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To sir with love reaction


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To sir with love reaction

  1. 1. MABE 602 To Sir with Love “To Sir with Love” is a movie that talks about what is meant on becoming a teacher –that teaching is not just a choice we make but a calling that we ought to answer. It was a storyplayed by a black man, Engr. Thackeray, who accepts teaching position in a “rough” school inLondon while searching for an engineering job related to his degree. His colleagues warned himabout the attitudes of the students that he was about to teach. As he arrived at school, he seemedto be culturally shocked. He witnessed the things that students are not supposed to do. Havingbeen trained as an engineer he probably not familiar with the styles, techniques and/or strategiesin teaching but still he went on to face the challenges that he may encounter. His duty is to teachthe senior class of North Quay in London where, as the movie portrayed, students are free to dowhat they want – smoke, dance inside the classroom, make disturbing noise, insult teachers, putteachers in danger and even treat teachers as if they did exist in their classroom. As time went by,he started to implement his own disciplinary actions and tried to treat them as adults. He taughtthem the essentials in life and even exposed the learners outside the school. Then on, he startedto gain their respect and started to build intimate relationship. He even started to penetrate intothe depth of his learners’ life. For all the bad experiences that Engr. Thackeray had with hisstudents he still have the passion to teach them and despite their strict moral code in terms ofrace relations between “whites and blacks” he still have the heart willing to love them. Engr.Thackeray received the letter informing that he was hired to work as an engineer and he felt gladabout it. And when the time came that he and his learners have to separate ways, he wassurprised and touched when one of his students, in behalf of all, offered a song showing theirgratitude for having him as their teacher. One of them gave him a gift with a quote “To Sir withLove” that made him walked away and cried in secret. Things happened unexpectedly and hedecided to discard his great opportunity to become engineer. He didn’t mind what and who elsewill be his future students may look like, all he ever wanted is still to become an engineer –engineer who helps build students’ strong foundation in life, makes wall for them to lean on, andpaves the road in preparation for their future. After all, he was called to become a teacher. “Teaching is not a choice we make; rather it is a calling that we have to answer”The movie was indeed very inspiring. As teacher, I have been encountering problems that arealso common to all teachers. There were even some times that I felt very uneasy when problemsseemed to be impossible to deal with. I don’t know why I chose teaching as my career althoughthere are more courses offered in many different institutions. But that doesn’t bother me much.What I am trying to ask about myself before is that “Am I really called to become a teacher?”
  2. 2. I cannot give assurance that I will become teacher forever. It depends on the situation. In somereasons, I love teaching because I love dealing with kids. While watching the movie “To Sir withLove” I ask myself this question “what if my students were like of that Engr. Thackeray? Will Isurvive?” and after watching it I found the very exact answer, it was a “YES”. If Mr Thackeray,a graduate of engineer, survived with those kinds of students even if teaching is not in line withhis chosen course how much more I who finished the course related to teaching. I was reallychallenged then to pursue what I have started. It made me proud that I am a teacher knowingthat, like Engr. Thackeray, I can touch and change lives. There’s a lot of thing that I like aboutEngr. Thackeray, it was his love towards his students, his unselfishness, his passion in teachingand his courage despite the warnings given by some of his colleagues, and lastly his willingnessto sacrifice his personal desires for the benefits of others.Submitted by: Eric E. Silandote