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Outdoor Video Project Proposal


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Recent collaborative presentation on integration of technology into outdoor programming.

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Outdoor Video Project Proposal

  1. 1. OUTDOOR ADVENTURE VIDEO PROJECTIvan L. Bartha, Coordinator for Experiential Programs Evan Parkhouse, Rental Center Student Manager
  2. 2. PROJECTOutdoor adventure is defined by thoseimmersed in the activity.  Adventure for some,might not be adventure for others and viceversa.  We propose that some of the mostpowerful experiences can be shared by thoseengaged in the activity.  The Outdoor AdventureVideo Project is a deliberate effort by SCSUOutdoor Endeavors to encourage students,faculty and staff to capture and share theiradventures through digital multimediatechnology.In order to effectively encourage and promoteparticipation, we are requesting digitalcamcorder technology that provides highquality footage, but also is durable enough toprovide years of service. 
  3. 3. WHY BOTHER?The technology can be expensive or not beable to endure outdoor conditions (price vs.durability)Students embark on unique journeys whichthey document already (social networking)Let’s help them learn more about availabletechnology and allow them use of goodequipment (education) Access to good equipment promotes goodtechniques in documenting and sharingadventure (mission)
  4. 4. CONTRASTSVIO 1.5 $649.95 Super durable & likely to outlast any comparable device Waterproof, shockproof and easily maintained Compatible with an array of outdoor activities that would damage other cameras Mount kits can be adapted for a multitude of applications including kayaking, skiing or snowboarding SD technology Currently used by UW Stout Adventures
  5. 5. CONTRASTS PT. 2Kodak Playsport HD $149 Relatively inexpensive and easy to use right out of the box Water resistant and compatible with activities where moisture is a potential problem Point, shoot & play interface is familiar for most people SD Technology Currently used by Ithaca College in their immersion semester Outdoor Leadership Program
  6. 6. LOGISTICSFree use for all studentsSecure storage in the Student RecreationCenterSCSU Outdoor Endeavors will checkequipment out/in using the current rentalsystemReservations would be available forprojects or scheduled tripsWe would encourage students to sharetheir adventure videos either directly orindirectly
  7. 7. GPS EDUCATION & GEOCACHING PROJECTIvan L. Bartha, Coordinator for Experiential Programs Evan Parkhouse, Rental Center Student Manager
  8. 8. PROJECTWhile there is a strong presence ofGPS use in academic programs atSCSU, there is virtually no presence ofGPS education or geocaching activitiesoutside of the classroom setting.  Thegrowth of geocaching as a recreationalactivity has increased dramatically overthe last 5 years.  The Minnesota DNRhas geocache sites throughout the statepark system along with hundreds ofgeocache sites locally.SCSU Outdoor Endeavors would liketo take a lead as the provider of GPSeducation and geocaching as arecreation activity. 
  9. 9. WHY BOTHER?Because of the upfront cost of GPS units, thecost of participation may be prohibitiveThe activity has wide appeal regionally withformal and informal participation offeredlocally, regionally and nationallyStudent led initiatives help promote use oftechnology in the outdoors and thedevelopment of lifelong recreation The development of a strong educationcomponent opens up opportunities forstudents to connect through a commoninterest and activityHelps create an interest in the campus andsurrounding areas through creativeexploration and skill development
  10. 10. GARMIN GPS UNITSThree models selected based on features,costs and interface optionsAll models utilize mapping technology and aregeocache compatible right out of the boxThere will be added savings of more GPS unitsw/requested funds or initial savings throughwholesale pricing optionsMultiple use applications would expand usebeyond geocaching and increase utilizationThe requested number of units willaccommodate up to 18 participants in eventsor instructional programsCurrently used by multiple university outdoorrecreation and academic programs
  11. 11. LOGISTICSEstablish 5-6 geocaches on campus with astrong SCSU identityConduct a fall and spring geocaching clinics atno cost for SCSU studentsConduct a fall and spring GPS educationalworkshops at no cost for SCSU studentsFree rental use for all studentsSecure storage and inventory in the StudentRecreation CenterSCSU Outdoor Endeavors will checkequipment out/in using the current rentalsystem
  12. 12. INTEGRATED SATELLITE TRACKING PROJECTIvan L. Bartha, Coordinator for Experiential Programs Evan Parkhouse, Rental Center Student Manager
  13. 13. PROJECTThe availability of GPS trackingtechnology has never been moreaffordable or accessible.  Through theuse of GPS tracking technology groupstraveling in remote locations cansummon help if necessary along withoffering remote group tracking onGoogle Maps from any computer.  Thepossibilities with this technology arevery intriguing. SCSU Outdoor Endeavors would liketo take a lead in utilizing thistechnology and identifying futureapplications for campus.
  14. 14. WHY BOTHER?The technology is very affordable, but it is not used beyond the endconsumer market or as an educational toolWhile cellular technology has its advantages, there are few places onearth that are not in line of sight for satellite trackingThe SPOT Messenger is a simple unit that is easy to use and canprovide information about location, periodic check in messages orrequests for assistance if necessaryBy utilizing the tracking feature, student group locations can beidentified, real-time, on an embedded map on the SCSU websiteCreates an opportunity for the family, friends and SCSU administrationto follow a group as they travel in wilderness locations
  15. 15. LOGISTICSUtilize the SPOT messenger & trackingservice on 5 student tripsHost an embedded map for each trip that willtrack the groups routePublish press releases and notifications thatwill generate traffic to the embedded mapSolicit feedback through an online forum,adjacent to the map, on the usefulness of theinformationDevelop a conference presentation proposalthat showcases the use & benefits of thesatellite tracking technologySCSU Outdoor Endeavors would beresponsible for setting up tracking service,storing and training students on the use of theSPOT messenger unit.