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Tactile Traces Final project _ Master Interaction Design 2010 Domus Academy Milano


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Tactile traces

Final project Master Interaction Design, Domus Academy, Milan

This project aims to develop a system around the visitor experience of the Museum Berrocal in Villanueva de Algaidas, Malaga,Spain.

With the intention to highlight and unfold the deep identity of Berrocal sculptures,I developed a modular system around every exhibited artworks. The system is composed of four main stations: General Display, Edutainment, Workshop, Life of Berrocal, each one of these stations explore contents by mean of specific interaction modalities. The set-up is flexible: according to the sculpture, different stations are available. The identity of an art piece is provoking; it changes and is modified by visitors’ action inside the exhibition space in a sort of continuous dialogue that leaves behind traces of human passage. This system is intended to track and record these traces, as a complement to the visit and to personalize the content delivered to the visitor. Moreover, the system allows visitors to touch the sculpture, in order to discover where their tactile interest lies and to preserve the authentic sculpture’s purpose to be an haptic artwork.

Published in: Design, Technology, Education
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