Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate


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Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate

  1. 1. January 30, 2013Panel Discussion:Harnessing The Power of ArchiMate®Iver Band, Facilitator ArchiMate and TOGAF are registeredThe 2010 Standard Insurance Company Newport Beach, California © Open Group Conference, trademarks of The Open Group.
  2. 2. The Standard • Financial services company • Founded in 1906 • Our purpose: We help people achieve financial well-being and peace of mind. • Expertise: • Group Life & Disability Insurance • Individual Disability Insurance • Retirement Plans • Individual Annuities • Commercial Mortgages • Investment advice • Headquarters in Portland, Ore. • 3,100 Employees2 January 31, 2013 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company
  3. 3. Facilitator Profile: Iver Band • Enterprise Architect based in Portland, Oregon • Infrastructure, application and business architecture • Architecture methods and governance • Previously at HP • Security and infrastructure • Vice Chair, The Open Group architecture ArchiMate Forum • Security research • TOGAF 9 Certified • IT and R&D management • ArchiMate 2 Certified • Middleware product • CISSP, CIP development • Mainframe systems • Outside of Work programming • Family • Hiking • Before that • Reading • Mainframe and midrange application development • Scrabble®3 January 31, 2013 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company
  4. 4. We Are Here To Help You Evaluate and Use the ArchiMate Language • Communicate what is unique about the ArchiMate language, given many other choices • Provide a look at the ArchiMate language at work • What does a model look like and how does it solve a problem? • Ilustrate the variety of projects for which you can use the ArchiMate language4 January 31, 2013 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company
  5. 5. Agenda • Introduction • Panelist Presentations • Open Discussion • Closing Remarks5 January 31, 2013 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company
  6. 6. Panelist Presentations • Jason Uppal, QRS • Why an industry consortium selected the ArchiMate language to model the healthcare industry • Bill Poole, JourneyOne • Improving the performance, perception and value proposition of EA at a global mining organization by adopting the ArchiMate language as the EA modeling standard • Sven van Dijk, BiZZdesign • How a global organization uses the ArchiMate language to describe and connect the business process and application domains • Yves Cote, Versatil-i-T Consulting • A real-life example of the ArchiMate language centering on the Implementation and Migration Extension.6 January 31, 2013 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company
  7. 7. • Jason Uppal, P.Eng. Ontario Canada • 25 years – Business Process Improvement • Open CA Level 3 Certified • Working with TOGAF® since 2005 • Book – Business Transformation, eBook7| page © QR Systems Inc. 2013 QRS |clinicalMessage
  8. 8. Global Context8| page © QR Systems Inc. 2013 QRS |clinicalMessage
  9. 9. The Problem9| page © QR Systems Inc. 2013 QRS |clinicalMessage
  10. 10. Not an American Problem Health Population10| page © QR Systems Inc. 2013 QRS |clinicalMessage
  11. 11. Health Population Capability Measures What does it mean? [Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Triple Aim Measures] • Mortality • Experience of Care • Per Capital Cost Health Outcome/$ Spent11| page © QR Systems Inc. 2013 QRS |clinicalMessage
  12. 12. Health Population Enterprise Architecture Enterprise: • Population Health Key Stakeholders: • Payers • Providers Enterprise • Population Architecture • Patients Requirements • Society Repeat • Country12| page © QR Systems Inc. 2013 QRS |clinicalMessage
  13. 13. Why the ArchiMate® Modeling Language? • frameworks invention - • it is good enough, and open, • entire industry is available to support, education and reference architecture , • people like Yves are leading the Content Debate conversation on content as opposed to endless frameworks debate13| page © QR Systems Inc. 2013 QRS |clinicalMessage
  14. 14. References Health Affairs, 32, no.1 (2013):63-68 Technology What It Will Take To Achieve The As-Yet-Unfulfilled Promises Of Health Information Arthur L. Kellermann and Spencer S. Jones Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Care Coordination Model: Better Care at Lower Cost for People. Cambridge, MA; 2011. Available at http://www.ihi.org/knowledge/Pages/IHIWhitePapers/IHICareCoordinationModelWhitePaper .aspx Institute of Medicine, Workshop Series. Digital Infrastructure for the Learning Health System: The Foundation for Continuous Improvement in Health and Health Care. Washington, DC: National Academy of Press; 2012.Available at http://www.iom.edu/Reports/2011/Digital-Infrastructure-for- a-Learning-Health-System.aspx14| page © QR Systems Inc. 2013 QRS |clinicalMessage
  15. 15. Bill Poole – Personal Introduction• 15 years experience across Telecommunications, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Insurance, Oil & Gas and Mining industries• Last 8 years in consulting• Last 7 years in business/IT planning, strategy and architecture roles• Currently leading the Enterprise Architecture discipline within JourneyOne1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 15
  16. 16. Business Context• Our client had an EA practice with 5 Enterprise Architects, using a home grown metamodel based on the Zachman framework• The EA practice set the modelling standards and acted in a governance capacity over IT projects• The architecture models were very hard to read, so stakeholders outside the EA practice ignored them• The models were largely disconnected from the actual delivered solutions• The EA function added little value, but added substantial cost and time to projects1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 16
  17. 17. Why the ArchiMate Modeling Language?• ArchiMate was chosen as the new modelling standard because: – As an open standard it doesn’t lock the client into any one EA tool, it puts the burden of training architects back on the market (i.e. ArchiMate experience can be a prerequisite of employment), and it is developed by global experts free of charge to the client – It is very semantically precise, so models produced by different architects are read by all stakeholders to have the same meaning – ArchiMate models are intuitive to understand, meaning business stakeholders do not need training to understand the models – ArchiMate models (properly modelled) are very visually appealing, increasing their adoption across the business1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 17
  18. 18. Example Business Context Model Orders and Payments Group Customer Invoices, Bill of Lading and Certificate of Delivered Group Payroll Group IT Mineral Analysis Product Treasury Services Services Production Contract Coarse Ore Vessel Mines Production Shipped Ship’s Product Captain Sample Contract Labs Analysis EPCM EPCM Mate’s Contractors Services Receipt Shipping Agent Fixed and Maintenance Vessel Mobile Asset Contractors Movements Maintenance Mineral Division Drilling Marine Drilling Contractor Surveyor Draft Survey Results Explosives Blasting Contractor IT System Maintenance IT Help Desk Contractor IT Project IT System Design and Integrators Delivery1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 18
  19. 19. Example End-to-End Process Model Mineral Division Exploration-to-Rehabilitation Life of Asset Plan Vision-to-Strategy 5 Year Plan 5 Year Plan 2 Year Plan Forecast-to-Plan Project identification-to-Handover Maintenance Plans 2 Year Commissioning-to-Decommissioning Plan Maintenance Plans Maintenance Plans Port Production Actuals Movements Short term mine planning-to-Scheduling Short term logistics planning-to-Scheduling Mine Grades Port & Shipping Grades Exploration Samples Sample collection-to-Grade awareness Logistics Schedules Mine Schedules Blast Hole Samples Shipping Samples Blasthole drilling-to-Train loading Car dumping-to-Ship sailing Ore for Rail Production Actuals Port Movements Production-to-Reporting Total Mineral Inventory Approved Actuals Project Expenditure Financial close-to-Reporting1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 19
  20. 20. Example Application Usage Model Sample collection-to-Grade awareness Update Block Out Take On Geological Blast Blocks Inventory Model Update Sample Collect Register Prepare Analyse ProductionAvailable Sample Sample Sample Sample Model Update Shipping Model Sample Sample Geological Inventory Take Grade Registration Tracking Modelling On Adjustment Laboratory Geological Inventory Information Modelling Management Management System System System 1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 20
  21. 21. Value of the ArchiMate Standard• ArchiMate has been proven within the client to: – Be eagerly adopted by business stakeholders – Be easily understood by business stakeholders – Support integration of all models produced by disparate architecture teams across a single architecture landscape, through all levels of detail and all plateaus• Architecture models now add value during strategic cycles, and project and programme planning phases• Resistance to doing architecture work has dramatically decreased1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 21
  22. 22. Personal introduction  Business and IT majors, University of Twente (NL)  Experience in application and business consulting, BPM and EA  BiZZdesign North America  Consultant and Trainer EA and BPM  TOGAF®9.1 and ArchiMate®2.0  Expertise in telecommunications, finance, construction, utilitiesSven van Dijk +1-617-308-6497Boston, MA s.vandijk@bizzdesign.com @vandijk_s ArchiMate and TOGAF are registered trademarks of The Open Group.
  23. 23. Business context • Tata Steel IJmuiden (NL), part of Tata Group • Steel product manufacturing for automotive, construction, energy & power, packaging, etc. • Development of EA function: from isolated process- and application architectures to an integrated EA • Main business drivers: – Merger: Introduction of New Operating Model (NOM) and Group Information Services department – Large projects like Supply Chain Transformation (SCT) – Economic crisis
  24. 24. Why the ArchiMate Modeling Language?• Coherent – Emphasis for Tata is on coherent modeling of business processes, information systems, and technology.• Complete – ArchiMate offers a complete framework of concepts in the business, application, and technology layer, including motivation and implementation• Open – ArchiMate is an open standard
  25. 25. SCT Level 0 process flow
  26. 26. High level application landscape anddata flows
  27. 27. SCT Level 0 Process flow and mapping toapplications
  28. 28. SCT Level 1 processes and applications
  29. 29. Value of the ArchiMate standard• Achieved integration of business process architecture and application architecture• Improved presentation of complex architectures through viewpoints for different audiences• Improved communication for both business and IT stakeholders
  30. 30. Yves Cote Personal Introduction• More than 30 years in IT• Last 15 years in strategy and architecture roles• 20 years in manufacturing (Alcan Aluminium)• 6 years with IBM Global Business Services• Started Versatil-i-t Consulting Inc in 2008• Last 6 years in retail architecture• Launched ArchStore.biz in 2012 Property of Versatil-i-T Consulting Inc. January 29th, 2013 30
  31. 31. Business Context• Enterprise architecture consultant with auto glass repair and replace (AGRR) leader for 2 years• Strategic program to replace existing POS system with multi-channel sales solution : – Silo operations – » cross business unit, integrated processes – Many non-integrated systems – » one integrated system – Redundant systems – » one cross-channel system• Expected benefits : – Increase sales – Increase productivity – Increase competitiveness• Used to build the CGSI (Car Glass Services Inc) case study based Property of Versatil-i-T Consulting Inc. January 29th, 2013 31
  32. 32. Why the ArchiMate® Modeling Language?• Looking for a standard way to model architectures• UML used for application architecture only• ArchiMate® covers all architecture domains• ArchiMate® models are adequate for business audience … although « not sexy » Property of Versatil-i-T Consulting Inc. January 29th, 2013 32
  33. 33. Migration ViewProject Plateau View View January 29th, 2013 33
  34. 34. Project View Plateau View January 29th, 2013 34
  35. 35. Plateau View January 29th, 2013 35
  36. 36. Value of the ArchiMate® Standard• Avoid writing text to describe the roadmap and architecture – people will pay attention to pictures more than reading text• Common language and communication device with IT and business stakeholders• Demonstrate that we master complexity• Build synergy with all stakeholders Property of Versatil-i-T Consulting Inc. January 29th, 2013 36
  37. 37. Open Discussion37 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company January 31, 2013
  38. 38. The ArchiMate Community is Healthy and Growing • As of January 23, 2013 • 74 ArchiMate Forum member organizations • 367 ArchiMate 2 certifications • 9 Accredited ArchiMate 2 training courses • 3 Certified ArchiMate modeling tools38 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company January 31, 2013
  39. 39. Archimate Downloads from Open Group Website© 2010 Standard Insurance Company
  40. 40. ArchiMate Open Group Downloads from Open Group Website to Top 6 Countries: Increase from 2011 to 2012 USA UK Netherlands Australia Canada India 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 600040 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company January 31, 2013
  41. 41. Archi Free and Open Source Modeling Tool Accelerates ArchiMate Adoption • Available at http://archi.cetis.ac.uk/ for Window, Mac and Linux • Supports the ArchiMate 2 language • Regularly maintained and enhanced • Excellent single-user tool • Excellent precursor and adjunct to commercial multi-user tools • Global user community • Monthly average site statistics for July-December 2012 • 5,000 site visits, 57% new • Nearly 500 unique tool downloads per month • Over 440 unique documentation downloads per month41 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company January 31, 2013
  42. 42. Contact Information • Iver Band, The Standard • iver.band@standard.com • Jason Uppal, QRS • jason.uppal@qrs3e.com • Bill Poole, JourneyOne • bill.poole@journeyone.com.au • Sven van Dijk, BiZZdesign • s.vandijk@bizzdesign.com • Yves Cote, Versatil-i-t • ycote@versatil-i-t.com42 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company January 31, 2013
  43. 43. © 2010 Standard Insurance Company