How to launch a successful crowdfunding project


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Crowdfunding is growing in popularity as a great way to fund your startup projects. This slideshare will show you how to launch a crowdfunding project successfully.

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How to launch a successful crowdfunding project

  1. 1. © Original source >10 Tips for Launching a Successful Crowdfunding ProjectEntrepreneurs: Learn why you should tap into the $4 billion U.S. crowdfunding marketand how to actually launch a successful crowdfunding project.This presentation is part of our weekly newsletter. Subscribe for more interesting smallbusiness/entrepreneurship content - delivered weekly to your email inbox.How to raise capital via crowdfunding?1. If your project is not interesting and solve problems, don’t bother starting a project Image credit: sodahead.comLaunching a crowdfunding project is just like launching any other kinds of business: If yourstartup doesn’t stand out, you won’t likely to be successful in getting funding. It’s thatsimple.
  2. 2. 2. It’s all about the pitch, baby! Image credit: sharondrewmorgen.comYou need to give funders reason why they should learn more about your project, let alonepledging their money for your project. Just like any other great pitches, you need to do itbefore you spill out the details about your projects. Craft one, cool pitch and woo yourpotential funders.3. Shoot a pitch video Image credit:
  3. 3. Related to number 2, you must shoot a cool video about your project. Explain about yourproject – what you are going to achieve; what problems you are going to solve; and so on. Ifyou want your video to grab attention and go viral (d’uh – of course you want it to beawesome!) make something interesting, creative and spice things up with a bit of humourand quirkiness.4. Develop funding giveaways, perks that cater the wide array of funders’ budget andinterest Image credit: clker.comThanks yous are mandatory, but you often need more than those to get your projectsuccessfully funded.When people are interested in funding your project, you need to give them something toseal the deal. Some funders are supporting your projects because they love your ideas;some others are interested in your products and want to be the early user of yours; evensome simply want to be a part of your project, and ready to send over thousands, even tensof thousands of dollar for that purpose (e.g. have your name as the Executive Producer of amovie project.)
  4. 4. The bottom line, you need to offer perks that cater everyone – from your $5 funders to your$5,000 ones.5. Actively communicate and engage your funders and future funders Image credit: tooserious.netDuring the course of your project, be sure to communicate and engage your funders andfuture funders actively. Respond to questions, updates with anything new with regard to theproject, and so on.6. “Pre-sell” even before you launch your project. Image credit:
  5. 5. A good tactic adopted by world-class marketers, you should try to boost interest with yourviral videos, social media updates and so on – before you actually launch your project. Sendout emails to your contacts; “recruit” your friends and family to buzz the project launchdate, and so on.Doing this will drive some buzz about your soon-to-be-launched project and will help yousecuring backers’ funds early.7. Launch social media and email marketing campaigns Image credit: higherinnovation.netThis has become a standard in promoting a crowdfunding project: Launch a social mediacampaign and drive your social friends and followers to your project page – and “convert”them into funders.Also consider to “blast” emails to your email newsletter subscribers; consider other ways,such as using solo ads to “rent” others’ e-mailing lists.
  6. 6. 8. Set milestones and launch new perks a milestone is reached – make it urgent Image credit: forums.techguy.orgUpdates like “Ok, guys… we have reached our goal – let’s shoot for the stars… Get X, Y and Zto help us reach new milestone!” can attract new funders; it is also giving a sense ofurgency, helping you boost your funding – hopefully to pass your funding goal.9. Choose the right crowdfunding platform. Image credit:
  7. 7. Not all platforms were created the same. Choose the right platform which will give youbetter chance for success.For example, if your projects involves with charitable causes, IndieGoGo is for you. If yourproject is a revenue-generating business, Rock The Post is for you. For more comprehensivecoverage on this, go to this slide10. Use your crowdfunding project as a marketing campaign Image credit: business-clipart.comCrowdfunding is not only for someone to launch a product/cause. There are actuallyestablished organizations who use their crowdfunding projects as marketing and brandingtools. Either way, you need to make the most of your crowdfunding project by embeddingyour marketing messages into it seamlessly.Further reading:  10 Small Business Funding Ideas that Work  How Being Quirky can Get Your Tech Startup Funding  Inbound Marketing Lessons from Death Star Kickstarter ProjectIf you find this presentation useful, please kindly share with your network – many thanks inadvance!