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Website Search

  1. 1. 800-553-5689Visit:
  2. 2. ▶ Website traffic is valuable, lots of money is spent to drive it to company websites.▶ Average site visit on the internet is ~30 sec.▶ Sites are getting bigger, with thousands and even millions of pages.▶ On-site search engines make finding info fast and intuitive.
  3. 3. There are many benefits to having a qualitysearch engine on your website. Among themost important are: Increase conversions and sales Improve user experience Improve websites navigability
  4. 4.  Make all your web properties searchable (homepage, product sites, blog, wiki, etc.) Search various websites simultaneously. Deliver relevant results without duplication. Widgets provide opportunity for users to discover related content. Website Search integrates seamlessly into your web design maintaining the integrity of your image.
  5. 5.  Deliver desired content fast, keeping your users on-site for more time. Allow your users to “discover” content related to their interest with widgets. Provide a better experience for clients keeping them satisfied. Drive sales through SEO benefits and marketing tools.
  6. 6.  Websites with thousands or millions of pages of content require complex architecture. Website Search makes it simple to make it all accessible with just one click Majority of internet users view search as the fastest way to find the information they are looking for.
  7. 7. o Remotely hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS), no added complexity to your web systems.o No investment in expensive software and hardwareo No need to worry about maintenanceo Our team takes care of everything for you, allowing your IT team to focus on your core business.
  8. 8. ▶ Backend control panel puts site operators in the drivers seat.▶ Easily configure Website Search to tune results that assist in meeting business objectives (marketing, SEO, etc.)▶ Site operators receive more value from Website Search as it is prioritizes their experience as well as the experience of site users.
  9. 9.  Configure your search engine easily. To see an example of the Control Panel, follow this link:
  10. 10. ▶ Relevant results while giving the site operator the ability to control what content gets indexed and how it gets ranked.▶ Customer Service is a priority. We guarantee email response within 24 hours.▶ Website Search includes powerful widgets (top searches, recent searches, and related searches).▶ Affordable without advertising or sacrificing quality.
  11. 11. ▶ Lots of money is invested on driving traffic to websites. A great user experience keeps new visitors on your site longer. A quality search engine guarantees an improved user experience, and therefore more sales.▶ Many companies today have several web properties (homepage, wiki, blog, social media, etc.) with valuable information on each one of them. The task of including all this information in one search index is complex and often produces poor results that include duplicate and irrelevant content.▶ Users are quickly frustrated by searches that return no results, duplicate results, or irrelevant results. Website search provides enhanced features like “top searches”, “related searches”, and “recent searches” to help users discover the content they are looking for.
  12. 12.  Hire a programmer and buy hardware to server a quality search engine internally. ◦ Pros: Total control of search engine. ◦ Cons: Very expensive, time consuming, distraction Use plugin that comes with your CMS system. ◦ Pros: Easy to set up ◦ Cons: Doesn’t deliver good results, limited functionality, poor support. Use a SaaS service where the software is hosted on remote servers. ◦ Pros: Fast, Secure, Affordable, Simple to set up, use, and maintain. ◦ Cons: none
  13. 13.  Consulting firm with years of experience building and maintaining search engines.  Important contributions to open source projects such as MySQL and Sphinx.  Experts in search technology.  See bios of our team!
  14. 14.  No need to install any additional software or expensive hardware. Works with any CMS/Web platform (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Heroku, etc). Maintenance and optimization are included. Expert advice and recommendations for best results possible.
  15. 15.  All set-up and integration is done by expert programmers. 100% integration: visitors will not leave your site while searching Fits perfectly into your design preserving the “look and feel”, 100% customizable
  16. 16. For more information please visit our webpage: OR Send an email: