation of gambling slot machines. Withinthe Czech Republic these slot machines arenot allowed within 100 meters from publicbuildings. The application uses the helpfulinformation of citizens to help law officials toenforce the law.
  47. 47. BomenkapCity: Amsterdamwww.bomenkap.nlThe simple principle of the site is to showinformation on trees in the city that are inthe permit process of being cut. Manypeople care a great deal about keeping theircity green. It gives them the opportunity tosee what is happening in their neighborhood.
  48. 48. Illegal Dump SiteAvailable in Sloveniawww.register.ocistimo.siApplication recording of illegal dump sitelocations, managing the logistics for theirfield data collection and cleanup. By exposingthe locations of illegal dump sites, people canforce responsible institutions to clean thedata Government - it can use these data tomanage the process of illegal dump sitescleanups, to educate the public and topenalize the violations of the law.
  49. 49. Makkie KlauweCity: demo app confronts citizens with thesafety of their own property. The apps showsthieves where in the city they can best stealspecific items. Combining data on incomenumbers and charges being pressed per area
  50. 50. Applications that make government more transparant
  51. 51. Politiek InzichtAvailable in the Netherlandwww.ZNasichDani.skThe app Political Insight shows what thepoliticians of the dutch parliament are sayingby showing word clouds of the most importantwords said (per period) per politician.Politicians talk a lot. It is often hard to keeptrack of opinions and discussions in theparliament. Our visualization makes it crystalclear what the politicians most importanttopics are. Also, it gives a good representationof how the seats of the current politicians aredistributed in the parliament (who sits where).
  52. 52. Real Time CongressAvailable for the USAwww.realtimecongress.orgReal Time Congress puts the U.S. legislativeprocess at your fingertips. Have key updates,schedules, and key policy documentsdelivered to your iPhone the moment theyare released by Congress and the WhiteHouse.
  53. 53. PolitwoopsAvailable in the Netherlandswww.politwoops.nlPolitwoops saves deleted twitter messages frompoliticians. This tools follows about 2200politicians in the Netherlands and not onlypromotes transparency, but also shows that thememory of internet is extremely strong. Evenafter you remove something, it often can still befound. Politwoops has received much interestfrom the international community which hasresulted in similar initiatives being startedthroughout the world.
  54. 54. ZNasichDaniAvailable in Slovakiawww.ZNasichDani.skZNasichDani uncovers who are influentialpersons (owners, managers, statutories)standing behind companies successful insecuring contracts with the state, thus helpinguncover conflicts of interest; it also showshow large are the sums of contracts obtainedin this way.
  55. 55. Agent 34Available in the Netherlandswww.agent34.nlAgent 34 gives citizens a tool to find out ifthey have been part of any secretinvestigations by the Dutch Secret Service.The site is currently a demo, but promises toprovide this information in a safe way,according to the the article 34 of the law onnotification, so citizens can see if they havebeen bugged or otherwise investigated.
  56. 56. Open Cities Challenge• Pan European Open Data Challenge•• Datasets from 7 European cities• 30th of June submission deadline
  57. 57. Parallel track A2• 15.00 - 15.30• In depth about Apps for Amsterdam Lessons learned and plans for 2012
  58. 58. Thank You