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  6. 6. Wine & Beer Women''s Issues Workplace Communication Writing News on India lifts 148-year ban on gay relationships An Indian court has overturned a 148- year-old colonial law banning homosexual relationships, saying it was an affront to human dignity.1 Vote(s) League of Ireland previews Neil Ahern previews this weekend's League of Ireland matches.1 Vote(s) Castlereagh case dropped The case against a former chef sought in connection with a break-in at a top security base in Northern Ireland dramatically collapsed today after pro1 Vote(s) Halford joins McCarthy's Wolves revolution Wolves today completed the signing Greg Halford from Sunderland for an undisclosed fee. The utility player has signed a three-year deal - with an opt1 Vote(s) Dublin freesheets 'Herald AM' and 'Metro' agree to merge DUBLIN freesheets 'Herald AM' and 'Metro Ireland' have agreed to pool their resources into a single morning title, 'Metro Herald'. 1 Vote(s) Hanley killer to be sentenced next week A man who brutally robbed and killed an 83-year-old man in Co Westmeath last year will be sentenced next week.1 Vote(s) Suspended sentence for untrained bouncer A Kildare bouncer with one day's training threw a customer out of a nightclub and left him lying in a pool of blood, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court ha1 Vote(s) Halford seals Wolves deal Wolves today completed the signing of Sunderland utility man Greg Halford for an undisclosed fee.1 Vote(s) Gardai arrest 80 as crackdown smashes two drugs networks TWO major drugs distribution networks have been smashed by a five-month garda operation, which netted 80 suspected street dealers of heroin and cocai1 Vote(s) Criminal Justice Bill 'vulnerable' The Criminal Justice (Amendment) Bill is vulnerable to constitutional challenge, according to a leading criminal lawyer.1 Vote(s) Twitter Please wait while my tweets load, Retry
  7. 7. Tweets from: @ezinearticles 2 min quick video on How to Write the Perfect Press Release: Enter a 2 keyword phrase from your niche into this tool: & write new articles from it! #HAHD Article Writing Traffic Celebration Teleseminar MP3 REPLAY: with your hosts @ChrisKnight & @JeffHerring Fluff is for marshmallows, not articles. Deliver pointed value in each article and your sweets will come in the form of traffic. Grammar tip: "than" is for comparing - "Content draws more readers than keywords." "Then" is for time - "Write articles, then submit! " Don't stop writing but rather make it part of your routine. You'll be on top of your competition and you'll know what your audience demands. Taking a break from article writing is like summer vacation for students. You forget where you left off and don't know where to begin. 3 Ways To Make Your Article Writing New Again: Ask yourself "What point do I deliver in this article?" If you have 1, you have an article, more than 1? You have multiple articles. Our editors and member support team are out on Friday, July 3 for holiday weekend. We will resume normal business hours on Monday July 6th. Copyright © 2008 Best Article Directory Powered by WordPress · Using Article Directory plugin · Theme by Dimox Other Websites by Mediawrite: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |