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SVA i Samsung - Nacionalni konkurs "Budi kao Tesla"


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Kaktus 2016 prijava

Published in: Marketing
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SVA i Samsung - Nacionalni konkurs "Budi kao Tesla"

  1. 1. Program Objectives Create passion for the brand by going to a new level of engagement in which consumers are active advocates Provide foundations and reason why by developing an innovative and concept Brand index, affinity, preference and most preferred single answer (MPSA) ASPIRATIONAL BRAND Distinctive and socially relevant program Credible Partnerships PR and Consumer Engaging Marketing
  2. 2. Pride Subject Nikola Tesla  One of the most important scientists and inventors in world’s history  A man who “shed light over face of the Earth”  National Pride and Hero  “When I say innovation, I think of Tesla”
  3. 3. Pride Country SEAD SUB Pride Country: Serbia  Tesla, who is often acknowledged as the “designer of the world as we know it” is one of cult personas in Adriatic region, due to fact he was Serbian.  Nikola Tesla Museum is a unique institution of science and culture in Serbia and in the world.  It is the only museum in the world which preserves the original and personal inheritance of Nikola Tesla.
  4. 4. Key Considerations How did we connect Pride Subject and Samsung?  The two key words for Tesla and Samsung are innovation – therefore brand relevancy is 100%  Samsung is dedicated to improving human life and that vision was cherished by Tesla too  A natural connection is created between big names who nurture love for a better life On this project, Samsung worked with credible partners who have expertise in the field of education and who are dedicated to developing a top-notch program SAMSUNG NIKOLA TESLA MUSEUM SCHOOLS INSTITUTE FOR QUALITY EDUCATION
  5. 5. Key Considerations Pride Program Overview Pride Subject: Nikola Tesla  One of the most important inventors of all times  Serbian scientist and futurist  Best known for his invention of AC electricity supply and induction motor as well as for wireless transmission  Had more than 300 patents that established footprint for future technology development. 1st level 2015 2nd level 2015 3rd level 2015/2016 Investment in exhibition part of the Tesla Museum in Belgrade Renovation and opening of the Research Center in the Tesla Museum in Belgrade Long term cooperation “Be Like Tesla”: 1st phase: Caravan 2nd phase: National educational competition Program was based on 3 levels:
  6. 6. Stakeholders Organization Structure Samsung MobileDigital Classroom Logistic Creativesolutions NationalCompetition Nikola Tesla Museum ContentforLectures Lectures NationalCompetition Institute for Quality Education Listofschools Logisticsupport ProjectSupports
  7. 7. Be like Tesla Competition  Competition was at the national level  Target group were primary schools in Serbia  Competition lasted from mid of May until mid of June 2016.  Target group participated on free theme inspired by great scientist Nikola Tesla (inventions, literary works or drawings)  Grand jury was formed to choose best work inspired by Nikola Tesla: Mr. Milan Vujovic, Samsung SEAD head of marketing, Mr. Branimir Jovanovic, director of Nikola Tesla Museum, Mr. Branislav Randjelovic, director of Institute for Quality in Education and Dragan Micanovic, actor and culture celebrity person  Best work was pronounced on special event at 10th of July 2016, on 160th anniversary of Tesla’s birthday and was awarded with new Samsung Digital Classroom. Also, we had additional prizes for two more school works.
  8. 8. Communication Channels SHO-0622-2DA-6N PR Social Media BTL
  9. 9. Communication Tools Expert Public Media General Public • Meetings with Government officials • Round table with different ministers • Meetings with Educational institutions • Meetings with cultural representatives • Project ambassadors • Media events • Interviews and TV appearances • Press releases • Meetings with media representatives • Presents for media • Video announcement • Info trough online platforms • Info trough FB posts • Video announcement • Info posters • Events • Press releases & media coverage
  10. 10. Online Platform Web site description: • 4 separate sections • The main page content location • All of the pages were responsive, user friendly and visually appealing with photo, video and text content. Web site objectives: • To inform • To upload works
  11. 11. FB Page The main channel for registration and submission of works was “Be like Tesla” online platform but with the strong support of “Be like Tesla” Facebook page. Informing TG about the contest Communicating about Samsung’s project “Be like Tesla” Storytelling about Tesla’s life and work Creating a strong community of science- lovers Promoting science and inspiring people for greatness Main TG: teaching staff in elementary schools
  12. 12. Video Announcement Dragan Mićanović, famous actor who has played Nikola Tesla in drama performance called Tesla in popular Belgrade theater Madlenianum, and one of the members of our jury had a main role in our video announcement. As himself, Dragan invited schools to join this great national competition. Video was shot in the Nikola Tesla Museum.
  13. 13. PR Results More than 100 schools entry more than 400 works on our online platform. 129 media pieces about national competition start and flow PR Value 202.555,00 EUR
  14. 14. Competition Results  From 10 finalist, jury chose best works at big celebration of Tesla’s birthday on 10th of July 2016. FIRST AWARD : SAMSUNG DIGITAL CLASSROOM went to school “Mihajlo Pupin” from Zemun, Belgrade with the project “Carousel”. In their work students run a toy (carousel) with a smartphone and sound recognition technology. ADDITIONAL PRIZES : SAMSUNG TV went to schools “IV kraljevacki bataljon” from Kraljevo and “Sreten Mladenovic Mika” from Niš