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Ivan Kaufman: Bridge Loans


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Ivan Kaufman shares Arbor Commercial Mortgage's brochure regarding how to bridge the best in multifamily financing, regardless of your investment scenario.

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Ivan Kaufman: Bridge Loans

  1. 1. | 800.ARBOR.10 MULTIFAMILY & OTHER ASSET CLASSES LOANS BRIDGE From BRIDGE FINANCING to PERMANENT FINANCING, Partner With the One Multifamily Lender That Does it All
  2. 2. | 800.ARBOR.10 A279 One Multifamily Lender Does it All THE BRIDGE TO THE BEST IN MULTIFAMILY PERMANENT FINANCING IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK As a long-standing Bridge lender, Arbor can ease your asset’s financial transition with a customized Bridge Loan. And as a leading Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA CMBS lender, Arbor ensures your asset stays on the right financial path to permanence. WHAT’S YOUR INVESTMENT SCENARIO? • Need a bridge loan to lead your stabilizing asset to optimum permanent financing? • Want the efficiency cost savings of dealing with one lender? • Want the security of a predetermined permanent loan exit? • Need bridge financing to complete construction or repositioning? • Want to bridge the timing/process gap toward an FHA loan? ARBOR HAS THE COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION FOR ALL OF YOUR BRIDGE PERMANENT STRATEGIES • Non-recourse Bridge Loans starting at $3 million with up to 80% leverage • Typically interest-only payments • Prepayment generally permitted • Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA or CMBS loan exit • Other asset classes eligible ELIGIBLE TRANSACTIONS IN STRONG MARKETS • Traditional acquisitions • Acquisitions with rehab component • Acquisitions with nearly completed new construction • Acquisitions out of foreclosure • Refinances • Debt buy-backs with fresh equity • Properties in lease-up