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Jakarta WordPress Meetup #9: Introducing VVV 2

  1. JAKARTA WORDPRESS MEETUP #9 Local WordPress Development With VVV
  2. WHO AM I? My Name is Ivan Kristianto Jakarta WordPress Meetup Organizer WordPress Core Contributor WordPress Plugin Author and Contributor WordCamp Organizer
  3. BEFORE WE START Please visit our website: Please join our Facebook group: groups/WordPressDevID/ Please join our Slack:
  6. WHY USE VVV? The XAMPP or MAMP? It’s limited and complex setup for WordPress development. Ready out of the box, customized and built for WordPress development It has everythingYou need for WordPress Development A recommended setup for WordPress Developer and for WordPressVIP.
  7. WHAT IS INCLUDED? Nginx: The Web Server MariaDB 10.1.x (drop-in replacement for MySQL): Database Server php-fpm 7.0.x: Well You know it, to run PHP WP-CLI: WordPress Command Line Tools Memcached: Memory Caching System PHPUnit: To Unit Test your code Composer: Dependency Manager for PHP NodeJs: Server-side Javascript environment Mailcatcher: Catch mail and servers
  8. SETTING UP VVV 1. Download & Install VirtualBox and Vagrant 2. Install vagrant host updater: 
 vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater 3.Install vagrant triggers: 
 vagrant plugin install vagrant-triggers 4. Clone VVV: 
 git clone git:// vvv 5. Startup VVV: 
 vagrant up 6. Get a cup of coffee, and listen to your favorite music! It will take a while to finish.
  9. SETTING A NEW SITE I recommend to setup a new site for each project You work, for example: Setting up a new site is “tricky” at this time. We need a workaround a little I recommend to use: Variable VVV ( bradp/vv ) Let’s create a new site.
  10. WP-CLI IS THE BEST WP-CLI is ready out of the box It take sometime to learn, but when You know it, It is faster for development To use WP-CLI:
 vagrant ssh
 cd /srv/www/<yoursite>/htdocs
 wp —version Checkout WP-CLI available command:
  11. DEBUGGING WITH XDEBUG Still using var_dump to debug your code? Let’s take debugging to another level! Debugging in WordPress is never been easier using XDebug You can trace your code execution and do profiling as well Setup your XDebug with PHPStorm How to setup click here Demo
  12. CATCH EMAIL WITH MAILCATCHER Most of the time your website will send email. And to debug it from your local env, you need to catch those emails. This is what Mailcatcher for. Go to: Just try to send any email, and You will see it will catch there. Demo
  13. MORE VVV INSTALLED PACKAGES Git Subversion Phpmyadmin Memcached Webgrind Grunt-CLI PhpMemcachedAdmin Etc..
  14. –Ivan Kristianto “HappyVVV!”