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Detail PPC request form

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PPC Request Form

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Dog Agency1331 Alberni StreetVancouver, CanadaTel. +1 (604) 282 6414info@internetmarketingdog.com www.internetmarketingdog.comPay Per Click Application Form1. Contact information1.1 Company legal name/ Individual name (if self-employed)1.2 Contact Person1.3 Contact Number1.4 E-mail address2. Business industry2.1 What is your domain name?2.2 If you do not have a website, would you be interested in getting it developed for you? (webdevelopment)YesNo2.3 What is your businesses industry?2.4 What is your geographic target market?
  2. 2. 2.5 Are you planning on expanding your business outside of its current geo-market territory?2.6 Please list all your products / services that you would like us to focus on (please list them ina priority order starting with the most to the least important)2.7 Please tell us about your competitors. Who are they?2.8 What is your Unique selling proposition (What makes you different/distinctive from yourcompetitors?)2.9 Please provide some keyword ideas. No more than 15 keywords (example - cleaningservices, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, residential cleaning, affordable cleaning,professional cleaning services, etc)3. PPC Intake questions3.1 Do you have any existing Google AdWords and/or Bing Ads accounts?YesNo3.2 Would you like us to create a new campaign? (As an alternative, we can continue with yourexisting Google AdWords/Bing Ads account)YesNo
  3. 3. If you would like to use your current account(s), please provide the following details:>>> Google Adwords Login DetailsUser name Password>>> Bing Ads Login DetailsUser name Password3.3 Would you like to approve the selected keywords and ad text before the campaign launch ordo you authorize us to add them directly?Send for approvalAdd directly to the campaignsa) Advance PPC questions (please skip this step if it does not apply to you):3.4 What is the goal of Pay Per click campaigns (call to action, request, sign up etc)?Please use one of the options or specify your own version.3.5 Do you have AdWords conversion tracking code installed in the "Thank You" page of yourwebsite?YesNo3.6 If not, then should we mail you the code or will you be able to install it yourself? (Thank youpage is a page that comes only after completion of transaction (purchase) or submission of signup/registration or contact us forms)I will install it myselfI need your help to install it
  4. 4. 3.6 Can you give us the ‘FTP access’ and ‘name of the conversion page (Thank you page)’ to installthe conversion tracking code?FTP URL FTP Username FTP PasswordThank you page URL3.7 Do you have Google Analytics code installed on your website? If yes, then please provide uswith the login details.User Name Password4. Budget4.1 What is your package (monthly budget) for Pay Per Click promotion?>> If you choose Custom Package, please specify the terms (monthly budget, otherconditions)Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please contact usinfo@internetmarketingdog.comhttp://www.internetmarketingdog.com