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RISC-V Summit 2019: Next-generation IDE for your RISC-V Product in 20 Minutes


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5 years ago I founded PlatformIO to solve the problem of multi-platform development in the embedded systems industry. Our unique philosophy gives embedded developers true freedom – personally decide which operating system, integrated development environment, and hardware to use. No more lock-ins to the specific semiconductor toolchains. One open-source ecosystem – multiple architectures, development platforms, and processor families!

At PlatformIO, we believe the embedded systems industry desperately needs reinvention. Not only are the IDEs and tools built with technology from the 1990s, but the complex requirements for embedded engineers.

We are using modern technology to re-imagine and re-build core components of embedded infrastructure from the ground up. We’re focusing on improving the lives of everyday engineers with a free, open-source, and next-generation tools for professional development.

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RISC-V Summit 2019: Next-generation IDE for your RISC-V Product in 20 Minutes

  1. 1. Next-generation IDE for your RISC-V Product in 20 Minutes Ivan Kravets • Ph.D, Founder and CEO @ PlatformIO
  2. 2. Agenda ● Who needs an IDE ● Own or commercial ● Yet another IDE ● PlatformIO ● Integration Guide
  3. 3. Who needs IDE?
  4. 4. Engineers Manufacturers Chip Vendors ● Hardware Base Integration ● Embedded HAL, SDK, Application ● Non-professional Makers, Students ● Hardware Boards, Modules ● Software BSP, Framework, SDK, Libraries ● Tools Debug probes ● Hardware IP Core, Chips, Dev-Kits ● Software BSP, Framework, SDK ● Updates Software, Examples, Configuration ● Trainings Tutorials, Webinars
  5. 5. What is common? Semiconductor Company ManufacturerDeveloper IDE
  6. 6. Own Commercial Why Own IDE? ● Any OS , any Editor ● Native products integration ● 3rd Party SDKs and Toolchains 2 Democracy ● Open source, transparent, secure ● No trial version and restrictions ● Free for commercial using 1 Free ● Release management ● Instant feedback and communication ● Security updates 3 Management ● 6+ months ● $100K - $1M ● High Risk 4 Effortless Create Own IDE or use Commercial?
  7. 7. Yet another IDE? Cost05 ● Development & Marketing ● Maintenance & Technical Support ● Time to Market Adoption04 ● Build community ● Enterprise market ● Tutorials Integration03 ● Boards, SDKs, Libraries ● CI & CD Services ● Static Code Analyzers, Unit Testing Code. Build. Debug.01 ● Which editor? ● Which build system? ● Which debug probes? Emulators? Portability02 ● Operating systems ● Hybrid configuration ● Reproducibility
  8. 8. PlatformIO A new generation ecosystem for embedded development
  9. 9. Yet another IDE? No, PlatformIO! Cost05 ● FREE (just dev/platform integration) ● Maintenance & technical support ● 1-3 weeks time to market Adoption04 ● The largest embedded community ● Trusted by global innovators ● Video tutorials, examples, use cases Integration03 ● Boards, SDKs, Libraries ● CI & CD Services ● Static Code Analyzers, Remote Unit Testing Portability02 ● All popular operating systems ● Hybrid configurations ● Full reproducibility Code. Build. Debug.01 ● Over 10+ IDEs and Editors ● SCons with backends for Make, CMake, ... ● Disassembly, Peripheral Registers, Emulator
  10. 10. PlatformIO Integration Guide 1. Development Platform → platform.json, dependencies 2. Build & Upload Scripts → pure Python, based on PlatformIO Core and SCons APIs 3. Board Configuration → building, uploading, debugging 4. Cross-platform Packages → compiler, upload tool, emulator, debug server 5. Publishing → PlatformIO Registry, JFrog Bintray CDN.
  11. 11. ➢ Over 2,000,000 downloads ➢ 5,000+ stars on Github ➢ 750+ boards and dev/kits ➢ 30+ dev/platforms and architectures ➢ 150+ countries over the globe ➢ The most rated extension on Microsoft Marketplace “After I discovered PlatformIO. I have never looked back. It is true open source development platform, not for only selected brands like others”, – Community Developers love PlatformIO
  12. 12. You make the best product ♡ We make developers happy!