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Domca presentacion australian embassy friday 26 april 2013


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My presentation of Domca with commercial office of Australian embassy

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Domca presentacion australian embassy friday 26 april 2013

  1. 1. Looking for opportunitiesin Asia PacificEmbassy of AustraliaMadrid26 of April 2013Iván Marcos PeláezInternational Technical Sales Engineer
  2. 2. We are a family owned companywith global vision•1977-2013•More than 30 years of personalized solutions andinnovations for the food industry
  3. 3. Global networksCommercial presence ordistribution networks
  4. 4. DOMCA in EuropeCommercial andDistributionCommercial
  5. 5. DOMCA in AmericaCommercial presenceand distributors networkCommercial presenceOur factory in Argentina makessome of our products forAmerica´s markets : Chile, Brasil,USA, México
  6. 6. Location of our factories:Granada (Spain) and Argentina
  7. 7. New expansion in Chile andmaybe Turkey
  8. 8. Technology, solutions and R&Dfor the Food IndustryStrategy with Australia :partner, future factory ordistribution
  9. 9. Win-Win OpportunitiesDomca-Australia•Dairy: Cheese industry (coatings)•Meat: Coatings, pre-mixes•Agriculture and fourth range:Organic solutions•Sauces: Natural preservatives:Proallium•Natural sanitiser for foodindustry , slaughterhouses andfarms: Cycrom and Nebulo Farm•Animal feed: Garlicon
  10. 10. What kind of partner isinteresting for us?•Win-Win strategy with people or companies for a longterm business relationship.•Distributors in Australia and will be important if they havenetwork for markets in New Zealand and Asia.• Experience in the Food industry, agribusiness or animalfeed.• People and companies with technical knowledgeabout food industry or animal feed.
  11. 11. Strategic new markets for us:Countries with stability and longterm relationship
  12. 12. Global Strategy:Open new markets inAsia Pacific and Multilocalization
  13. 13. Australia:Local Market and platform toAsia
  14. 14. Interest in Asia Pacific markets
  15. 15. Innovation from plants asnatural preservatives: Garlic,Onion, leek
  16. 16. Personalizedproducts and service•Experts in coatings and natural solutionsfrom plants (garlic, onion..).•More than 30 years of Team workbetween Food industry and Domca :•Factory•Technical department•Technical sales department•R & D and innovation department•Sales department and our Network ofdistributors
  17. 17. •Protection and preservation of cheese during the ripeningand the commercial expedition.•Control of weight loss during ripening•Prevent mould growth,crust formation and contraction.•Marketing and commercialpresentationEdible or plastic: 1) Polyvinylacetate, 2) Food grade gums, 3) Fatty acidderivates , 4) Fatty acids and polysaccharidesDomca is spanish leaderin Cheese Coatings
  18. 18. Domca is leader in someapplications for Meat sector• Antifungical coatings• Pre-mixes• Flavours• Preservatives• Antioxidants• Natural disinfection of meatfactoriesFresh meat preparations tocured and cooked products.Working with small, medium,big and multinational meatcompanies.
  19. 19. ProalliumProallium is a product derived from substanceswhich are present in the plant familyAlliaceae. Its organosulfur compounds havegreat antimicrobial power.• Preserves without E-numbers - CLEANLABEL• Very broad antimicrobial spectrum (yeast,mould and bacteria).• Proallium can be applied in:Sauces and dressings: Ketchup,mayonnaise, alioli, curry sauce, ethnicsauces, mustard, pestos,…Ready-to-eat meals: Prepared salads,pasta fillings, prepared meals…Any product with savoury and/or wellpronounced flavour profile.
  20. 20. •Application by fogging treatment after cleaningand disinfection after working shift.•The product is applied by a small portableatomizing equipment.•Let the fog settle after application.•No rinsing is necessary.•No residues are left on surfacesNatural environmentalsanitationDOMCA has developed products for thesanitation of air and environments inmanufacturing and storage facilities in thefood industry. These products are basedon 100% natural active ingredients andare very effective against moulds, yeastand bacteria.
  21. 21. Natural SanitisersSANITATIONGENERALSANITATIONPROALLIUMDMC PTS 150L EXFoggingtreatmentGeneralsanitation of air,environment andsurfacesGENERALSANITATION& ZEROLISTERIACYCROM PRODMCFoggingtreatmentGeneralsanitation &specific actionagainst Listeriamonocytogenes
  22. 22. Natural environmentalsolutionsB I O L O G I C A L C O N T R O L O FL I S T E R I A
  23. 23. Description: Biotechnological development for the biological andspecific control of Listeria monocytogenes.•Listeria monocytogenes is a gram-positive facultative anaerobicebacteria.•It is capable of growing at very low temperatures (around 0ºC) and athigh salt concentrations.•Some serotypes are pathogens causing severe illness in humans.•Is one of the most dangerous food borne pathogens, with a death rateof 20 – 30 %.•The most vulnerable parts of the population are pregnant women,children, elderly and people with a general immune deficiency.
  24. 24. NEBULO FARM has been designed for the control ofmicrobiological contamination of air and equipment ofanimal farms. The product is applied by fogging.NEBULO FARM is a mixture of natural ingredientsthat inhibit the development and spread ofpathogenic micro-organisms such as Salmonella,Campylobacter, E. coli, Clostridium, Vibrio, Listeria,etc. but also mould and yeasts, allowing a completedisinfection of installations, air and equipment.Description:Food processing aid for application inthe air. It is composed of a mix of natural productsincreasing food security.Composition:Food grade vegetable extracts (edible)from onion and orange, Acitdity regulator (E-270)and flavours.Application:Air application (spraying and//or mistpropagation.Dosage: 5-10% in waterNEBULO –FARMBIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF THE AIR AND FACILITIES IN FARMS
  25. 25. .CONCLUSIONS01000200030004000Antes DespuesUFC/m301000200030004000Antes DespuesUFC/m3Decrease of mould and yeasts in the airDecrease of total bacteria in the airFogging with NEBULO FARM significantlyimproves the microbiological quality ofinstallations, drastically decreasing thetotal microbial charge suspended in theair.Before AfterAfter BeforeNEBULO FARM NEBULO FARMNEBULO FARM
  26. 26. Agriculture, Postharvest ,4th Range•Agriculture : Natural solutions , learning from our coatingexperience. Used in organic production.•Post harvest: Tomatoes, peppers, pears, apples…•Fourth range: Potatoes, mushrooms…
  27. 27. Some scientific studies aboutGarlicon®•Scientifically tested in different animalsexplain the positive effects of Garlicon®against pathogens:•High bactericidal power of activeprinciples against: Escherichia coli ,Salmonella typhimurium, Campylobacterjejuni•Benefits in broilers:1. Less mortality2. More resistance to infections3. Better rate weight/feed4. More productivity
  28. 28. Thanks for your attentionContact with us for more detailsIván Marcos Peláezivan.marcos@domca.comMob phone: +34 639 330 090Domca S.AAddress: Camino de Jayena s/n – Granada- SpainPhone: +34 958 576 486Fax: + 34 958 376