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All about me

  1. 1. All About Me By: Iban Vega
  2. 2. My Childhood My name is Iban Vega I am 11 years old My birthday is May 22, 1999 I was born in Brownsville, Texas I am in 6th grade I am about a 100 pounds
  3. 3. My Family My baby brother Bryan is 1 years old. He is such a cry baby and annoying. My sister Emily is 6 years old. She is annoying and a spoiled brat. My mom Laura is 30 years old. She gets mad for everything. She also cares a lot for me. My dad Iban is 31 years old. He is always working outside in the sun and is very smart and wise.
  4. 4. My Pet My pet’s name is Chico. I got him as my Christmas present. He is mixed dog. He is small. He has black hair on the top and white on the bottom. He used to jump of the 2 story house and bleed. My family calls him superman or a cat because he always survives the falls. One day he got ran over. The next day he got ran over again.
  5. 5. My favorite book sires My favorite book sires are Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The book is about a teenage boy that is the son of Poseidon. He goes on dangers adventures to save the world. It is a total of five books
  6. 6. My personality My personality is that I am slacker. jock around.
  7. 7. Things I do for fun Play basket ball Watch T.V Play the computer Play my PSP Play kick ball
  8. 8. My favorite foods Fruit pizza pickles Pizza Hot wings Chinese food
  9. 9. Things I don’t like about school Homework Projects Detention Lunch detention Tardy Strict teachers
  10. 10. My favorite colors Blue Red Green
  11. 11. My favorite movies Knuckle head Diary of a wimpy kid Despicable me Shrek 4 Avatar
  12. 12. My favorite place to eat Mc Donald's BK Quinoas Mr. gates
  13. 13. Things I like about school Away from family P.E Lunch Nice teachers Have a great time
  14. 14. My school schedule Math English P.E Social studies Lunch Tech. Science Reading Choir
  15. 15. Favorite Sports Kick ball Base ball Tidier ball Basket ball
  16. 16. Favorite places that I visited El Dama Florida Matamoros
  17. 17. The End