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4 tips to attracting more visitors and making them return to your blog


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Learn how to attract visitors to your blog and make them return for more articles.

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4 tips to attracting more visitors and making them return to your blog

  1. 1. 4 Tips to Attracting More Visitors and MakingThem Return to Your BlogPhoto credits to: http://freedigitalphotos.netDISTRIBUTION OF THIS MATERIALNOTE: You are free to distribute or share this material or give it away as a freebie onyour site provided you make no changes to its contents.
  2. 2. Blogging has become so popular these days that nearly everyone now owns a blog. Withmore people shifting towards the internet to seek information, getting a popular blogwould do so much good if you find the right platform to reaching your target audience.But reaching out to your audience isn’t as easy as ABC. You have to promote your blog,provide quality information and helpful tips that interest your visitors to keep themreturning for more.In many occasions, I have seen people make complains of not getting enough traffic andhaving the problem with making visitors return to their blog. One major problem thatresults to this is a lack of promotion. Another problem that leads to this is that manyonline bloggers provide low quality contents. Trust me, “You can fool a visitor tovisiting your blog but you cannot fool them to coming back”. The question then arises;“How then can I provide what people are willing to read?”. The truth is quality contentis king. If you provide high quality unique contents, you don’t need to pay to be heard.Providing low quality content on the other hand with the aim of getting recognition islike fishing in a river filled with crocodiles.Another problem leading to less blog exposure is the lack of flexibility. To be honest withyou, your blog needs to be simple, welcoming and interactive. A less interactive blog isjust like the case of telling a kid a political story. The child would surely fall asleep out ofboredom. Children love fascinating stories so you’d have to put up something funny,interesting or intriguing to grasp their attention and make them wanting. This is just apicture of what your blog can do to its audience.Now that we have seen some consequences of having a poor blog, let’s take a look atsome 4 tips to attracting more visitors and making them return to your blog;#1 Write Helpful and Interesting TipsI must tell you one basic fact, if you don’t make your blog natural, helpful andinteresting, people may get bored with your blog. The truth is a lot of people just scanthrough information they find online. You can only capture their attention if you provideeye catchy phrases which could make them want to spend more time when they visityour blog. Also, your posts must be helpful because people are constantly searching forsolutions to problems. Provide the best possible help and you’d surely win the trust ofyour readers.#2 Provide Email Subscription ListIf you don’t this on your blog, then you’re missing out on a great chance to gettingregular visitors. Once you’ve succeeded in keeping your visitors to read your blog posts,you need to make it easy for them to follow your blog and return for more. The emailsubscription list makes it easy for your blog lovers to easily follow your blog. This way,
  3. 3. they get updated with new updates on your blog through their email. By so doing, youwill have your visitors’ undivided attention and thus, giving your blog more popularity.#3 Enable Social InteractionHow else can you be interactive if you’re not social? That’s just how powerful socialmedia can help your blog. If you have ignored promoting your blog through socialmedia, then I think you need to reconsider your promotional approach. A lot of peopleuse social media sites so finding your blog on these platforms would make it easy forthem to stay connected and updated with your blog and this could really give your bloggreat exposure. Facebook and Twitter are one of the most popular social media sitesyou can make use of.#4 Use Pictures Within PostsWe hear it everywhere; people recall stories and events more easily in pictorial forms.Using pictures within your blog posts could help your blog in attracting your visitor’sattention. Also, with social media site like Pinterest, Dropula, FreshBumps, WeHeartItand PinOpps, where you can share pictures directly from your blog posts or website,your blog could gain more recognition. If people find some of these interesting picturesfrom your blog on social picture sites, they may be tempted to share them or visit thelinks attached to it. When these pictures are being shared, there’s a huge possibility thatthe friends or followers of your visitor may also visit your links if it grabs their attention.Well, if I want to continue writing about more tips on how to attract more visitors toyour blog, the list would surely be endless. Attracting visitors and making them return toyour blog as you have seen is very important. Not only would it give you more exposure,it would also help in improving your search engine rankings. These methods are testedand proven methods and they truly convert. See to them that you use them wisely and Iassure you, you will have a reason to return to my blog and drop a thank you commentto these tips. Stat acting now and make people love your blog.To your success.How to stay connected with Bloggers ClubIf you want to get more tips on social media, blogging, SEO, make money online, andother internet marketing tips, visit ~ can also find us on;Facebook: Page: