iPhone Video Marketing-The Missing Manual


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If you are in business then Video Marketing can be powerful way to win more leads and sales. Rather than spend a lot of money on video equipment why not use the video camera in your pocket - your iPhone.
In this ebook you’ll discover why your iPhone Video Camera is the best camera you own, discover some of the best iPhone Video apps on the Appstore and find out how to change your iPhone into a Video Marketing machine.
Your iPhone (or iPad) sports a high quality HD camera, your i-device is connected to the web and you can leverage it to shoot, edit and distribute marketing videos fast.
To unlock the power of your iPhone Video Camera please download this ebook written by former TV Director turned Video Marketer, Jules Watkins.

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iPhone Video Marketing-The Missing Manual

  1. 1. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  2. 2. BackstoryHi, before I get started I first need to tell you how we came tomeet and why we find ourselves here talking about the iPhonefor video.My name is Jules. I live in London, UK with 2 iPhones, an iPad,an i-wife and 2 i-kids! I wasn’t born with an iPhone stuck to myface, even though it does make a good picture :) I actually started out as a Photographer, firstly assisting an Advertising Photographer in his studio in London. I then got itchy feet and moved into News (that’s News not Nude!) Photography, and even ended up in the Balkans covering the break up of former Yugoslavia for the International Press - which was hair raising to say the least!When I started out in Photography I had to carry a colorchemical processing kit with me everywhere and develop filmsin hotel bathrooms that I would blackout with fabric!How times have changed. When photography went digital andthe internet exploded, my life got easier and I got fascinated bythe power of the Web for content distribution. I also got tired ofchasing people with my camera who didn’t always want to bephotographed!I became convinced my future was in online content. I took timeout to do an MA in Interactive Media at University and this bychance landed me a job inside a TV Production company who © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  3. 3. also delivered Web based projects to go alongside broadcastTV shows for the major UK Channels.But .. I got itchy feet again! Seeing other people in the officehaving such fun making TV made me really want to make TVtoo. I wanted to learn to produce and direct the moving imageand see my work broadcast to millions. It was a young, highlycompetitive industry and for me to have any chance of a sneakyside move into TV it was now or never.Cut a long story short and 10 years of hard, but fun, work gotme up the ladder to become a Shooting TV Producer/Director. What does that mean? In short, total multi-skilling. Aswell as managing the contestants, Presenter and experts(known as ‘the talent’), organising complicated shoots, scriptingvoiceover, directing crews, sitting in a suite with a pro-editor forweeks - I also had to shoot part or all of TV shows myself on bigcameras! That’s where my photo skills came in handy.That’s me behind the camera, Directing & Shooting for BBC1 - back breaking! © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  4. 4. I Directed some big hit shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’ MTV’s‘Pimp My Ride’, the insanely popular BBC reality show ‘Don’tTell The Bride’ and the Primetime Cop show ‘Drunk andDangerous’ Were you ever on it?Now this might sound glamorous but it was a very poor job interms of leveraging my time. I was working 70 hour weeks,running from one contract to another, each lasting 10 weeks orso on average, always trying to secure the next contract duringmy downtime meant I could never really relax.Also another negative was I hardly saw my first child Natashagrow up, I was always running off to far ends of the country tocover some reality TV crisis that always seemed to flare up atweekends. It was hard to plan family time.I remember wasting hours of a holiday stuck on top of a hill inCrete (where I had found mobile reception) waiting to hear froman unreliable Production Manager if I had got a new contract.The call, though promised, never came!Around that time I fell in love with .. online video. For the second time I felt my future was online! With the epic rise of YouTube I could see people creating their own video content, content that they actually owned, unlike any of the TV shows or formats I had Produced overthe years. Being a gun for hire meant I had zero long termbusiness assets. I was just hiring out my time for money, thenback to square one. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  5. 5. I witnessed people were building valuable online assets andusing video to drive people to visit their own sites and sell theirservices 24/7 on the web.This blew my mind. I started downloading every useful free e-book I could find. Signing up to people lists and devouring theirback catalogue of audio and video content on, you guessed it,my iPhone! In fact, ironically I gave up watching TV so I couldmake the time to do this. Giving up over-consumption of TV andNewspapers is something Tim Ferris recommends in hisinfluential book ‘The 4 hour work week’ if you want to find thetime to create your own online empire.The people who inspired me the most online included: YaroStarak, Gideon Shalwick, David Risley, Pat Flynn, JamesWedmore,Tim Conley, Andy Jenkins, Eben Pagan, JamesSchramko, David Siteman Garland and Andrew Warner. Isuggest you Google them if ever you get the time!It’s amazing to me that less than 2 years later I have created myown hit online product called iPhone Video Hero and I nowknow several of these entrepreneurs personally and have eitherswapped emails or chatted on Skype with them!Yours truly on The Rise To The Top Podcast with David Siteman Garland! © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  6. 6. Looking back I now realise that working in TV has given me agreat positioning in the world of Video Marketing.TV is in essence powerful Video based marketing, from thetitle and description of the show which is the Web equivalent ofthe copy, the techniques I would use to grip people at the topof the show to stick with the episode, how I ensured theaudience was compelled to stick watching the Channel duringthe ad breaks, so the monetisation could occur, and then the call to action at the end to keep them coming back week after week. It was fascinating how a TV show could make the cast, often ordinary folks, famous offline and online by building their personal brand and creating a feeling that you actually knew them, just like online video can for you.Even though I had a lot to bring to the table, I also knew I had tolearn Internet Marketing to make a splash online. I invested intraining courses and mentoring so I could add a new skillset tomy existing ones.Moving on, I experimented with affiliate blogging, YouTubemarketing and product creation. I also love producing videos forentrepreneurs and businesses that I choose to work with.So now you know how I got here .. Let’s talk iPhone! © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  7. 7. Well in just a sec ... you see inthe beginning was .. the FlipCamera.I used to love the Flip I evenblogged about the Flipexclusively for a while when Iwas experimenting with AffiliateMarketing.I once sold $23,000 of Flip gearin a year as an Amazon affiliate!This low cost, easy to usecamera was groundbreaking butflawed. The lack of an audioinput jack was a huge weakness. Sure there were ways aroundit by recording the audio separately and synching it up later inthe edit but that was a pain in the rear.Bad audio will have people clicking away from your Videosfaster than Usain Bolt late for a date! More about audiolater.Then one day Cisco, the tech company who had bought the Flipbrand decided to make the Flip extinct and pull put of themarket. In my view buying a Flip now is a very poor investmenteven if you can find one.Then along came the Kodak Zi8 (later upgraded to thePlaytouch.) These were and still are massively popular amongstbusiness owners and marketers. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  8. 8. The fact the Zi8 has an audio input socket is a huge plus, but Ifind the auto only functions limiting. For example filmingyourself against a white or black background fools the cameraand it compensates by increasing the exposure or reducing it and you become over bright or over dark. Also, except for the ultra close- up feature (using the macro switch) the Kodak, like the Flip, won’t give you a sharp image in the 0.0m to 0.8m range due to the limitations of the lens. Around 0.6 to 0.8 m is a sweet spot when filming yourself or shooting interviews so in some videos you will notice the subject is not in focus but the background is pin sharp!Another disadvantage with the Kodak is you can’t monitor theaudio as you film, so you are shooting blind, so to speak. If theaudio is terrible or if your mic has run out of batteries you canbe recording zero sound, but have no way of telling until youstop and play it back.I’ve heard horror stories about crucial presentations beingfilmed only for the marketer to get home and discover the audiois mute. Ouch! © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  9. 9. To make matters worse Kodak announced last year they were in financial troubles and were not going to make any more Pocket cameras at all. So this leads me nicely onto ..The iPhoneIt’s the video camera you already own! Think about that, youjust saved around $150. Of course you can use those savingsto add some optional accessories to enhance your videos whichI definitely recommend.The fact is, if you own an iPhone, you have a camera far morepowerful than the Kodak or Flip and I would argue a betteroverall Video Marketing tool than many far more expensive pro-cameras.Note: When I say the ‘iPhone’ it’s for my writingconvenience. Interchange this word for the new iPod aswell as the iPad 2/3/4 and the iPad Mini as they can prettymuch all do exactly the same thing.If you are not convinced that you can actually shoot great video on an iPhone then go watch this video. I realise it’s probably not the type of video you want to make for your business, but it’s mighty impressive to see what you can produce with an iPhone when used correctly. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  10. 10. Now you’ve watched that video, let’s talk tech!Here’s a quick overview of the i-models in case you are thinkingof buying a new i-device or upgrading what you already own.iPhone 4 (+ iPad 2)720p rear facing camera(will give you great results ifyou use it well)VGA front facing (avoid thisas quality is average)MIC input (yes with adaptor)iPhone 4s1080p rear facing (sharp footage at full HD)VGA front facing (avoid)MIC input (yes with adaptor) iPhone 5 (+ New iPod Touch, New iPad 3/4 + iPad Mini) 1080p rear facing camera 720p front facing camera (very usable if you need to see yourself as you film, like for walk and talk style vlogging) The iPod Touch makes a great camera option as there are no mobile subscription charges. MIC input (yes with adaptor) © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  11. 11. In my household I currently have an iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and theNew iPad. All can do a great job with video. If you arewondering about upgrading to the iPhone 5 I would say youdon’t get a whole heap of extra features or quality if upgradingfrom the 4s, but if you are going from a 4 you’ll see a nice jumpin video quality.A word about memory!You should get the biggest capacity you can afford as HD videois memory heavy. But if you are shooting short clips and haveaccess to your Mac, PC or the Cloud to backup to and thendelete footage it’s less of an issueYou can increase your memory by deleting Apps you rarely use,as well as music, videos and photos. Make sure you havebacked up and have copies of course.As a rough guide, with the 16gb iPhone 4s and 5, if I keep 10gbof space free I can shoot around 80 mins of 1080p HD videowhich suits me fine.So now we know the tech specs I want to talk more about whatI call the ..iPhone Video Advantage.You carry your iPhone with you all the time, you’d be lostwithout it am I right? As the saying goes “the best camera inthe world is the one you have with you!”.The fact that you have an amazing Video tool in your pocket isperfect for Guerilla style Video Marketing. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  12. 12. The fact is I never used to carry my Flip everywhere, nor do Ilike carting a camcorder around which requires it’s own bag or aDSLR rig (a chunky Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera thatshoots great video).As an entrepreneur you have other priorities, you need yourhands free to take notes, browse your iPad, shake hands andnot get weighed down with video gear! You are not a video probut you need to be a lean mean digital marketing machine!3 Examples of guerilla style i-Video MarketingExample 1: You have a chance encounter with a customer at ameet-up or event. You strike up a conversation and you soondiscover they are full of enthusiasm for your products andservices. Grab the chance and capture an authentic videotestimonial there and then. It’s much easier than contactingclients via email and waiting for them to send you one.Video testimonials can often be more powerful than just a .jpegand a quote. There’s a higher level of trust when you can seesomeone like yourself recommending a product. It feels real.You’ll want to think about the backdrop and audio to make thevideo look polished. Stop, think before you shoot! You mightneed to coax your client to a better location in the building withless background noise.Example 2: You are attending a conference at a hotel, thereare some VIP speakers who are influencers in your niche. Yousee one in the foyer. Grab the chance, ask for a quick interview.Tip: Come up with a focussed angle as a way to grab theirinterest. Ask them something challenging and morespecific. For example, rather than “What are your best tipsfor Facebook Fan Page marketing?” ask “If you started a © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  13. 13. Fanpage from scratch tomorrow what would you do togrow it FAST?”Once recorded, don’t just sit on the clip, get it out fast! You cantrim it inside your iPhone and add text and your logo usingiMovie and upload it direct from the app to Youtube, thenembed it in your blog, add the link to facebook and tweet aboutit.Unlike the vast majority of cameras your iPhone is aconnected device so use that feature well.Tip: With newsy subjects, being first online with yourvideos can earn your video extra traction and get it morelove on social media.Note this down: You need to market your videos not justshoot them! So make sure your VIP interviewee knows assoon as it’s been published. The best outcome is if they use iton their own blog, or add it to their Fan page or Tweet it. Youwill tap into a whole new, and possibly bigger audience thanyour own.Example 3: You are on the way home from an event and youspot something that just stands out. Let’s say a lorry has gotstuck under a bridge or you stumble upon a business with aridiculous name on the sign. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  14. 14. There’s one near me called the ‘Impact Driving School’ :)Well, get your iPhone out turn the camera on yourself and makea little commentary about what you have seen, show yourviewer what has caught your eye and make them feel they areright there in the moment with you. I call this a ‘Slice of Life’video it’s just like a short clip of Reality TV!These type of videos work great on Social Media, especiallyfacebook where they will catch the eye and engage peoplemore than one of those dreadful sunset pictures with affirmationquotes that appear on my newsfeed. Do you get those too?Tip: You need your videos to make people compelled tolike and comment. The more interaction, the more usefulFacebook perceives your content and you will grow youedge rank. Meaning your friends and their friends are morelikely to see your content on their newsfeeds.It’s best If you can tie what you are seeing with a theme relatedto your business. It becomes less of a random “Wow, look atthis!” but has more of a point to it. It has a business backbone. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  15. 15. For example:Lorry stuck under a bridge - Talk about the biggest mistakeyou made in your business and how you overcame it.Business with an odd name - Talk about branding and namechoice. Can a bad name actually be more memorable?You get the drift, the thing you spot acts as a metaphor.Moving on let’s look at 3 more reasons why the iPhone givesyou an advantage: the controls, the Apps & the accessories.The ControlsFirstly, do you really know how to control your iPhone? Let me fix that right now. Make sure you are in Airplane Mode or your camera will stop filming abruptly in the middle of an important shoot when you receive an incoming call! Next go into Settings .. General .. Auto-lock and set to Never. This stops the phone locking up each time you leave it alone as you film, meaning you have to start up the camera app each time. On an iPhone 4/4s or iPad 2/3/4 tap the screen to give you a full 16:9 widescreen view. That way you will be seeing exactly what you are capturingto memory. Otherwise you may include something ugly in yourshot that you aren’t seeing on your display. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  16. 16. Know this. If you press and squeeze the screen for a secondyou will see a double flash of the blue grid (see below) Thismeans both your focus and exposure are now locked.You will see the text ‘AE/AF Lock’ appear at the base of thescreen. This is very handy as it stops the auto focus wanderingand also you can expose for the most important area of yourshot. As mentioned earlier, the old style flip cams are autoeverything, so if you were in front of a dark or bright background(eg. for the white background or black background studio look)your skin tone would turn out too dark or too over-exposed(bright).The iPhone is more like a pro camera in its’ controls and youcan also download extra Apps to give additional pro-stylefeatures. So let’s talk now about ...The AppsYou see what’s great about i-Devices is, as I write this manual,there are loads of very clever App developers working flat out tocreate amazing apps to help you shoot and edit better video. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  17. 17. The apps can, and will only get better!There are too many to mention here but let me give you aheadstart. Blux Movie (for iPhone/iPod) With this low cost App you can adjust white balance, lock exposure and focus separately, check you are recording audio by viewing audio meters + apply Hollywood style filter live to your clips.Social Cam can help you reach new audiences.Brands are jumping on board and it has attracted15 million users in 5 months, since launch. It’s anApp based social network. You can shoot easyclips, trim, add text, music and intros then titleand share.People on the network will follow and like your videos. You canalso send to facebook and YouTube for instant sharing. Theexpectation is for quick behind the scenes type videos so youdon’t have to worry about producing fully edited films. Justmake sure it’s something worth watching though.I have seen it used by fashion journalists working for majorpublications who shoot short clips backstage at fashion showsand build up large followings for the publication. PhotoSync is an excellent App that lets you move your filmed footage across your devices. So you can send from your iPhone to your main computer (Mac or PC) for editing or from and to your iPad and vice versa! You just need to have a Wi-Fi connection. Useful if you have your iPhone set up perfectly for filming yourself and © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  18. 18. run short of memory. Taking it off the tripod to plug into your PCwill inevitably nudge the camera position you’ve carefully setup. Using this App means you can leave it untouched andtransmit your footage wirelessly. Luma Video Camera will make your videos much less shaky. I always recommend using a tripod whenever possible, however, sometimes handholding is the most practical option. For example if you are a Realtor and need to film a walkthrough property tour or you have to shoot at an event and get in amongst the action. Usinga tripod is too unwieldy in these situations so this App can help.AccessoriesSo now time to get really geeky!What is awesome about i-devices is there are lots of coolaccessories available. Due to the size of the market and thepassionate, creative minded buyers of iPhones, manufacturersare understandably keen to create and sell you videoaccessories.Pretty much every week there is a new gadget released. But bewarned not all of them are any good!I spend quite a bit of time and money testing them out & savingothers disappointment! © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  19. 19. Audio gizmo Let’s start with the least sexy accessory! This adaptor from KVConnection.com is the secret sauce that hardly anyone knows about. (Thank me later!) It’s probably the handiest thing you can get for your i-device. It plugs into the headphone socket, which also doubles as your microphone socket!This allows you to use an external mic with your iPhone. Youcannot plug pro-style mics into your Phone without this. You canalso buy a version that splits the lead in two so you can plug inyour headphones and monitor the audio in real time as youshoot. Say goodbye to audio screw ups!I had my adaptor mailed from the US, I haven’t yet found areliable supplier in the UK/Europe. If you find one let me know!Good audio is even more important than picture when it comesto video. Your viewer will not tolerate poor audio and will clickaway. You’ll lose them and that is bad for your ‘watch time’.YouTube recently adjusted their algorithm, now they are puttingextra weight on how long people watch your videos for notjust how many comments and subscribers you have. So toleapfrog up the rankings, make videos that people will watchthrough to the end. Don’t put them off with weak sound. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  20. 20. Tip: you can improve your audio with your feet! move to abetter spot. Listen before you shoot. If you can’t avoid allthe bad sound then show a few shots before or during thefilming as B-Roll (secondary footage) so the viewer can seewhere the sound is originating from. It makes it easier forthem to deal with.Watch this video to see what happens when audio goes bad!MicrophonesThere are many options to choose from depending on whattype of videos you areshooting.But if you are lookingfor a low cost basiclapel mic to recordyourself or interviewsthen the Audio-Technica ATR 3550 isvery popular with VideoMarketers.The mic takes a small hearing aid style battery and plugs directinto the KV adaptor. The cable provided is long which is handy,but also awkward and gets tangled easily. I wrap mine round asmall empty water bottle to keep it neat!Get SteadyAs already mentioned, always use a tripod whenever possible.Making your viewers seasick when they watch your videos © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  21. 21. won’t help sell your message. Unless you make seasicknesstablets.One small disadvantage of the iPhone is it has no tripod socket.But there are plenty of devices on the market to fix that.One is the lowcost Glif whichattaches to yourPhone and has astandard tripodthread. If you areshooting on aniPad have a lookat the MakayamaMoviemount. The famous Manfrotto photo company recently released the Klyp for iPhone 4/4s which doubles as a case. You can use it permanently to protect your iPhone from a fall as well as add clips to connect it to a tripod plus attach an LED light for shooting under tricky lighting conditions. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  22. 22. Tip: the in-built light on your iPhone sucks for video. Youget weird reflections from your subjects eyes (retinas). Usea top mounted light to fill shadows if you shoot a lot atmeetups and indoor events where lighting conditions canbe very low and contrasty.Let there be .. lightLight is food and drink to small sensor video cameras.Meaning if you fail to understand light you will not be able tosqueeze pro-quality footage out of your i-device.Soft daylight is the best option if you have no lights, use asimple $15 reflector to bounce light back and remove shadowson the left or right of your face. If you hate the region under yourneck, use a reflector to bounce light from below and fill outthose unflattering shadows :)In fact you can make one yourself with a large piece of artboard and some crinkled baking foil.Sooner or later you might want to invest in a lighting kit. Priceshave tumbled in recent years, 5 years ago I would have spent $2,000+ for a set of lights. Nowadays for around $220 you can pick up a low cost softbox kit on Amazon. There are lots of options to choose from but equipped with just an iPhone, a low cost tripod, a plain backdrop and a simple lighting kit you can achieve results like the images below. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  23. 23. This one is a still shot extracted from a video I filmed of myselfin my small office studio.I call this the Apple White look because it looks just like thoseApple designer interviews featured prominently on the Applewebsite.I love the clean look and the fact that text looks great if youbring it in and out to emphasize what you are saying.Tip: Using short lines of text to re-enforce what you aresaying or to break up your videos into sub-sections is veryeffective. In TV they call it ‘Signposting’. Hearing andseeing you speak backed up with a word or two of text getsyour point across in multiple ways. Also breaking up thesections with 2 - 3 secs of full screen text gives yourviewer a moment of reflection before you move on to yournext point. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  24. 24. You can also go for a black background look with just a coupleof lights. One of my course members, Wilson from Columbia,shoots his videos in the front living room of his apartment.I helped him tweak his lighting plan until he achieved the lookon the right.Impressive right?Cut! .. let’s move on. I really can’t talk about video withoutdiscussing ...EditingEditing is the one thing that bothers people the most when itcomes to their Video Marketing workflow.Here’s what I recommend.You can plan not to edit some of your videos. Shoot short butuseful clips, trim them inside you device using easy Apps likeiMovie. These work best for quick video communications andbehind the scenes type social videos.If you will be editing, have a clear picture in your mind of thefinished video before you shoot. Make sure it’s going to be easyfor you to cut together. Getting too complicated when starting © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  25. 25. off will catch you out when you get bogged down in long editingsessions.Tip: To be a good video creator you need to have the videoin your head before you make it. Visualise it before youshoot. Make the video you can already see!For simple editing solutions look first at screen capture toolswhich now offer good video editing controls like Camtasia (forPC & Mac) or Screenflow (Mac) which is my current favorite foreasy editing. Screenflow 4 has recently been released andgives you new video filters, chomakey and extra text andtransition features.If you prefer dedicated desktop video editing solutions theniMovie (free on your Mac) can take you far and has some cooltext and transition options to spice up the look and feel of yourvideos. The next step is Final Cut Pro X which looks dauntingbut is easy to master if you have used iMovie.On a PC I suggest Sony Vegas Movie Studio for beginners.30 day free trials are available for most of the editors so youcan try before you buy. All the solutions I have mentioned canhandle iPhone footage straight off the camera, no need for re-encoding before you edit.If editing daunts you and you have funds to invest in your VideoMarketing then I strongly suggest you outsource your editing.Have a good browse over at odesk.com where you can hireeditors for as little as $10/hr. If you end up doing a lot of videoyou might consider hiring a Video VA (Video Virtual Assistant)part or full-time for $200 - $600 month.They can be trained toedit, upload, distribute and market your videos online. Youshoot they do the rest. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  26. 26. Tip: there is a big advantage in finding a format that worksfor your videos then rinse and repeat it. For an example ofa highly successful format see what Internet Starlet MarieForleo does over at Marie TV.Observe how your favorite TV show is formatted. You knowwhat to expect each week and that’s comforting. Formattingguides you as to what content you need come up with, so youdon’t spend too long researching content that won’t ever makeit into your final video.Formatting makes it easy for you (or your VA) to edit yourfootage, because once you have the elements in place you justneed to slot in the new content whenever you make a newvideo.It also helps your viewer. They know what to expect and that it’sgoing to be worth their time watching it. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  27. 27. For example, if you switch on ‘The Apprentice’ you know it’sgoing to be similar to last week but the core content will befresh (the challenge and the business tip takeaways), you alsoknow the chances are it’s going to be quality TV and not a timewaster.There is always room to step out of the box from time to timebut there is great value in finding a formula that works andbeing consistent. If you get traction and see your video countrising fast you can then scale it.Tip: If you see one style of video working well for you, stickat it and make more videos of the same type! Don’t getdistracted and go off on a tangent with a new format.Here’s an example of a simple video format you can use:• You on camera for 10 seconds (Grab the viewer, explainwhat’s in the video for the viewer who wants to know ‘What’s init for me’.)• Opening title/sting (Keep it short around 5 secs)• Main content (3 main points - keep it brief)• Wrap Up (What have they learned)• Call to Action (What do you want them to do next - crucial!)• End titles, repeat the call to action.Easy right?Excuse the pun but succeeding with Video Marketing like allonline business strategies is all about ... © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  28. 28. FocusI often see people trying to build their list on their website orblog using a video, but quite bluntly their video sucks!They are up against a white wall, which has turned a dirty greycolor or against a messy bookshelf with a picture frame stuckout of their left ear.If that’s you, don’t worry you can fix it, but please do FIX IT!Bad videos can really damage your brand. Some people arehappy to ignore their bad videos but still complain why theirbusiness isn’t growing online.You might decide to start by making a squeeze video (alsoknown as an opt-in video). The beauty is you can improve yourvideo over time, get feedback, tweak, test and just swap out theembed code. Don’t be too proud to redo it.As it’s not a one time upload to YouTube, where removing itloses your viewcount, you can swap the video over as much asyou like until it’s converting well.If you are a fitness trainer and making short training videos toput on YouTube then get excellent at doing that.You won’t get it right first time but if you are willing to take acritical look at what you do and learn some i-video skills you willsee a dramatic improvement in just a short time.Focus on getting your tutorials great and don’t start trying tocreate behind the scenes reality videos until you have reachedyour goal with your tutorial workouts. © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  29. 29. One thing I must add before I end, is that the iPhone isn’tperfect for all videos ...The Videos that your iPhone IS made for!Videos where you can really control the quality, capture goodaudio, use basic lighting, stabilize it on a tripod. These can bedone on location or in a low cost home studio. Ideal for salesvideos, squeeze videos, tutorials, and vlogs.Interviews and testimonials where your subject is static and youhave control over the situation.Product and tour videos for example in real estate or filmingyour craftwork (the iPhone is excellent for close-ups!)Quick reality style videos where you want to give people aglance behind the curtain of your business so they can get toknow you better.Videos that your iPhone is NOT made for!Covering big events pro-style where you need to get stageshots and crowd shots owing to the fact that the iPhone doesnot have an efficient zoom. Camcorders with a long zoom lens,long record times and the ability to swap memory cards arebetter for this kind of shooting.Fast moving sports or action where you can’t get the camera inclose is tricky. Skate videos work well because the iPhone canbe mounted on the board or operated by a second rider.Covering a soccer match is not so easy as you can’t step ontothe pitch to get tighter shots! © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  30. 30. Think contentUltimately my advice is use your i-device to its’ strengthsThink about how many great movies were shot on very basicfilm cameras that are 1000x less powerful than the iPhone youhave in your pocket today.It’s ultimately all about how you use it. Any limitations youencounter forces you to think creatively and focus on the actualcontent. There are plenty of people with expensive pro-cameraswho talk non-stop about fancy lenses, gadgets and gizmos butthey can’t see the wood from the trees! Wait - don’t shoot! © 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  31. 31. Fine if you like that kind of thing but the start-up cost is mightyhigh. If you want to succeed quickly online with video, startsmall and be a Hero!ConclusionSo, I hope you found this ‘Missing Manual’ useful and you feelinspired and equipped to get cracking and make attentiongrabbing i-videos to Market your business.If you’d like to take your knowledge further please come andjoin me over at iPhone Video Hero.FIrst thing is to watch my video which explains exactly what’sinside my Internet Famous training product!You’ll see what I mean by the quality you can squeeze out ofyour i-device for your marketing videos.Inside iPhone Video Hero I have detailed step by step videotutorials that go way beyond what’s possible in a text basedmanual. After all we all know that video is where it’s at!Click here to watch my video. I’ll see you in just a sec! © 2012 iPhone Video Hero