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Kwitf 2013 (1)

  1. 1. ABOUT KWITF 2013Karnival Wisata is a directory of all the Travel Fairs that arehappening around Indonesia & overseas this year. This listprovides you with the dates, locations and contacts of therespective travel fairs which are one of the largest travel fairs inthe country and is held on a yearly basis with the main KWITF heldonce a year in the city of Jakarta. Travelers and bargain hunterswill visit these fairs to get the best possible travel deals andtravel packages. Many travel agencies who are registered withthe KWITF will be participating at these travel fairs showcasingsome of the best travel products.You can expect to find all kinds of travel packages ranging fromlocal family packages to international packages, solo deals,Muslim Holiday Packages or Halal Tours right to just buying CheapGround Packages or Cheap Airline Tickets. Some of the notedtourism bodies from respective countries will also be participatingin the much larger KWITF 2013 to showcase the countries traveldestinations. Apart from the general travel packages, there arealso Medical & Healthcare Packages, Education Packages, DivingPackages and even Holy Packages for the specialty needs.Popular at the fair are Bali Packages, Malaysia Packages and evenHoneymoon Packages to name a few. Honeymoon Packages arethe rave over the last few KWITF in Jakarta so expect a good dealhere. Another to look at is the Asian Packages offered. At thesefairs, you will also see a number of companies selling productsrelated to travel like cameras, clothes and many other items.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TO KWITF 2013The largest tourism exchange event in Indonesia, KWITF 2013 is notonly inviting the domestic and foreign travel agencies and tourismcompanies like one would usually find in a common tourism fair.Advocating the extensive growth of the tourism industry by a moreproactive approach, KWITF 2013 has also secured the participationof ministries, foreign missions in Indonesia, members of the media,trade members and tour operators both fromIndonesia and abroad to support the effort.KWITF 2013 will also be filled with non-stop fun-packed activitiessuch as international performances and showcases, seminars,games and competitions. Meanwhile, the event will also share andexchange international cultural habits and practices, festivitiesplus a mouthwatering food showcase which will definitely makeKWITF 2013 an inspiring and exciting experience.KWITF 2013 is a unique opportunity especially for the local traveltrade to meet, network, and to showcase their products to theInternational market. Not only does it provide an engaging platformfor business-to-business exchanges, it also allows visitors theopportunity to personally experience what Indonesia has to offer.KWITF 2013 aims to promote Indonesia to the world and to bea driving force in the Indonesia travel trade industry – offeringthe latest developments, encouraging growth and providing equalopportunity for tourism businesses of all levels and investors inthe tourism sector.The objectives:• Increase international awareness on Indonesia as an ideal travel destination• Showcase the rich history, heritage and culture of Indonesia as well as its world-famous street food• Strengthen ties among local and international tourism industry players ONE-STOP CONSUMER EVENT WITH GREAT HOLIDAY AND TRAVEL BARGAINHIGHLIGHTS• Live indigenous cultural performances.• Live multi-national cultural performances.• Contests/redemptions with more than USD100,000 worth of prizes/gifts. karnival wisata sales brochure 2013 02
  3. 3. VISION KWITF OUR OFFER What is our aim? A Travel In Indonesia Costumer Satisfaction is our objective• To promote the exchange • The biggest participation by • Buyers and sellers will of travel information by international and domestic meet each other to conduct sharing new ideas, products tourism related organizations business talks during the and services with travel among the travel exhibitors in whole session of the fair. Indonesia. professionals and the public. • The exhibitors will be • Recognition by international exposed to more than 55,000• To promote domestic and and domestic tourism consumers. international travel by authorities including ICTP, The introducing travel attractions Ministry of Culture & Tourism • A tourism presentation and products. in Indonesia and Jakarta session by zone for travel Province Government agents and tour operators.• To introduce consumer travel • Attendance by over 55,000 trend and to help develop travel industry professionals, travel products suitable to buyers and specialists and the market. travel consumers.• To publicize the participating • An open market for buyers and sellers for business talks companies and the fair itself and negotiations. by inviting overseas travel writers and tour operators in • An open stage to provide cooperation with the tourism world folklore performances related organizations in and experience programs. Korea. • A valuable forum to exchange views, news, trends and ideas related to world tourism industry. BENEFITS OF JOINING KWITF 2013 • Explore new markets and • Meet the most significant • Conduct market testing and sectors international purchasers in obtain continued reactions the region and conclude large • Market your products, sales dealings. • Evaluate the market services and destinations. to focus on the most • Meet current customers and important tendencies. • Enter into long term partners in your work field. transactions • Release new products and • Add new agents and packages distributorskarnival wisata sales brochure 2013 03
  4. 4. EXHIBITOR PROFILENational / Regional Tourist Organisations,State Government Tourism Departments,Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Hotels/Hotel Chains, Resorts , DestinationManagement Companies, AdventureTourism, Airlines, Car Rentals, Railways,Coach Operators, Cruiselines, Time- share,Amusement /Theme Parks, Technologyand Communication ,Information/Reservation System, Insurance, ForeignExchange, Banks/ Credit Cards, IncentiveTravel Destinations, Conference Venues,Publications/ Maps/ Guide, Hospitals/Healthcare, Education Institution/Universities, etc VISITOR WHAT KARNIVAL WISATA PROFILE 2013 DELIVERSA well-balanced Visitorship of : • A cost effective focused environment for you to connect with newTravel Trade Members, Corporate costumers and make sales on the spotand Business Travel DecisionMakers, Leisure and Holiday • A proven formula to market and promote your product andTravellers (FIT & Groups), etc. services • The opportunity to gain feedback and insights into the needs ofVisitors continue to see KWITF your consumer.2013 as one of the leading events • Leading generation to create database of potential consumers forin the Industry, continuing to future marketingimpress and satisfy objectives –it remains the preferred event. • The perfect launch platform for new products and servicesand is the only focused outboundtravel mart. • Thousands of qualified consumers for you to meet who all have passion for travel and want to spend. karnival wisata sales brochure 2013 04
  5. 5. WHAT’S NEWIN KWITF 2013 CAREER & EDUCATION HEALTHCARE & TOURISM MEDICAL TOURISMKarnival Wisata Career & Education 2013 offers Event highlights:education institutions and organizations a creative • Health Insurance Companies and Insuranceavenue to heighten their branding awareness and Providers Invitedprofile their respective industries to an extensive pool of • Industry Players From Over 13 countriesjob seekers, students and skill upgraders. It is a better • Highlighting The High Quality Of Careapproach for exhibitors to join Karnival Wisata Career & Available In Asia The Top Medical TourismEducation 2013 and accomplish more in 3 days, rather Facilitators Invitedthan doing their own tedious marketing campaigns. GetGenuine Enquiries on The Spot Grab the opportunityto interact with a vast crowd of genuine potentialvisitors. Don’t let go your golden opportunity to secureimmediate students and recruit prospective talents foryour organizations in this 3 days event during KarnivalWisata Career & Education 2013. ADVENTURE TOURISM ECO TOURISM karnival wisata sales brochure 2013 06
  6. 6. MARKETING STRATEGY• Extensive promotional coverage trough our media partner• High-profile advertising campaign via the national and regional press, online and specialist travel publications• Radio campaigns targetting the key visitor groups across mainstream stations.• Extensive direct mail, email marketing and leaflets distribution campaign through partners, retail outlets and our database• Public relations - a dedicated high profile campaign across all medium, designed to drive visitors to the show.• Social media campaign will run throughout the exhibiton cycle to promote the fair.KWITF B2C WORLD KWITF B2B WORLDKWITF is a paradise for public tourists to experience KWITF Professional conducts the function of thethe wonder of the world in an all-around way. It industry gathering, provides the opportunity forprovides thousands of discount tourist products exhibitors to maintain the existed clients, meetonsite, be regarded as the annual purchasing bazaar the new core-value trade buyers, and drive newfor the travel enthusiasts. Despite this, it is a great business leads with a combination of professionalopportunity for exhibitors to launch new brands or marketing products, attracting the highest attention fromthe media, trade & public. MEDIA PARTNERkarnival wisata sales brochure 2013 07
  7. 7. PROMOTION NETWORKPR If you would like any help with your own social mediaKWITF 2012 benefited from a continuous PR campaign.campaign conducted by our, in-house PublicRelations team. Articles in English and Indonesian VIP Marketingwere published about KWITF. We are now accepting Over 10,000 targeted KWITF database VIP`s will beyour press releases for the 2013 event. receiving special VIP invitations to attend KWITF 2013 Including Foreign Missions, Embassies,Email Campaign Ambassadors and Ministers.Monthly e-newsletters and email broadcasts will besent to targeted segments of the KWITF database. Outdoor/Indoor CampaignOver 500,000 emails shots will be sent out during Around 200 series of mupi mall.mupi streets, andthe year to promote the event. mupi screens will be placed in all the main malls and roads of Jakarta before 15 days from the exhibitionFax Campaign in order to increase awareness of the event and toVisitor and delegate fax campaigns will be conducted encourage more visitor numbers.across the Asia to raise awareness of the show, drivetraffic to the website and encourage visitor pre- On-site promotions/Raffle drawsregistrations via a fax back facility and the online KWITF will Distribute Awards From The Participatingpre-registration facility. There will be thousands of To The Visitors Such As Traveling Ticketing And FreeFaxes going from the DATA Base of KWITF. Staying In Hotel Including Various Tourist Program In Order To Encourage More Visitors For 2013 TheOpt-in text reminding Organizer To Offer Valuable Awards Such As RaffleNearly 1,000,000 individuals from across the Draws On A Car Offered By The CompanyIndonesia will be receiving Text Messages fromthe leading Mobile Networks With reminder and Advertisingupdates for the Exhibition in last 15 days. Over 80 advertisements will published in international and Local journals and magazines.Social Media In Order To promote KWITF especially for Travel &KWITFis active in all forms of Social Media., visit our tourism Destination based Monthly magazine withfacebook page, find us on LinkedIn ,YouTube, Twitter around 10,000 copies to be distributed free at all bigand on Google+ shopping malls. karnival wisata sales brochure 2013 08
  8. 8. KWITF in INDONESIA,JAKARTA25th - 27th Oct 2013Opening time: 11.00 Closing time: 21.00 Istora Senayan