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Young Professionals Forum.Cz Creative Coffee Club Agenda And Minutes 22 Sep2010


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Young creative coffee club meeting in Moscow - agenda and minutes - 22 Sept 2010.

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Young Professionals Forum.Cz Creative Coffee Club Agenda And Minutes 22 Sep2010

  1. 1. Moderated by Ivan Vlasyuk, Project Manager
  2. 2. AGENDA: CCC meeting 22nd Sept, one time in Moscow TOPIC: Event management - how to organize networking events SPECIAL TREAT: our sponsor Starbucks will provide free coffee samples and muffins along with educational 5min history on the origin of the coffee. WHEN: Wednesday, 22nd September, 19:30 to 21:00 DURATION: 90min WHERE: Starbucks, 2nd floor, Pokrovka 5,10min from Metro Kitaj Gorod. MAP: COST: free Topic: How to start up your own business Location: Starbucks, WENCESLAS SQUARE, 2nd floor Agenda (item - owner - time - outcome): ●19:15 - arrivals and registration – 15min ●19:30 - coffee tasting guided by and history on the specific coffee - Starbucks representative – 10min ●19:40 - CCC concept presentation - Ivan – 5min ●19:45 - round table and introductions - everyone – 15min ●20:00 - open unmoderated discussion - feel free to share your experiences – 45min: -what event you have organized? -what were your objectives? -what went good in organization? -what went wrong in organization? -how did you measure your success? ●20:45 - summary and wrap up - Ivan – 15min ●21:00 - end of discussion ●after 21:00 - free networking / contacts and biz cards exchange Wed, 22 Sep, 2010 Moscow, Russian Federation 2
  3. 3. Minutes taken, slide 1 ● Attendees: – Olga, Oleg, Yana, Sasha, Ivan ● Coffee presented – Dike Plase...Roast – Important steps of tasting – aroma, fragrance, saturation, taste ● Important steps to organize event – what is your idea? Why do it? What is your benefit? ● Use social media to invite people. – Most effective for inivtes to this Moscow meeting was site – and invites did not attract people for this 1st time ever event in Moscow. ● The value of social networking event – meet new people, exchange business cards and follow up if there is any further interest for business or socially. ● Key questions to ask for planning / organizing your event: – Who are you? What do you want? What is your message/what do you want to say? Who is your audience (who are they and what do they want to know and /or to hear)? What is the content/structure of your presentation? ● 2 recommended motivational Videos: ● Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen! (Original + English Subtitles) ● Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address : Wed, 22 Sep, 2010 Moscow, Russian Federation 3
  4. 4. Basic Info Name: Young Professionals Forum Category: Organizations - Community Organizations Description: The Young Professionals Forum is devoted to providing young professionals with the skills, contacts, and opportunities to help them succeed and become active members of the business community. Privacy Type: Open: All content is public This event pages: Ivan Vlasyuk, Project Manager Wed, 22 Sep, 2010 Moscow, Russian Federation 4