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RHoK introduction slides


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Published in: Technology
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RHoK introduction slides

  1. 1. What  to  expect  at  Random  Hacks  of  Kindness  weekend?   Zürich,  Switzerland   December  3  –  4  ,  2011  
  2. 2. RHoK Zürich teamWe  are  a  small  team  of  volunteers  that  is  trying  to  organize  great  weekend  during  which  we  will  together  brain  and  hack  on  humanitarian  problems,  crisis  management,  educaJon  problemaJc  and  other  areas  that  might  be  of  your  interest.    RHoK  Zürich  is  only  one  of  worldwide  global  RHoK  #4  event  and  we  will  try  to  enable  and  support  collaboraJon  with  other  locaJons  as  well.    We  are  helped  by  sponsors  to  provide  faciliJes  to  make  this  weekend  great,  but  our  biggest  sponsor  are  you  that  join  this  event  and  dedicate  your  Jme  for  sharing  posiJve  impact  globally.    In  fact,  this  is  your  event.  Join  us  and  make  the  world  change  the  way  you  see  it  bePer.  
  3. 3. Register to RHoKBefore  all,  register  yourself  for  the  event  so  we  know  you  are  coming.    Go  to  hPp://­‐switzerland  and  register  through  the  EventBrite  form    This  way  we  can  plan  bePer  for  organizaJon  of  the  event.    If  you  registered  and  can’t  aPend  please  send  us  an  email  on:  so  we  can  give  your  spot  to  someone  else.      Register  your  RHoK  account  A[er  that,  register  your  account  on  the  website  so  you  can  join  the  problems  you  solve  and  stay  in  contact  with  rest  of  the  community.  
  4. 4. Stay up to date with RHoKWe  share  informaJon  about  future  event  through  various  channels.  We  are  happy  to  be  in  contact  with  you,  hear  your  ideas  or  help  answering  quesJons  you  have.    Official  event  page:  hPp://­‐switzerland  TwiPer  account:  @rhokch    Global  official  website:  RHoK  global  twiPer  account:  @randomhacks    Organizers  twiPer  accounts:  Frank  -­‐  @thesuperlogical  Ivan  -­‐    @ivanjovanovic  
  5. 5. Find a problem that fits your curiosityRHoK  is  about  relaJon  between  experts  volunteers  who  like  to  solve  emerging  problems  of  humanity  and  people  and  organizaJons  that  are  dealing  with  these  problems  every  day.    On  you  can  find  a  lot  of  already  exisJng  problems  defined  by  people  and  organizaJons  worldwide.  During  RHoK  Zürich,  we  will  try  to  focus  on  some  of  the  problems.  We  will  present  group  of  selected  problems  before  the  event.  One  of  the  main  criteria  will  be  if  someone  who  can  personally  stand  for  the  problem  will  be  on  site  during  the  weekend.    You  can  choose  your  problem  from  the  list  or  bring  new  idea  to  the  table.    
  6. 6. Tell us more about yourselfTell  us  more  about  you  by  filling  this  simple  quesJonnaire:  hPps://  
  7. 7. How does it workSaturday  morning  we  will  gather  to  know  each  other  bePer  by  the  coffee.  We’ll  go  through  the  list  of  interesJng  problems  and  form  groups  based  on  interest.  We’ll  all  together  hack  and  have  fun  whole  weekend.  At  the  end  of  event  groups  will  give  presentaJons  on  what  they  did.  Jury  will  vote  and  define  winners.  Winners  will  get  prizes.      We’ll  define  more  granular  event  schedule  closer  to  the  event  date.  
  8. 8. What we provideDuring  the  weekend  we  will  provide  with  the  help  of  our  sponsors:    LocaJon  with  infrastructure  Food  Drinks  T-­‐shirts  
  9. 9. What should you bring•  Your  laptop  together  with  power  supply  •  AddiJonal  equipment  you  personally  need  •  Camera,  headphones,  webcam  •  Good  spirit,  open  mind  and  a  big  smile  
  10. 10. Where will RHoK Züich happenThe  Hub  Zürich  Viaduktstrasse  93-­‐95  CH-­‐8005  Zurich  Switzerland  
  11. 11. Who are the organizers Contact  us:     Frank  Werner-­‐Krippendorf   hPp://   @thesuperlogical     Ivan  Jovanovic   @ivanjovanovic