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Embrology Services for IVF laboratory


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EART is an IVF training Centre / institute in the field of assisted reproductive technologies offers Short course and hands on training. Embryology Academy for Research & Training is recognized research institute for IVF Training Programme for IVF / ICSI / ART Micromanipulation , Reproductive Medicine located in Mumbai,India,Asia. EART offers Center for Reproductive Medicine USA Accrideted Embryology courses are Basic course in Semenology & IUI,Advanced course in ICSI,Introductory course in ART,Certificate course in ART,Advanced course in cryo preservation.

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,IVF Techniques,Pipette pulling and Pipetting techniques,Ovum pickup from follicular fluid,Oocyte handling,Denudation of oocytes for ICSI,Morphological assessment of oocytes, IVF procedure,ICSI: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection,Assessment of oocyte fertilization,Embryo handling,Embryo grading,Embryo transfer,loading of embryos into embryo transfer catheter,Advanced IVF techniques,Assisted hatching (laser),Embryo biopsy ,Oocyte Spindle imaging,Andrology Techniques,Semen Analysis
,Sperm preparation for IUI/IVF/ICSI,Method of retrieval of sperm from retrograde ejaculate,Testicular sperm retrieval
,Hands on training in cryopreservation techniques,Human spermatozoa freezing,vapour freezing method,Planar technique
,Isolation and cryopreservation of sperm from testicular biopsy specimens,Vitrification,Embryos,Blastocysts,Preparation of vitrification media,IVF Course manual,Micromanipulators components and mechanics,Installing and aligning the ICSI instruments,Preparation of culture medium and dishes for IVF/ IVF-ICSI cases,Sperm preparation for IVF/ ICSI,Classical IVF,Learn how to perform the classical IVF technique,,ICSI: Oocytes intracytoplasmic sperm injection,Oocytes handling,Embryo handling,Learn how to handle the embryos and practice using cryopreserved mouse embryos,Embryo culture,Extended embryo culture,Embryo scoring,Embryo loading,ICSI with HOS test,,Assisted hatching (chemical),Embryo biopsy,Embryo cryopreservation,Equipments and supplies used in an IVF laboratory,,Optimizing IVF results by performing the right quality control.

Contact us:
Embryology Academy for Research & Training
Telephone:+91 22 2845 7140 / 2845 7059
Fax:+91 22 2845 6766

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Embrology Services for IVF laboratory

  1. 1. Embryology Academy for Research Training Home Contact us Sitemap Training Courses About Course Accredition Expand Services Expand Virtual Hospitality Expand FAQs Expand Faculty Alumni Downloads us Booking Accredition Services Tour Hospitality Training Courses Testimonials Online Booking And Payment Contact Us Now: Support@Ivftraining.Com CRM, USA Accrideted Courses Embrology Services EART is a multi dimension academy providing consultancy services in various fields: For new entrants in the field of embryology, to help them build up confidence and to stream line the functioning of their initial IVF procedures, EART offers comprehensive “Help and Support” for the entire IVF / ICSI cycle till the time they become confident and self Dr. Asuncion Fernandes, St. dependant. Lukes Medical Centre, Quezon City, Philippines "Help & Support" incorporates- Follicular monitoring and Ovum pick up Sonography (investigative, routine and stimulated cycles). Ovarian stimulation protocols. Laparoscopies (clinical & diagnostic). Andrology (consultation & microsurgery). Embryology (IVF & ICSI). Sperm processing (IUI). Embryo transfer. Cryopreservation (blastocysts, acolytes). Documentation and record keeping and patient counselling. Note: The services are also extended to any of those running IVF Labs, who do have the desire and intention of improving upon themselves. Contact us: *Kindly Click on below E-mail ID to contact us Email ID: support@ivftraining.com[4/24/2009 11:09:38 PM]