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Learn html5

HTML5 was created by W3C as a response to the constant demand for better information quality. When we have so much information in the web, how do we describe it properly? How do we make our contents better for the search engines so they can do their job (and in turn we will get more visitors on our websites).

My course HTML5 is personalized. Does that mean I pay personal attention to you? Yes, that's right. We start and I lead you step by step, every step of the way.

Not only you learn HTML5 (which is something you can probably do if you are not lazy and you can search in Google), but I will help you apply that. You will be able to consult me for any questions and problems you stumbled upon...until you become proficient in HTML5.

You can contact me on this email: with a subject: "Learn HTML 5 Personal Course". And we get started right away!

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Learn html5

  1. 1. Personal Course for Enthusiastic web-starters
  2. 2.  First and most important: it is what clients (employers) are generally looking for in a front-end developer nowadays.  So whatever gets you paid has to be the thing that you would want to learn, right?
  3. 3.  As the web evolves constantly, new standards have to emerge as well, to cover our needs for better information quality and search results.  HTML5 is one of the products of this constantlyevolving organism – the web – and our aim to provide better service to others.  So you might want to check HTML5 out if you haven’t done so already.
  4. 4.  No. It’s actually pretty cool once you get it. It’s just markup. If you know XHTML you will be up and running HTML5 in no time.  But…and there is always a but…
  5. 5.  As with all standards in web, there are a lot of people and a lot of opinions. So everybody interprets the Standards with their own logic.  So people constantly argue: When to put <article> ? When <section> ? Can <section> be in another <section> ? Wait, what?
  6. 6.  Browsers do not support everything that HTML5 specs have to offer.  More to the point, newer versions support many cool HTML5 features.  But they are not backwards-compatible with older browsers.  So how do we overcome that? Is there any way out of this or is it just hopeless war between the new and the old?
  7. 7.  Take my “Learn HTML5” course, I’m going to show you exactly how to apply HTML5. No theories of what should be…  Just pure, distilled knowledge mixed with experience (know-how).
  8. 8.  Well, if you really don’t want to get the personal course, you can simply do that – it’s free to search around and waste some time.  See, my course is not so much about the information.  It’s about how YOU apply the information!  I am going to be your personal consultant and mentor during our course-time. You will always be welcome to contact me on email or phone if you need some more information.
  9. 9.  I want to see that you actually care and you have ambitions. No point at wasting both your and my time if you are not serious. If it’s just your curiosity, you can search “HTML5” in Google.  Headset – so we can talk.  Free-time – 3 hours a day is ideal for our lessons (each lesson is 1 hour) and 2 hours of practice.
  10. 10.  No free-lunch.  But think about it – you will acquire a new skill in your toolbox, which would get you a lot more money than you will be paying to getting the know-how.  Plus I will be with you every step of the way!
  11. 11.  Lessons cost 2.99$.  It’s the price of a burger. So you have to make a decision: do you eat junk food and get fat and die or do you take my lessons.  I’m not pushing you…:D
  12. 12.  First of all, I’m happy about your decision to learn something new and become better.  Now, all you have to do is contact me on the following email address:  Please be sure to type subject “Learn HTML5 Personal Course”. In your email type up your names, type up a little bit of info about yourself.  And that’s it  Looking forward to your emails…