Media Evaluation Question 3


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Media Evaluation Question 3

  1. 1. W H A T H A V E Y O U L E A R N E D F R O M Y O U R A U D I E N C E F E E D B A C K ? Media evaluation
  2. 2. Questionnaires  For our research we created an audience feedback questionnaire on ‘surveymonkey’ to find out what the audience thought and liked about Kate Nash as well as a questionnaire which helped us decide whether our music video was a successful project or not.  We decided that Kate Nash’s fans would best decide whether the video was the same style as other of Kate’s videos and that is why we sent it to a variety of people who liked her music.
  3. 3. Questionnaire feedback From the responses from this question we found out that Kate Nash’s audience are mainly girls, as there was only one male that did the survey. This gave us an idea of what our video should be based around and it showed us that we have to aim for it to appeal to a female audience. The use of bright colours, feminine costumes and slight hint of make up helped us do that. Seeing the responses of just this one question helped us gather so many ideas of what our video should look like, which showed how useful the whole research is. Most of Kate Nash’s fans are older teenagers in the age range between 17-20. This feeds into the information that we found out from the responses to the question before, however it gave us a deeper insight to the age range of girls that we are aiming to appeal to. The results that we got from this question did not surprise us as we were already confident that this would be the sort of age of her audience.
  4. 4. Questionnaire feedback The majority of our audience preferred a narrative in music videos. This made us decide that we need to have a plot and a story in our video, as well as characters and different locations. This is what Kate Nash often does in her videos as she doesn’t tend to make videos of her singing or performing in any way. This shows that the audience know the artist well and therefore, shows us that we have picked the right people for our audience research. The people who did our online survey said they were influenced by music and music videos in terms of what they wear, which showed us that the costumes that our characters, both the guy and the girl wear, have to follow the typical dress sense of Kate Nash and her videos. In most music genres the audience is influence by the type of clothing that their favourite artists wear as well as the way they behave, and this tends to be always the case when the audience have been listening to the same artist since they were young.
  5. 5. Questionnaire feedback This question helped us realise that Kate’s fans prefer realistic, rather than exaggarated videos such as ‘Pumpkin Soup’ for example. We decided to do something similar to ‘Foundations’ where the narrative is simple, but it is done in way that the audience clearly likes. This list of the most popular songs by Kate Nash, helped us understand which one the audience prefers most, and try and make a video, which is both similar and different to that one. The most popular one was the one at the top which is ‘Foundations’, followed closely by ‘Doo Wah Do’. This showed us that we could use them as an example for our video. We liked the slow motion that they have used in ‘Foundations’ and we decided to do something similar in our video.
  6. 6. Questionnaire feedback The most popular hobby out of these was socialising and the least popular one was sport. This showed us that the artist’s fans are very outgoing and probably have lots of friends and like partying and being outdoors, which is the reason we decided the bigger part of our video to be filmed outdoors. We expected a typical Kate Nash fan to be ‘bubbly’, ‘independent’ and ‘confident’ as this is how we would best describe Kate Nash. The results that we got weren’t very far from these characteristics as our audience described themselves as ‘fun’; ‘happy’; ‘frienly’ and ‘bubbly’.
  7. 7. Questionnaire feedback This question was helpful as it helped us see what other artists Kate Nash fans like and so it allowed us to look at their videos and have a clear idea of what they look like. This was good because we not only looked at videos by Kate Nash but also other artists which gave us a wide range of ideas for our music video. This question was very important for us as it made us decide whether to do a video on a cheery or a sad song. Different fans had different opinions which was understandable, however the majority of the people who took the survey said they preferred ‘happy’ songs which is the reason why we decided to pick an appropriate song. We were pleased with the results from this question as Kate Nash has very few sad songs, which would make our choice harder if we had to pick one of them.
  8. 8. Audience feedback from video  We did another questionnaire that was similar to the one that we had done before filming the video, only this time it was asking about people’s views and opinions about the video. We were hoping that Kate Nash’s fans recognized the fact that we were trying to suit her style in the video, and this research helped us find out if this was the case.
  9. 9. Audience feedback from video By the results of these two questions we found out that the majority of the people who watched the video enjoyed it (81%), however two of the people didn’t enjoy it. This shows that the responses we have collected were honest, which was what we were aiming at. All of the people who took the survey thought it matches Kate Nash’s style which is a good thing because it shows that people recognised the details that we included in order to make it look the same style as her videos, and also shows that our primary research was of good quality.
  10. 10. Audience feedback from video This question gave us more depth to what the audience particularly enjoyed about the video, which gave us a good idea of what we did well in our video. The responses that we gathered were short, however helpful and straight-forward. The main things that people said were that it matches the artist’s style, and that they liked the costumes and the locations we chose.
  11. 11. Audience feedback from video This question was asking about the things that the audience did not like about the video or the things they think we could have done better. This question helped us get some constructive criticism and therefore now we know what things we can to improve on. We got various answers for this question as some people said that they didn’t like the song (not the video), and some thought the lighting was too different between shots and that some of the shots were too long. The lighting difference between the shots was something that we were concerned about as we weren’t sure whether people would take that as a negative or a positive, however we decided to go through we did as it was something different and exciting.
  12. 12. Audience feedback from video The last three questions on our survey were ‘yes’ and ‘no’ ones. This way we could get an uncomplicated answer from our audience as they simply had to state whether they agree with it or not. The majority of our audience agreed that the video works with the lyrics of the song, the actors that we used were suitable and the editing was in the style of other Kate Nash videos. This showed us that our video had a positive influence on our audience.
  13. 13. Feedback from interview We filmed a video with a Kate Nash fan who told us what she likes about her music. We think that her opinion was very valuable for us as it influenced a lot of the decisions that we made in the planning process. We asked her three questions to which she gave detailed answers. The first question that we asked her was ‘why do you like this type of music?’ to which she responded that it is ‘lively, upbeat and fun to listen to’. She also said that there is a ‘message behind the songs’ and that she can relate to it. Another question that we asked her was ‘what do you like doing, what are your hobbies and why?’. This question showed us what kind of activities Kate Nash fans are into and what they do in their spare time. This question was helpful as we could use her answers when deciding where to film the video and coming up with a story line. She answered that she liked to go to gigs and live performances, and also said that she could play the piano.