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Article writing tips


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Article marketing is one of the most effective ways used to generate traffic to a website. Traffic from this mode of web promotion could be used to promote blogs or websites which could result in a lot of sales, popularity in your niche, giving you enhanced reputation and used as a means for generating high quality backlinks.

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Article writing tips

  1. 1. A comprehensive guideto writing a successfularticleDISTRIBUTION OF THIS MATERIALNOTE: You are free to distribute or share this material or give it away as a freebie onyour site provided you make no changes to its contents.
  2. 2. Article marketing is one of the most effective ways used to generate traffic to a website.Traffic from this mode of web promotion could be used to promote blogs or websiteswhich could result in a lot of sales, popularity in your niche, giving you enhancedreputation and used as a means for generating high quality backlinks.From research, a lot of people have found this aspect of web promotion a bit difficult toutilize due to the fact that some of their articles hardly get approval. This could result infrustration making some give up along the line. When you come to think of it, the reasonmost articles get rejected may not be because they were found to be duplicate or writtenin poor English. Some of these articles get turned down when they are not wellconstructed, misleading or appear to be too promotional.To be honest with you, I once found myself in this situation. I had my first 3 articlesrejected until I had to do a rethink to my writing approach. So, if you fall into anycategory of people wanting to find a winning strategy to writing a successful article,simply whip your tears, grab your seat belt and let’s cruise into some easy steps tomaking you a professional writer.Step 1: Choosing Your Article TitleThe title of your article is one of the most important aspects of your writing strategybecause the title is what captures the reader’s attention. Titles like “How to”, “Xtips”, “X ways to”, “What you need to know about”, have proven to convert thehighest because people are constantly searching for information and solutions toproblems.Title Don’ts: Never over optimize the tile of your article. The last penguin update wasmade to handle these issues ad filter over optimized contents. Ezine Articles editorialboard also frown at over optimized titles so try to be exact when choosing one.Step 2: Writing the BodyThe key writing a successful article body is for you to write something engaging,interesting, relevant and easy to read. The article body must also provide the reader withthe content you promised in your title. You don’t need to cover too many topics in onearticle. Content is king and information is power; don’t give away too much. Just makeyour paragraphs short, snappy and informative and your readers would surely betempted to find out more about you and your niche.Body Don’ts: Never use sales pitch within the body of your articles because they’dsurely be rejected. Another thing you need to note is to avoid being too promotional.Phrases like “Opportunity of a life time”, “by doing this you will get that”, “Are you inneed of”, should never appear within the article body. Just like Christopher Knight
  3. 3. (CEO, Ezine Articles) pointed out, “The article body is where you give; the resource boxis where you take”.Step 3: Your Resource BoxFinally, it’s time to take by promoting and voicing your recognition. This aspect could bea bit tricky. Just like the regular bio, if your resource box is not attractive enough,chances are that your readers may not bother to check your link. You really need tostamp your authority in your resource box. Introduce yourself perfectly and makereference to your website or blog.Resource Box Don’ts: Never use a business or company profile in your resource box.Your readers need to be sure they are reading a material from an actual person who mayencourage them to find out more about you and the information you’re providing. Youcan talk about your business or company on your website.Well at this point, I guess you have found a comprehensive guide to helping you inwriting a successful article. These are the same exact steps I follow before writing anyarticle. So, if you intend to be a good writer, simply implement these methods and Ipromise you’d surely return to this post in the near future to tell me more about yourarticle marketing success. I wish you all the best in your endeavour.To your success.How to stay connected with Bloggers ClubIf you want to get more tips on social media, blogging, SEO, make money online, andother internet marketing tips, visit ~ can also find us on;Facebook: Page: