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•  Unique	  approach	  among	  “hackatons”,	  based	  on	  idea	     to	  be	  more	  sustainable	  and	  make	  real	  im...
•  Founded	  by	  World	  Bank,	       Google,	  Yahoo,	  NASA	  and	       MicrosoK	  	  •  RHoK	  #3	  with	  already	  ...
•  Android	  emergency	  helper	  app	  by	  Kurt	  Huwig	  •  Hazard	  maps	  for	  field	  use	  by	  Caritas	  Switzerla...
Sponsors	                          Partners	        RHoK #3, Basel
RHoK #3, Basel
Zürich	  3rd	  and	  4th	  of	  December,	  2011	  
We	  will	  provide	  facili:es,	  power,	  food	  and	  refreshments	  to	  help	  you	   feel	   like	   a	   RHoK	   st...
What	  you	  should	  do:	  Register	  -­‐	  h_p://	  	  Follow	  us	  on	  Twi_er	  -­‐	  @rhokch	  	 ...
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RHoK presentation Zurich webtuesday
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RHoK presentation Zurich webtuesday


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RHoK presentation Zurich webtuesday

  1. 1. •  Unique  approach  among  “hackatons”,  based  on  idea   to  be  more  sustainable  and  make  real  impact  over   longer  :me.  •  Iden:fying  problems  and  building  capacity  of   problem  owners  •  Global  plaAorm  for  bringing  technology  experts  and   problem  owners  together.   Solving problems
  2. 2. •  Founded  by  World  Bank,   Google,  Yahoo,  NASA  and   MicrosoK    •  RHoK  #3  with  already  20  events   worldwide,  among  which  RHoK   Basel  •  Now  open  to  all  the  topics  and   RHoK lights up the Chicago skyline, Dec. 2010 areas  of  social  needs.   A bit of history
  3. 3. •  Android  emergency  helper  app  by  Kurt  Huwig  •  Hazard  maps  for  field  use  by  Caritas  Switzerland    •  Urgent  needs  center  by  Humanity  Road  •  Data  importer  for  Google  Person  Finder   RHoK #3, Basel
  4. 4. Sponsors   Partners   RHoK #3, Basel
  5. 5. RHoK #3, Basel
  6. 6. Zürich  3rd  and  4th  of  December,  2011  
  7. 7. We  will  provide  facili:es,  power,  food  and  refreshments  to  help  you   feel   like   a   RHoK   star   J.   Just   bring   your   laptop,   ideas,   and  enthusiasm  to  complete  the  mix.   RHoK #4, Zürich 3rd and 4th of December 2011
  8. 8. What  you  should  do:  Register  -­‐  h_p://    Follow  us  on  Twi_er  -­‐  @rhokch    Find  inspira:on  -­‐  h_p://    Plan    upfront  to  RHoK  the  weekend   RHoK #4, Zürich 3rd and 4th of December 2011
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  10. 10. ThanksIvan  Jovanovic  @ivanjovanovic  11.  10.  2011