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We Shivani Scientific Industries (P) Ltd. are highly focused company for manufacturing of Bio-Medical Equipments with proven track record of over 26 years. Our Company has come out with FORNAX range of innovative products for IVF Labs. The new Fornax range has been designed with State of the Art technology to give optimum performance with the ultimate aim of improving the success rate in ART.

We also manufacture Sterilizers and Autoclaves.

Shivani Scientific also provides Turnkey Project Services for set up of In vitro Fertilization Labs popularly known as Test Tube Baby Centres. Here we provide single window service which includes Site Survey, Lab Design, Equipment Selection, Hands on Training, Installation, Project Marketing and Feasibility Studies.

Our aim is to be your fully services partner and our approach is to give you precisely what you need. Our goal is to expand our market and influence by earning the trust and confidence of the customers everywhere in the world.

We have implemented ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified by AQSR USA.



Mobile Nest
Lab + Guard
Warming Blocks
Turnkey Projects
Rapid Recovery System

IVF Division:::WE SUPPLY

Embryo Freezer
System for ART
Suction Pumps for oocyte aspiration
CO2 incubator
IVF supplier
IVF warming block
IVF micromanipulator
IVF Microscope
IVF Micropipettes
Clean Air System
Embryology Academy of research Training

Autoclaves & Sterilisers:::WE MAKE

Double Wall
Laboratory Autoclaves
Semi Automatic
Portable Autoclave
Semi Automatic
Gas cum Electric
Horizontal Sterilizer
Fully Automatic
Autoclaves GMP
Compliant Series
Acculeak Detector

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ivf baby turns 30

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