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Nokia music xpress_prez.ppt

  1. 1. PRODUCT • Benefits • TA • Touch. Share. Play
  2. 2. …on with the product visualization concept, Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone presents a new idea for the playlist generation: Life in Playlists Our life is a playlist of events, interesting ideas and tasks. The playlist generation develops playlists of their lives Xpressing themselves through Nokia 5800. CONCEPT
  4. 4. RETAIL Playlist Quest • Interactive game for major malls’ visitors. • Guess the next song from DJ XXX’s star performance at one of the world greatest clubs last weekend. Select the right track from Nokia 5800 playlist and get a present from Nokia (ex. Ticket to Music Event). • Equipment: Nokia 5800, headphones, promo stand.
  5. 5. RETAIL
  6. 6. On the Radio • Contest supported by major national radio station • Use Nokia 5800 to develop your original playlist as if you were a radio DJ. At the special time at radio station you can propose 10 popular tracks playlist. Voting goes by web and sms. Thus the special Xpress music chat is chosen. RADIO
  7. 7. In Da House With your new Nokia 5800 music mobile and it’s gorgeous built-in speakers you may throw outrageous home parties! • Each buyer of Nokia 5800 music mobile phones get 4 personal invitations (Nokia 5800 design and branding) to his coming-soon home party to be handed to his friends. • The brand also provides drinks (on co- sponsorship basis) and a DJ for the party (by special choice 5 new owners will be chosen) GIFT FOR PURCHASE
  8. 8. Xpress DJ • On-the-spot contest for multiple participants • Use Nokia 5800 pre-downloaded set of tracks to create your original playlist. The DJ on stage uses the same set of tracks. The participant who is the best to guess his choice gets a prize from Nokia. • Participants’ playlists are demonstrated on plasmas (Nokia 5800 mask and interface) in multiscreen regime. The misfires leave the screen as the DJ starts the next song. CLUBS
  9. 9. Xpress DJ. Option Two • The set of songs used by DJ is demonstrated on plasma screen (Nokia 5800 mask and interface) for open SMS or Bluetooth voting, so clubbers can form the playlist for tonight. • The voting results in process are demonstrated on the second screen as Nokia 5800 playlist. CLUBS
  10. 10. CLUBS Download Terminals • Interactive touchscreen terminals in Nokia 5800 masks and the similar playlist interface are installed in clubs • Clubbers may download today’s DJs and club’s residents’ tracks and form their original playlists for others to listen and download
  11. 11. Soundtrack Playlists • At Nokia 5800 branded terminal, cinema visitors may use Nokia 5800 to create playlists of coming- soon blockbusters for the next month. • Visitors also may use Bluetooth to download playlist of movies for the next week as a special offer from the brand. CINEMAS
  12. 12. • At ticket offices, there are branded lightboxes, where movie schedule is demonstrated in Nokia 5800 playlist interface, or as fake playlists, if movies are few. CINEMAS
  13. 13. • Based on LastFM web-resourse, the list of users who listen to the same music appears in Nokia 5800 Xpress Music playlist interface. • Music lineup for this service will be based on NTL lineup. WEB
  14. 14. • Timetable is demonstrated in Nokia 5800 playlist interface UNIVERCITIES