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Young Professionals Forum.Cz Creative Coffee Club Agenda Minutes 2011.10.05


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Young Professionals Forum.Cz Creative Coffee Club Agenda Minutes 2011.10.05

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Young Professionals Forum.Cz Creative Coffee Club Agenda Minutes 2011.10.05

  1. 1. Moderated by Ivan Vlasyuk,Project
  2. 2. Agenda: CCC meeting 5th October, Wednesday, 19-20:30● TOPIC: How to set up a company in the Czech Republic. SPECIAL TREAT: our sponsor Starbucks will provide free coffee samples and muffins along with educational 10min history on the origin of the coffee. WHEN: Wednesday, October · 7:00pm - 8:30pm DURATION: 90min WHERE: Starbucks, WENCESLAS SQUARE, Václavské náměstí 40, Prague, Czech Republic COST: voluntary donation (at the door) - 50 CZK. Agenda (item - owner - time – outcome):1.Coffee tasting – Starbucks staff - 10 min - fun & informative2.Round table introductions - Ivan - 10min - team formed3.Will - presentation and Q&A - 40min4.Open table discussion - team - 25min - knowledge formed5.Closing - Ivan - 5min Wed, 5 Oct, 2011 Prague, Czech Republic 2
  3. 3. Minutes taken, slide 1● Coffee tasting – coffe master Matej: – “Columbia marino supremo” from South America, on starbucks market biggest size of the beans – Anniversary - 25th Anniversary of Starbucks Brand - Spicy, the spaciest from the Starbucks coffeies● Attendees: – Martin, Prague, attorney – Murat, From Turkey, entrepreneurship IT/photography – Saneesh, from India – Tereza, from Czech R., studying at 2 universities, creativity in business, – Samir, Lebanon, 4 year in Prague, business consulting, marketing research – Chorche, Colombian, moved from corporate to business, distribution of food supplements, – Natalia, from Russia, 2 year in Prague, Russian TV – Anton, Head of sale new Russian IP TV, LightVision TV IPTV, – Pavel, from Russia, CTO FieldBien - new IT accounting system to reduce expenses – Veronika, in import/export with China, want own company, – Yalin, Turkish, media agency, business development, new offices start up Kiev, Istanbul, Berlin – Gareth, from UK, 1 year in Prague, want establish own business – Farian (?) French, account manager in Czech – Vitek, organization development, negotiator manager trainer, coach – Pavel, 3,5 year in Prague, company own export of cement to Africa, – Jakub, from company own company web design studio, want switch to limited liability company – Vaclav, from Prague, PR agency, specialize in start-ups – Eric, left corporate word Johnson, co-owner want to invest in medical company – Ivan, Macedonia, year and half, more about company of own in Czech Fabiola, Mexico, corporate world, in – Tinu – American, Oracle Marketing, interest in new creative ideas – Petr Cizek – presenterWed, 5 Oct, 2011 Prague, Czech Republic 3
  4. 4. Minutes taken, slide 2● Petr Cizek – presenter – and office branch in Prague, Legal business in 15th years. , Last 3 years dedicated to company formations, Online company formation.● 130th getting more complex laws to establish Czech company, In year 2013 new laws could pass to make process easier● When should set up a company? Not all activities looks like business. – Example: needs to be regular activity. If someone is student and sometime sell something and this is not regular. Regular meas... not defined how long “regularly” is. If you do something regularly then it is better to be registered. – If you feel that you do have regular activity then it is better to be registered. If government defines you as regular business then you can be punished.● This meeting is not for step by step process – then Google it● The meeting is about some hidden stones that are not publicly announced● Recommending to take legal advice when registering own company● Types of business – same can apply to Czechs and foreigners: – Trade license – sole entrepreneur “zivnost” - main disadvantage responsibility of personal property ● Can have employees hired, but there more risks – personal responsibility – LTD – 200 000 CZK minimal capital required for establishing. Personal responsibility only on amount of minimal capital. – PLC / A.S. / 2 000 000 minimal capital – no responsibility of shareholders for company debtWed, 5 Oct, 2011 Prague, Czech Republic 4
  5. 5. Minutes taken, slide 3● In Czech – German-like types of companies are established. – In Germany can set up company for 1 EUR● Under Czech law dont need insurance for specific activities● For some specific activities – need license – more to be discussed offline at the end of meeting.● Basic procedure: – 1st visit to trade license office, completing licenses “Zivnostensky urjad” – Gov people are friendly, likely not speaking English – Czech speaking help may be required – Relatively cheap ~100o CZK for 1 or MANY licenses... ● For some licenses state requires education or practice in the specific skill of the license. ● This can be also going to local authority of transportation to get a confirmation if you may need to get some transport related license – Would need to provide business address (this can be home) – Criminal registry to obtain may be difficult – Notary public visit – Need to go to bank – special account for the company. Specific type of acount “for non existing company”Wed, 5 Oct, 2011 Prague, Czech Republic 5
  6. 6. Minutes taken, slide 4 ● Minimal shareholder 1, maximum 50 ● As investor cant be co-shareholder in more then 3 companies. ● From legal side the company name can overrule the other company registration process. ● If rejected then have to go through the process again and again pay all fees. ● In Czech republic – cant check the name existence in advanceOPEN QUESTIONS section: ● Prague has more flexible courts. Moravian courts are more strict and less flexible. ● Can also buy already maid company from internet site. Fill in the forms, then the system send you the forms to be signed. For users this is free service, only then pay for the required state fees. ● Short name be already registered. “Fuck” phonetic have similar pronunciation, dirty work can also be dismissed. ● Difference limited and trade licenses. ● At which moment need to move from trade to sro , what is needed from taxes ● License – when small potential liability, taxation issue – when foreigners when under trade license taxed as physical person. ● SRO can have no employees forever. Can also for long time to have business bosses. At certain amount of debts, would need to apply for bankruptcy.Wed, 5 Oct, 2011 Prague, Czech Republic 6
  7. 7. Basic InfoName: Young Professionals ForumCategory: Organizations - Community OrganizationsDescription: The Young Professionals Forum is devoted to providing young professionals with the skills, contacts, and opportunities to help them succeed and become active members of the business community.Privacy Type: Open: All content is publicwww.youngprofessionalsforum.cz event pages: Vlasyuk,Project Managerivan.vlasyuk@morkva.bizWed, 5 Oct, 2011 Prague, Czech Republic 7