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Young Professionals Forum.Cz Creative Coffee Club Agenda And Minutes 27 Sep2010


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Young creative coffee club meeting in Moscow - agenda and minutes - 27 Oct 2010. Agenda on FB:

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Young Professionals Forum.Cz Creative Coffee Club Agenda And Minutes 27 Sep2010

  1. 1. Moderated by Ivan Vlasyuk, Project Manager
  2. 2. Wed, 27 Oct, 2010 Moscow, Russian Federation 2 AGENDA: CCC meeting 27th Oct, 2nd time in Moscow TOPIC: Vision of Life - How to Identify Your Passion SPECIAL TREAT: our sponsor Starbucks will provide free coffee samples and muffins along with educational 5min history on the origin of the coffee. WHEN: Wednesday, 27th October, 19:30 to 21:00 DURATION: 90min WHERE: Starbucks, 2nd floor, Pokrovka 5,10min from Metro Kitaj Gorod. MAP: COST: free Agenda (item - owner - time - outcome): -19:15 - arrivals and registration - 15min -19:30 - coffee tasting guided by and history on the specific coffee - Starbucks representative - 10min -19:40 - CCC concept presentation - Ivan - 5min -19:45 - round table and introductions - everyone - 15min -20:00 - open unmoderated discussion - feel free to share your experiences - 45min: -how have you been looking for your passion in life? -how have you found your passion in life? -what you are good at? -what would you like to be good at? -20:45 - summary and wrap up - Ivan - 15min -21:00 - end of discussion -after 21:00 - free networking / contacts and biz cards exchange
  3. 3. Wed, 27 Oct, 2010 Moscow, Russian Federation 3 Minutes taken ● Attendees: Andret Larin, Lada Alexeeva, Natalia, Elena Akhmetova, Olga Bochkova, Boris Penkov, Oleg Evdokimov, Kristina Kuzmina, Khatia Alpaidze, Angela Tatosyan, Betsy Engebretson, Rose Griffin ,Olga Abramova, Ivan Vlasyuk The coffee tasted - Sulawesi, from Indonesia. Few ideas captured: -what you need to win in business: -be adequate -be able to communicate on the level, so that other person understands you -listen to your intuition -trust is important in business as much as in society in general -overcome your shyness Book on networking skills that was mentioned - "Never eat alone" by Keith Ferrazzi and Joe Brandmeier review here: As Olga mentioned "you will be able to connect your dots in future" here is a full speech of Steve Jobs: Here is more on passion, inspiration and creativity: Few photos posted to event page:
  4. 4. Wed, 27 Oct, 2010 Moscow, Russian Federation 4 Basic Info Name: Young Professionals Forum Category: Organizations - Community Organizations Description: The Young Professionals Forum is devoted to providing young professionals with the skills, contacts, and opportunities to help them succeed and become active members of the business community. Privacy Type: Open: All content is public This event pages: Ivan Vlasyuk, Project Manager