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Saint george’s legend


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Saint george’s legend

  2. 2. Once upon a time there was a little village on the top of a big mountain.
  3. 3. The king and his daughter, the princess, lived in a castle near the village.
  4. 4. There was also a big green dragon who lived in a cave, near the village. One day, he was so hungry that finished with all the animals of the village. The next day, the king prepared a raffle to decide which person would be the next dragon’s meal.
  5. 5. Unfortunately, the selected person was the princess.
  6. 6. The dragon was very hungry. He said to the princess: -I’m hungry, I’m going to eat you! -Oh no! I need help! I am going to die!- shouted the princess.
  7. 7. Fortunately, Saint George arrived holding a sword and a shield. -Stop bad dragon! I’m not afraid of you!- He said. And sneak, snack, the dragon was covered in blood.
  8. 8. From the dragon blood, a beautiful red rose was born.
  9. 9. Saint George gave this rose to the princess.
  10. 10. Finally, the handsome prince leaved far away with his white horse.