Getting started with LinkedIn plugins


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A presentation on Getting Started with LinkedIn Plugins - inspired by the excellent presentation "Getting Started with the LinkedIn API" by Taylor Singletary. Available at

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Getting started with LinkedIn plugins

  1. 1. Getting Started with theLinkedIn PluginsIvo Brett Ivo BrettTechnical Solutions Consultant Technical Solutions for information on “Getting Started with LinkedIn APIs” see
  2. 2. What are PluginsA plugin is a stand-alone application that can be embedded on a page(e.g. a webpage, blog, etc).LinkedIn provides are a set of plugins that allow companies to leverageLinkedIn on their external websites.For example, you can embed a LinkedIn share button on yourcompany’s blog to allow readers of the blog to share blog posts to theirLinkedIn professional network.
  3. 3. Where do I begin? Start by navigating to : This is our page within our developer site specifically for Plugins From here you can read a bit about each plugin and navigate to a simple to use code generation page.
  4. 4. Example Plugin Generator– Follow Company (Step 1) Start by entering your Company’s Name. Or select a company from a drop down of suggested companies as you type.
  5. 5. Example Plugin Generator– Follow Company (Step 2) Next: Customise your plugin For this Plugin you can select how you want the “follower count” to be shown. “Follower Count” is the number of followers your company has on LinkedIn
  6. 6. Example Plugin Generator– Follow Company (Step 3) Next, press the button saying “Get Code” A tailored segment of Javascript code has been generated for you Copy and paste the code to your webpage source code
  7. 7. Example – Follow Company (You’re Done) Now, the Follow Company Plugin is embedded and prospective clients/candidates can now start following your company by clicking the “follow button” Followers can start receiving targeted status updates from the company
  8. 8. What other plugins are available? Get more information on: