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Young Professionals Forum.Cz Creative Coffee Club Agenda And Minutes - Oct 19th 2010


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Young creative coffee club meeting in Moscow - agenda and minutes - 19 Oct 2010. Agenda on FB:

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Young Professionals Forum.Cz Creative Coffee Club Agenda And Minutes - Oct 19th 2010

  1. 1. Moderated by Ivan Vlasyuk, Project Manager
  2. 2. Tue, 19 Oct, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic 2 Agenda: CCC meeting 19th October, Tuesday, 19-20:30 1.Coffee tasting – Starbuck's staff - 10 min - fun & informative 2.Round table introductions - Ivan - 10min - team formed 3.Cristina - presentation and Q&A - 20min 4.Open table discussion - team - 45min - knowledge formed 5.Closing - Ivan - 5min --- Topics to be discussed: 1.How to capture media attention to your project/business? -how to invite journalists to your event? -how to motivate journalist to write something about your event? 2.Does investing time in writing a press release pays back? 3.If online media are as powerful as print ones? ● Starbucks coffee taste presented: Dike Place Roast
  3. 3. Tue, 19 Oct, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic 3 Attendees list: 1.Ivan Vlasyuk (moderator) 2.Jennifer Fry 3.Cristina Tigulschi Akoury 4.Samir Akoury 5.Emilio Bellu 6.Marie Botikova 7.Nando Davila 8.Cristina Muntean (presenter) 9.Martin Shirley 10.Jan Felt 11.Pavla Brtnikova 12.Lada Brunova 13.Karin Genton 14.Ivanna Gladysh 15.Dave Ruzius 16.Kateřina Svozilová 17.Marcel Bodnár
  4. 4. Less noise, more trust. How to make a difference in today’s clogged media market
  5. 5. MediaIntel
  6. 6. Services • Media training • Media coaching • Advisory – Media strategy – Issues management – Media research • Crisis communication • Writing for the media
  7. 7. Why should you talk to the media?
  8. 8. A taste of the Czech media market • Small market • Less dynamic than other markets in the region: Poland, Romania • Conservative: no success for hard tabloids • Consolidated: a few major players in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV • Ownership concentration • Little room for major media maneuvers
  9. 9. What do journalists need? A timely, attractive & exclusive story!
  10. 10. What do journalists need? • To know that you exist – face-to-face talk, media briefings, PR activities • You = SOURCE • You need to: – understand with whom you’re talking & his / her expectations – understand the audience – adapt your message accordingly.
  11. 11. How to capture media attention? • Clarify your story • Clarify your message • Learn to tell your story / message in clear, concise and visual words • Be sincere, open & enthusiastic • Use all means of communication to tell the world you exist. Media calls will come after that.
  12. 12. How to prepare to meet the Czech journalists?
  13. 13. Do your homework • Company story & message • Company presentation: media kit • Understand the audience • Be punctual • Listen, listen, listen • Answer to the point • Clarify if you understand the same thing by “off the record.” If you don’t, don’t use it.
  14. 14. How to invite journalists to your event? • If you decide to organize an event, make it worthy • Timing is essential – morning newsroom meetings – late afternoon deadlines • Personal contacts & connections = Trust works
  15. 15. Journalists come to an event for:
  16. 16. Don’t…
  17. 17. How to motivate journalists to write something about your event? • Be available • Build Trust • If nothing is reported, don’t take it personally.
  18. 18. Does investing time in writing a press release pays back? • Press releases are dying – No exclusivity – Long, ineffective – Written by people with no media experience • If you must write a press release: – Make it attractive – Make it worthy as background – Offer contacts for later talk
  19. 19. Are online media as powerful as print ones?
  20. 20. How to use new media? • Have an up-to-date website • Dare to set up a corporate forum • Be present & active on social media: LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter • Engage people and communicate. It works!
  21. 21. Where Is My Story? • MediaIntel practical workshop • Time: this Friday morning: 8.30am – 11.30am • Goal: to identify what a story is from a journalist’s perspective and show you how to create your own media-attractive story
  22. 22. Enjoy your media experience! • More media advice at • Please write me an email at or call me at 00420 776 574 925
  23. 23. Tue, 19 Oct, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic 23 Basic Info Name: Young Professionals Forum Category: Organizations - Community Organizations Description: The Young Professionals Forum is devoted to providing young professionals with the skills, contacts, and opportunities to help them succeed and become active members of the business community. Privacy Type:Open: All content is public Ivan Vlasyuk, Project Manager