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Arbor's Ties to Iconic New York City Landmarks


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Ivan Kaufman, CEO of Arbor Commercial Mortgage, shares with you Arbor's ties to iconic New York City landmarks, including the Metlife Clock Tower, The Collection, The Helmsey Building - and more!

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Arbor's Ties to Iconic New York City Landmarks

  1. 1. ARBOR.COM • 1.800.ARBOR.10 Arbor’s  Ties  to   Iconic  New  York   City  Landmarks    
  2. 2. This  landmark  has  served  as  a  jewel  of  the  Manha5an  skyline  for  over  a  century.   5  Madison  Avenue  (Metlife  Clock  Tower)   ARBOR.COM • 1.800.ARBOR.10 The  clock  tower  has  been  registered  as  a  naConal  landmark  since  1972  and  has  gone  through   many  iteraCons  since  its  development.  Most  recently,  the  MarrioK  has  announced  plans  to   convert  the  building  into  a  high-­‐end  New  York  EdiCon  Hotel  offering  event  space,  a  fitness   center,  and  opulent  hotel  rooms.  
  3. 3. Located  on  the  southeast  corner  of  Wall  and  Broad  streets,  deep  in  the  trenches  of   the  Financial  District  of  New  York,  this  registered  landmark  was  a  known   headquarters  of  the  “House  of  Morgan.”   23  Wall  Street  (The  Corner)   ARBOR.COM • 1.800.ARBOR.10 The  building’s  classic  interior  architecture  of  deep  woods  and  impressive  chandeliers  is   demonstraCve  of  the  financial  district’s  monumental  Ce  to  New  York’s  history.  While  the   four-­‐story  property  is  oZen  dwarfed  by  nearby  skyscrapers,  its  fabricaCon  of  limestone  and   limited  windows  make  it  a  stand-­‐out  for  lovers  of  classical  architecture.  
  4. 4. This  1912  neo-­‐Gothic  tower  offers  a  true  New  York  experience.  Home  of  The   Refinery,  a  bouCque  hotel,  the  tower  allows  patrons  to  dip  the  past  with  all  the   ameniCes  of  the  modern.   63  W.  38th  St.  (The  Refinery  Hotel)   ARBOR.COM • 1.800.ARBOR.10 Located  in  the  Fashion  District,  the  12-­‐story  Refinery  offers  travelers  197  guest  rooms   immersed  in  modernity,  with  a  glimpse  into  the  industrial  past  of  the  property.  Not   surprisingly,  the  hotel  has  been  nominated  for  the  Conde  Nast  Readers’  Choice  Awards.  
  5. 5. This  New  York  skyscraper  sits  at  the  heart  of  Midtown.  The  building  is  currently  used   as  commercial  and  retail  space.   5  Times  Square  (Ernst  &  Young  Tower)   ARBOR.COM • 1.800.ARBOR.10 Made  of  steel  and  exhibiCng  the  true  modernism  of  its  Cme,  the  tower  is  full  of  sharp   angels,  diagonals,  and  a  sloping  roof  –  which  gives  the  viewer  an  illusion  that  it  is  made  up   of  mulCple  structures.  
  6. 6. This  35-­‐story  Midtown  building  was  built  by  the  same  architects  of  New  York’s   Grand  Central  StaCon  in  1929,  and  re-­‐named  aZer  Leona  Helmsley.   230  Park  Avenue  (The  Helmsley  Building)   ARBOR.COM • 1.800.ARBOR.10 Fabricated  in  the  neoclassical  style  called  Beaux-­‐Art,  the  beauCful  opulent  color  of  the   tower’s  cupola  cuts  a  striking  green  color  across  the  New  York  skyline.  The  building  contains   2,300,000  square  feet  of  staggering  space  and  sold  last  year  for  $1.2  billion.  
  7. 7. Once  used  as  the  headquarters  for  Morgan  Guaranty  Trust  Company,  the  35-­‐story   building,  erected  in  1928,  was  designed  by  Chicago  architecture  firm  Graham,   Anderson,  Probst  &  White,  who  also  designed  the  Wrigley  Building  and  Union   StaCon  in  Chicago.   20  Pine  (The  CollecCon)   ARBOR.COM • 1.800.ARBOR.10 In  2007  there  was  a  redesign  of  the  structure  from  finance  space  to  high-­‐class  condo  space   by  designer  Armani/Casa.  StarCng  in  the  $1.2-­‐million  range,  20  Pine  now  funcCons  as  a   condo  under  the  moniker  the  CollecCon.  The  building  offers  high-­‐class  ameniCes  to  its   clients,  including  views  of  the  city.  
  8. 8. Visit  h5p://  for  more  updates  on  Arbor  &  recent  news  in   mulDfamily  real  estate.     About  Arbor   ARBOR.COM • 1.800.ARBOR.10 Founded  by  Chairman  and  CEO  Ivan  Kaufman,  Arbor  Commercial  Mortgage,  LLC  and  Arbor   Commercial  Funding,  LLC  are  naConal  direct  lenders  specializing  in  loan  organizaCon  and   servicing  for  mulCfamily,  seniors  housing,  healthcare,  and  other  diverse  commercial  real   estate  assets.  Arbor  is  a  Top  10  Fannie  Mae  DUS  MulCfamily  Lender  by  volume  and  the   Top  Fannie  Mae  Small  Loan  Lender,  a  Freddie  Mac  Program  Plus  Seller/Services  and  Small   Balance  Loan  Lender,  a  Fannie  Mae  and  Freddie  Mac  Seniors  Housing  Lender,  an  FHA   MulCfamily  Accelerated  Processing  (MAP)/LEAN  Lender,  a  HUD-­‐approved  LIHTC  Lender  as   well  as  CMBS,  Bridge,  Mezzanine,  and  Preferred  Equity  lender,  consistently  building  on  its   reputaCon  for  service,  quality,  and  flexibility.