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The light of day Graham Swift

presentation abou the book

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The light of day Graham Swift

  1. 1. THE LIGHT OF DAY Katarína Beňová Ivana Štípalová
  2. 2. GRAHAM SWIFT  Born in London in 1949  Educated at Dulwich College, Queens' College, Cambridge, and York University  Novels, nonfiction, short stories  Some of Swift's books have been filmed, including Last orders and Waterland  Awarded the Booker in 1996 for Last Orders
  3. 3. His protagonists – often ordinary men Some of the big issues of life – birth, death, friedships, relatioshisps Relatioships between personal histories and world events The impossibility of creating a single objectivve reality The Sheep Shop Owner (1980) Shuttlecock (1981) Last Orders (1996) Wish You Were Here – his latest novel (2011)
  4. 4. THE LIGHT OF DAY - BASIC INFORMATION  Publication date – 2003  Publisher – Hamish Hamilton  Genre - novel  Narrator - first-person narrative  Setting - set in 1997 in London (Wimbledon)
  5. 5. LANGUAGE AND STYLE What do you think about the language? Is it close to seeming spoken? Is it a literary narration?  The action of the story turns out to be less significant than the manner of its telling
  6. 6.  Rigorously plain prose,  Filled with short, spare sentences and multiple question marks  It's the language of the police notebook.  ‘Cooking. It was something for her too, a bit of a thing, a passion. And once life had been, maybe, a kind of constant, regular feast. I saw it, never having lived it, exactly, myself. Dinner parties, pulling of corks. Windows lit up, through the trees . . . I’d learned to cook. Discovered, in fact, a bit of a flair’ (p.56).  A fugitive lyricism begins to appear. ‘Late October. The clocks about to go back. Now more things could happen in the dark.’
  7. 7. CHARACTERS  George Webb - the narrator - disgraced policeman - works as a private detective - divorced (ex-wife Rachel) - gets emotionally involved with the case of Sarah Nash - poorly educated but keen enough to learn - one daughter – Helen What was his hobby ?
  8. 8.  Sarah Nash - Married to a gynaecologist - Teaches Spanish and French - Her husband began an affair with the Croatian - Comes to George to ask him to follow the couple - Killed her husband
  9. 9.  Bob Nash - a gynaecologist - Sarah´s husband - unfaithful  Kristina Lazic - Croatian refugee - student, 22 years old - Lived under the roof with Bob and Sarah - has a love affair with Bob Nash
  10. 10.  Rita - George's assistant  Helen – George's daughter, art student  Rachel - George's ex-wife
  11. 11.  Marsh  George´s parents (Frank + Jane)
  12. 12. PLACES OF ACTION Could you name some of the places of action?
  13. 13. RELATIONSHIPS George-Sarah George-Rita George-Helen George-Bob
  14. 14.  “Days when ...... would come, the best days of the week. When planning a meal was all the food my mind wanted or needed or could handle.“  “Rita might have left me a year ago. I know she´s going to leave me now.“
  15. 15. THEMES AND MOTIFS  An unhappy family  Broken connections – the prison walls that separate George and Sarah or Kristina's flight from her home  In the background is the memory of the Empress Eugenie  The suggestion of lives held in check
  16. 16. MATCH: 1. Helen A. ex-cop 2. Sarah B. George's ex-wife 3. George C. refugee from Croatia 4. Bob D. gynaecologist 5. Kristina E. art student 6. Rachel F. suspected of murder 7. Dyson G. language teacher
  18. 18.  Sources  ml   vel)  3.fiction