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american beauty fim test

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  1. 1. American Beauty Test Date: Name: 1. Lester Burnham reveals that he will die in the first few lines of the film. a. True Lester Burnham b. False 2. Which character is the first to appear onscreen in the film? a. Ricky Fitts b. Lester Burnham c. Jane Burnham d. Carolyn Burnham 3. What does Lester NOT do in the first scene of the movie? a. Have a fight with Carolyn b. Drop his suitcase on the ground c. Masturbate in the shower 4. When does Carolyn say that Jane can pick the music they eat to? The protagonist of American Beauty. Lester is married to a. When Jane cooks dinner Carolyn, with whom he has one daughter, Jane. Lester works for an b. When Jane stops being rude to her and Lester advertising agency, lives in the c. When Jane dresses more nicely suburbs, and quot;enjoysquot; all of the trappings of modern, middle-class d. When Jane stops being late for dinner existence. At the film's beginning 5. Why does Jane originally say that she is angry with her father? he is deeply and fundamentally unsatisfied with his life, but by its a. He no longer talks to her end he has rediscovered an appreciation for the beauty of b. He's mean to her human existence. c. He's mean to her mother d. He says stupid things Carolyn Burnham 6. What does Carolyn say to herself as she prepares to sell the house? a. quot;You are not a victimquot; b. quot;You deserve successquot; c. quot;You will sell this house todayquot; 7. Is Carolyn successful in selling the house? a. Yes b. Yes, but for a much lower asking price than she had wanted c. No Lester Burnham's repressed, 8. The women criticize Carolyn for describing what incorrectly? embittered wife. After marrying Lester, Carolyn has become a. The fireplace passionately involved in her career. b. The pool What meager self-confidence she has is derived primarily from the c. The kitchen appearance of her own home and d. The dining room the homes she sells. 9. Lester and Carolyn go see Jane do what? a. Act in the school play Jane Burnham b. Perform a dance routine with her cheerleading squad c. Perform in a piano recital d. Play in a soccer game 10. What does Angela fear more than anything? a. Being unattractive b. Being alone c. Being ordinary A typical fifteen-year-old girl, the daughter of Lester and Carolyn Burnham. Jane is jealous of her best friend, Angela, and angry with her father for his seeming attraction to her.
  2. 2. American Beauty Test Date: Name: 11. From where does Ricky usually film the Burnham family? a. The street b. The front lawn c. His bedroom window 12. When Lester tries to call Angela, Jane is: a. Listening at the door b. At school c. Downstairs eating breakfast d. In the shower 13. As the Fittses eat breakfast, what happens that makes Colonel Fitts begin acting strangely? a. Barbara Fitts drops a plate b. The phone rings c. The doorbell rings 14. Who drops by the Fitts house to welcome them to the neighborhood? a. Lester Burnham b. Angela Hayes c. Jim Olmeyer and Jim Berkley 15. What does Lester need to do in order to keep his job? a. Win the Employee of the Month award b. Write a description of what he does c. Be nicer to his boss d. Attract five new clients by the end of the month. Ricky Fitts Angela Hayes Barbara Fitts Wife of Colonel Frank Fitts and mother to Ricky. Barbara seems to have been irreparably damaged at some point in her life. She is a timid, ghostly presence in the house, and is generally disconnected from the world around her. Colonel Frank Fitts Jane's Lolita-ish best friend. Angela hides her intense fear of The son of Colonel Frank and being quot;ordinaryquot; by inventing Barbara Fitts, and the local numerous sexual encounters in drug dealer. Ricky makes order to prove (both to herself thousands of dollars a week, and to others) that she is which he uses to support his devastatingly attractive to men. hobby: videotaping the world Ricky's father. Married to the timid Barbara, Colonel Fitts is around him, and seeing a man who believes in extreme forms of discipline and has beauty in mundane images. decidedly off-putting personal habits: he collects guns and When the Fitts family moves strange memorabilia (such as a Nazi plate), beats his son, next door to the Burnhams, and berates his wife endlessly. Although he appears deeply Ricky quickly develops homophobic, we ultimately learn that he is repressing homoerotic desires. feelings for Jane.