Memories of Malta in The 1930's


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The origin of the term Malta is uncertain, and the modern-day variation derives from the Maltese language. The most common etymology is that the word Malta derives from the Greek word (meli), "honey". The Greeks called the island (Melite) meaning "honey-sweet" (which was also the name of a Nereid), possibly due to Malta's unique production of honey; an endemic species of bee lives on the island, giving it the popular nickname the "land of honey".The Romans went on to call the island Melita, which is the latinisation of the Greek . Another theory suggests that the word Malta comes from the Phoenician word Maleth meaning "a haven" in reference to Malta's many bays and coves. The current term Malta was introduced during the Kingdom of Sicily period.

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Memories of Malta in The 1930's

  1. 1. SIESTA IN SLIEMA A Solitary Policeman in Tower Road.
  2. 2. A policeman stands guard as men and boys pose on a street corner while decorations for the Festa are being erected. The street name reads Strada Reale. (Andre` Gauci a postman from Sliema says this is Windsor Terrace, corner with Don Bosco Street, where the St.Patrick's car park lies.)
  3. 3. This street in Sliema, is Triq Karm Galea, with The Ursuline Sister's Orphanage on the left.
  4. 4. This is the previous photo in 2002. Walking along Triq Sir Adrian Dingli and turning into Triq Karm Galea in Sliema, you find The Ursuline Sister's Orphanage on the left. On December 20th 2002, this building celebrated its 100 years. At the far end of Triq San Gwann Bosco, is St. Patrick's Salesian School for Boys, founded in 1903, which is also a home for boys between the ages of 9 and 16.
  5. 5. This street, Triq Karm Galea is in Sliema. The house with the little girl standing on the step has the name "YANA“. .
  6. 6. This is the previous photo taken in 2002. The street surface, pavement and kerb have been renewed but there seems to very little in the way of alterations to the exterior of the house named "YANA“. The house on the right has now been replaced by a much higher building. This view is looking towards Dingli Circus, which became much more built up since the original picture was taken.
  7. 7. This is the statue of St. Publius in St. Anne Street, Floriana, facing the direction to Valletta. People appear to be waiting for a bus at the bus stop (Stage). This area was very badly damaged by aerial bombing during World War Two and upon rebuilding, this street was widened.
  8. 8. A coffee shop on the sandy beach of Gnejna
  9. 9. This photo shows Wied iz-Zurrieq. The steps, which are still used, lead up to the road.
  10. 10. A peaceful scene of bygone St. Paul’s Bay.
  11. 11. A route bus heads down deserted Tower Road, Sliema, towards the Landing Stage, known as "The Ferries“. A horse with Karozzin waits outside the Majestic Theatre. A poster on the kiosk promotes the film ‘Naughty Marietta’ starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. This film was a hit when released in 1935. The Magic Kiosk Restaurant which stood on this corner, has since been removed.
  12. 12. A policeman on duty at the bottom of Tower Road, Sliema, does not have much in the way of traffic or pedestrians to direct. It must be siesta time as Victor's Pharmacy, Surgery, Clinic and Perfumery is closed.
  13. 13. Mother and daughter dressed in their "Sunday Best" pose for the camera at the Sliema Ferries while a Navy boat is about to tie up at the quayside. In the background, one of the ferries that ply between Sliema and Valletta is awaiting passengers.
  14. 14. Tower Road, Sliema looking towards Sliema. This photo was taken where the New Tower Palace Hotel now stands.
  15. 15. Another part of Tower Road, Sliema, looking towards Sliema.
  16. 16. Strada Reale, in Valletta, seen from above the Porta Reale. The Royal Opera House stands proudly in the centre right of this view.
  17. 17. This is the Valletta Fish Market, seen from the landing stage in The Grand Harbour.
  18. 18. Much activity is captured near the Valletta Fish Market.
  19. 19. The first two fishing boats, the G15 and theG2, are lined up in the Harbour at Mgarr, Gozo with other fishing boats.
  20. 20. A peaceful and deserted scene at Marsalforn, Gozo, so very different from the view seen today.
  21. 21. A fisherman with his nets that look like giant thimbles at Marsalforn, Gozo.
  22. 22. The gentle rippling of the water in peaceful Xlendi, Gozo, far from the bustling going-ons of today.
  23. 23. LONDON TO MALTA BY SEA 1) All sea route by P&O steamer, leaving London generally every other Friday and arriving every other Sunday – 9 Days trip- Fare, 1st Class from £20. 2nd Class from £14. (2) All sea route by the COMMONWEALTH LINE, One Class, Monthly - 6 days trip- Single Fare £10, Return Fare £18
  24. 24. KHEDIVIAL MAIL LINE Advertisement Across the English Channel (a) Via Marsielles and thence by Mail Line - 3 and a half days trip - P&O Fare 1st Class from £18.16 Shillings. Fare 2nd Class from £12.16 Shillings. KHEDIVIAL MAIL LINE Fare 1st Class £14.16 Shillings. 2nd Class £12.6 Shillings. 3rd Class £10.6 Shillings. (b) Via Modane, Rome and Syracuse - 3 Days Trip Fare 1st Class £16.18 Shillings. 2nd Class £11.11 Shillings.
  25. 25. SYRACUSE TO MALTA BY MAIL BOAT Royal Mail Boat "KNIGHT OF MALTA" at Valletta Departures from Syracuse daily, except Saturdays, at 4 p.m. Departures from Malta daily, except Fridays, at Midnight - 8 hours trip. There are 33 First Class two-berth cabins and 9 Second Class with 32 berths. Fare 1st Class, £1.16 Shillings. 2nd Class £1.8 Shillings. The new Mail Service between Malta and Syracuse was inagurated on the 21st February 1930, when the new Royal Mail Boat "KNIGHT OF MALTA" specially built to meet the modern requirements of travelling in comfort, performed the maiden trip. Lady Strickland launched this single-screw Mail and Passenger Liner in October 1929.
  26. 26. AIR - FLYING BOAT - ROME, NAPLES and SYRACUSE to MALTA and TRIPOLI Advertisement for Malta Flying Boat service operated by S.A. NAVIGAZIONE AEREA There is also an "AIR SERVICE" of the ALA LITTORIA S.A. flying between Rome, Naples, Syracuse Malta and Tripoli. The Seaplane leaves Rome every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and returns the following day from Tripoli. The trip from Syracuse to Malta takes about one hour, and the hour of departure varies according to season. The fare Syracuse to Malta is £2.6 Shillings. This service connects with the daily Rome to London air service.
  27. 27. How about a new car ? The New Ford V8. It has style, a brilliant performance and extreme comfort and economy. All these features reflect the design and quality built into the car. See the new V-8 to-day. APPLY : GASAN, 20 Strada Reale, Valletta, Malta.
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